Chapter 988 – The Seven Treasures ’ First Appearance

Upon hearing Zero Wing ’s name, the players on the street turned to look at the flag flying from the Guild Hall ’s roof.

”It really is a six-winged emblem! ”

”What?! ”

”Star-Moon Kingdom ’s number one Guild is actually starting a Branch Guild here?! ”

Many people felt chills crawl down their spines, excitement overwhelming them as they stared at the Guild flag.
None of them could believe their eyes.

Although Lake Heart City was in the Black Dragon Empire, the empire neighbored Star-Moon Kingdom.
They were up-to-date about the nearby kingdoms.
They also frequently purchased a copy the God ’s Domain Experts List.
Everybody knew about Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader, Black Flame.
Moreover, the ruler of the Black Dragon Empire ’s imperial capital, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, had suffered at Zero Wing ’s hands.

With such a powerful Guild appearing in Lake Heart City, how could they contain their excitement?

”Since Zero Wing is coming here… does this mean we ’ll have a chance to join Zero Wing? ”

”I guess so? When a Guild develops in a new city, it normally recruits some of the local players to expand gradually. ”

”I heard that the benefits Zero Wing offers are awesome; they are even better than what first-rate Guilds offer.
In other Guilds, I heard that only core members get to use the Guild Hall ’s Private Rooms.
On the other hand, one only needs to be an elite member in Zero Wing to rent a Private Room and accumulate the Double EXP buff. ”

”I ’ve always wanted to join Zero Wing.
Unfortunately, it costs too much to teleport from the Black Dragon Empire to White River City.
Now, though, I don ’t have to worry about teleportation fees. ”

Anticipation filled these independent players ’ hearts as the ogled Zero Wing ’s new Guild Residence.
To ordinary players, traveling to other countries was too expensive.
Even if they spent their entire fortune traveling to White River City, there was no guarantee that they would be accepted into the Guild.

Furthermore, they had long since familiarized themselves with Lake Heart City and its surroundings.
If they started developing in an unknown city, their leveling speed and daily income would decrease drastically.
In addition, unlike in Lake Heart City, they wouldn ’t have companions to rely on in White River City.

Now, however, times had changed.

Shortly after Zero Wing ’s Branch Guild had appeared, news of this matter quickly spread throughout the city.

Some rejoiced, while others grew worried.
To independent players, Zero Wing ’s appearance was good news.
To the local Guilds, however, nothing was good about this development.

When the Crimson Castle Guild, the second-rate Guild ruling over Lake Heart City, received the news, it had held an emergency meeting among its upper echelons.

”Why has Zero Wing suddenly shown up in a backwater city like Lake Heart City? ”

”If Zero Wing really intends on developing here, they will target the high-resource areas we usually occupy. ”

”What ’s there to be afraid of? Even if Zero Wing is powerful in Star-Moon Kingdom, this is Lake Heart City.
This is our territory.
We are far more familiar with the city ’s surroundings than Zero Wing.
Even if a war breaks out between our Guilds, the winner isn ’t set in stone. ”

Crimson Castle ’s upper echelons discussed the situation heatedly.

Although the leveling areas around Lake Heart City were not particularly beneficial, once players familiarized themselves with the area, their leveling speed would increase.
Moreover, unlike other cities, there were very few Guilds in Lake Heart City.
This allowed Crimson Castle to obtain plenty of raw materials very easily.

”There is no need to get too worked up about this.
I have heard that the situation in Star-Moon Kingdom isn ’t very stable.
Zero Wing won ’t focus too much on conquering Lake Heart City.
Moreover, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion has a grudge against Zero Wing.
If we report Zero Wing ’s arrival to the Pavilion, the Pavilion will seek vengeance, ” the dignified, middle-aged man in the Guild Leader ’s seat said as he watched the arguing players before him.
In a deep tone, he said, ”During this period, keep an eye on Zero Wing ’s members.
Report everything to the Pavilion. ”

Hearing their Guild Leader ’s order, the Crimson Castle ’s upper echelons fell silent and nodded in agreement.

As their Guild Leader had said, Zero Wing had used the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion as a stepping stone to become famous, leaving the Pavilion ’s prestige in tatters.
After that incident, the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion ’s Nine Dragons Emperor declared that he would not let the matter rest.

Although dealing with Zero Wing in Star-Moon Kingdom was difficult for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, it was a different story in the Black Dragon Empire.

The Black Dragon Empire was the Pavilion ’s territory.
It would be child ’s play to take care of a measly Branch Guild.

While Crimson Castle hashed out a plan to deal with Zero Wing, Shi Feng spent 300 Gold to bind the Guild Transfer Scroll ’s coordinates.

Afterward, Zero Wing ’s members in White River City could simply purchase Lake Heart City ’s Guild Transfer Scrolls to travel to the city directly.

The Guild Transfer Scroll was one of a Guild ’s greatest benefits.
Unlike NPC cities ’ Teleportation Halls, which charged a steep teleportation fee, players only needed to purchase the corresponding Guild Transfer Scroll to reach their desired Guild Residence.
However, such a major benefit came with restrictions.
Players were only allowed to carry one Guild Transfer Scroll at a time.
Moreover, the scroll had a very long Cooldown.
The Transfer Scrolls ’ prices also varied depending on the distance between the destination and where it was purchased.
Regardless, it was still cheaper than using the Teleportation Halls.

If a Guild had enough Guild Residences, it could easily replace Teleportation Halls.

When Shi Feng finished binding the coordinates, he looked at the time.
Glancing up at the already-dark sky, he called up his system interface, intending to log off for the day and rest.

Now that he had established Lake Heart City ’s Branch Guild, he needed Aqua Rose to transfer the batches of selected members.
As for Raven ’s monster-repelling issue, Shi Feng had already instructed Flying Shadow to handle it.

Originally, he had intended Fire Dance to carry out the task.
However, Fire Dance was currently busy leading Zero Wing ’s members in raiding the Undead Gorge and did not have time to spare.
So, he used his next-best option–Flying Shadow.

Flying Shadow was Zero Wing ’s second-best Assassin.
Not only was his Movement Speed quite high, but he could also move about rather secretively.
He wasn ’t easy to detect.

When it was time to repel the monster invasion, Flying Shadow could use the Monster Repellent Scroll without anyone noticing, which would reduce the chances of Raven discovering the scroll.

Although the Monster Repellent Scroll was very rare and few people knew about it, seeing as Quiet Melody, the Sacred Temple ’s Vice Temple Master, had purchased so many in Blackwing City, Shi Feng deemed it wise to use the scrolls discreetly, hiding the scroll ’s function.
In any case, Zero Wing only needed to repel the invasions.
It was not obligated to reveal its means of doing so.

After clicking the ”Logout ” button, while Shi Feng waited on the logout timer, he habitually used the Golden Stigmata ’s Detect Skill.

The quest to find the Seven Treasures was truly sinister.
With God ’s Domain being so massive, how was he supposed to locate them?

Fortunately, he had been given a very long time limit to complete the quest.
Hence, Shi Feng routinely used the Detect Skill once a day.
If not for the Skill ’s one-day Cooldown, his search for the Seven Treasures would ’ve proceeded much faster.

After using the Detect Skill, Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification.

System: The Golden Stigmata has detected the Seven Treasures ’ energy waves.
Do you wish to track the energy waves?

Why would the Seven Treasures be here?! Shi Feng instantly tensed.

He had never imagined that he would come across the Seven Treasures ’ energy waves in Lake Heart City!

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