Mother Xiao’s just used her age as an excuse to let her marry a common man and then find a noble son for Xiao Yan. 

She casually used a mute to get rid of her.

Why should she marry a dumb?? Just to let an Auntie Li who knows some medical skills stay in the house?!

Xiao Shu’s jaws tightened, thinking about how to refuse this marriage. 

Not to mention whether this A’Li had slept with Xiao Yan, even his background was so disdainful. 

No matter how good-looking he was, A’Li was still a mute.
Xiao Shu liked hot male while Ah Li had a cold and detached look. 

At first glance, he didn’t look like he would be crying on the bed, and most importantly he couldn’t call out.

Xiao Shu felt that even if it wasn’t for the useless family background behind him, she still couldn’t marry a wooden man.

Xiao Yan had already recovered from the shock of the failure of her golden finger. 

She cleared her throat and directly said, “Mother, the matter of marriage can’t be forced.
I don’t think Xiao Shu likes A’Li.”

As soon as Xiao Yan said those words came out, the two females in the room looked at her together. 

Mother Xiao looked at Xiao Yan, and Xiao Shu had an even more unbelievable look.
The teacup in her hand was almost tilted.

“Why?…” Mother Xiao put down the teacup, her tone was flat.
She continued, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it at first.
You will like it after a long time.”

“I have always restrained you two from having a concubine so that when you marry your husband in the future, it won’t be dirty.”

Mother Xiao was strict, and she despised the practice of stuffing men into the backyard. 

When her daughters were fifteen years old, she told them that the daughters of the Xiao family had no men in the house before marrying the husband.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Yan said, “I am the eldest daughter of the house, and I haven’t married a husband yet.
If concubine Xiao Shu married her husband first, she would definitely feel uneasy…” 

Xiao Shu also nodded in agreement with a smile on her lips.
She almost crushed the teacup in her hand.

Xiao Shu slowly squeezed out the voice from between her teeth, “Thank you for your understanding, eldest sister!!”

Mother Xiao frowned. 

She was in her middle age and cared more about heart.
Since she wanted to choose a wife and owner for A’Li, Mother Xiao wanted to choose a good personality, who could be considerate of A’Li in the future.

And would not dislike him for not being able to speak.

Among the two daughters, Xiao Shu perfectly fit the agreeable condition.

And Xiao Yan…

Mother Xiao sighed in her heart, she wanted to talk about the relationship between the families and not to make enmity between them. 

Xiao Yan knew very well what kind of virtue the original owner had in the original plot, so she didn’t waste her time on useless confessions.

She immediately took up the attitude of talking about business and put forward the conditions that would make Mother Xiao excited. 

To achieve her goal of assigning the “marriage partner” of A’Li to herself.

“It is said that after marriage, people become mature and stable.
After I have a husband, I will be more motivated and take up the responsibility of the family.
I will also no longer mess around like in the past.”

If the direct daughter could be promising, it would be the best.
She was going to be the successor of the Xiao family’s business in the future. 

Hearing this, Mother Xiao raised her eyes slightly and looked deeply at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Shu didn’t want to marry A’Li, she couldn’t let a dumb person occupy the position of his husband, so she echoed Xiao Yan’s words, “I think what the eldest sister said is right…”

“It seems that after the elder sister’s serious illness, her mind has become clearer than before, isn’t it??”

As Xiao Shu said, the original spying in Mother Xiao’s eyes slowly faded.

And she slowly nodded slowly, thinking that it might be as Xiao Shu said.

Xiao Yan was seriously ill, and it caused her to mature.
If that’s the case, she would feel a little relieved.

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