Compensation after being abused? It’s too precious, I can’t afford it.

A’Li had obviously heard what Xiao Yan told Mother Li in the courtyard.
Knowing that this was Xiao Yan’s compensation for making him ‘unhappy’.

Xiao Yan frowned and looked at A’Li. 

A’Li straightened his back and pretended to be strong, to hold up a stance in front of her.
If his lips were not white and the ends of his eyes were not red, Xiao Yan might have believed it.

Xiao Yan didn’t speak and deliberately approached A’Li half a step. 

Seeing it, A’Li subconsciously took a step back, his breathing became heavier, and his phoenix eyes were about to widen.

A’Li deliberately didn’t take what happened just a few hours ago seriously, for fear that Xiao Yan would threaten and humiliate him using it.

“You can’t act like this…” Xiao Yan looked at A’Li blush-red complexion, her big palm pressed against his tensed back waist and she suddenly pulled him into her arms.

A’Li fell half a step forward, and the two of them immediately pressed against each other. 

A’Li’s breath stopped, and his face flushed red.
Xiao Yan’s tone was flat as if she was stating the truth, “You shouldn’t back away but stick up close like this.”

A’Li finally couldn’t hold back anymore.
He clenched his teeth and stared at Xiao Yan.

His body resisted Xiao Yan’s approach, he leaned back, trying to distance himself from her but his strength was no match for Xiao Yan.

Tears of humiliation slid down the end of his phoenix eyes, and his body uncontrollably trembled.
The memories from a few hours ago swept through his mind like a tide. 

He hated and feared her.

Xiao Yan sighed and raised her hand to carefully wipe away the tears from A’Li’s eyes. 

A’Li resisted biting his lip and turned his head away, squinting at her as if he couldn’t wait to kill her.

“Have you taken the medicine??” Xiao Yan retracted her fingers, lowered her eyes, and directly looked at A’Li’s hand in front of her.

During the push and pull, the loose sleeves had slid down, revealing A’Li’s fair and thin forearms.
The red mark from the hairband was seriously covered by several layers of gauze.

In addition to his wrists, there were countless bruises on A’Li’s body, all of which were hidden under this crescent-white robe…

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