ked up the paper ball with pebbles.

Mother Li was sitting on the steps of the pavilion, facing A’Li’s room door. 

Seeing Xiao Yan coming out, she waved to her with a smile, “Did you make it clear?”

“A’Li looks cold, but in fact, he is very good.
He looked colder on the outside and gentler on the inside.
He’s used to pretending to be strong, and he doesn’t know how to show his soft heart.”

What is gentle on the inside? Pretended to be strong?? Soft heart??

Xiao Yan rubbed the pebble in her hand when she heard such words describing the male protagonist. 

Although she had just come here, in the past few hours she felt that everything but these words could describe the male lead.

How could Mother Li know what had Xiao Yan met inside the room? 

Mother Li signed and added, “I hurt him.”

Xiao Yan looked at Mother Li, whose eyes and lips were already wrinkled in tension. 

Xiao Yan’s heart slowly calmed down.
She was inexplicably nervous when she thought about what to say.

Xiao Yan clenched her fingers, and firmly said, “Auntie, I want to marry A’Li, and I won’t let him down in the future.
Your mother and son will not suffer again.”

“Well, I know your mother asked your sister…who, who do you want to marry??” 

The herbal medicine in Mother Li’s hand fell to the ground. 

It was not that Mother Xiao didn’t mention A’Li’s marriage to her before, but she was talking about Xiao Shu. 

Why did the marriage partner suddenly become the eldest daughter?

“Me.” Xiao Yan said, “I will marry.”

Hearing it, Mother Li’s expression changed. 

Looking at Xiao Yan who was sitting beside her on the steps, her lips opened and closed, and finally able to dryly say, “This is…It’s all up to A’Li.”

Mother Li only had this precious son, and she wanted to choose the best wife and master for him. 

As for Xiao Yan, she had a long way to go before the word “best wife and master” would be used to describe her.

As an elder, Mother Li could not directly refuse her.
She could only tell Xiao Yan in a tactful and roundabout way.

Based on what Mother Li knew about A’Li, he would definitely not agree to marry her.

Xiao Yan smiled, “A’Li had agreed.”


Hearing it, Mother Li took a breath, and her voice changed, “He agreed?”

Xiao Yan nodded, “He said that I will have to come over tomorrow to ask for the marriage.”

“…This…this… “

Mother Li couldn’t figure out what A’Li was thinking.
Since her son had agreed, it would be meaningless for her to sit here and refuse Xiao Yan.

After speaking, Xiao Yan stood up and brushed the dust off her clothes, bowed her hands to Mother Li Mu who was looking up at her, and said, “Auntie, then I’ll come over tomorrow.”

Mother Li thought, “It’s ok if you don’t come…”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

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