What A’Li really wanted was Xiao Yan’s life.

Xiao Yan got up and picked A’Li’s clothes that were carelessly thrown on the bed and put them on the quilt.

Fortunately, although because of the medicine, she was impatient and rough, she didn’t have enough strength to rudely tear the garments.

Xiao Yan put on her clothes and carefully untied the hair tie from the bedpost. 

Without looking at her, A’Li lowered his head and rubbed his red-scarred wrists. 

A’Li pulled his clothes while hugging the quilt tightly. 

After peeking at Xiao Yan, who had bowed her head down and was busy wearing socks and shoes, his eyes changed.

Looking at Xiao Yan’s exposed back and neck, A’Li’s eyes flashed a cruel light.

His hands rested on the bed, touched the hairpin, and his heart trembled.

This should be Xiao Yan’s hairpin.

Touching the hairpin, A’Li’s fingers slowly clenched and his knuckles turned white.

His poisoned phoenix eyes stared violently at Xiao Yan, his thin chest heaved up and down heavily with the murderous intentions.

Finally, gritting his teeth A’Li raised his hand to stab her to death!!

“A’Li, if I die here today in your hand, then what will your father do after you go to jail?” Xiao Yan seemed to have guessed what the boy was going to do, but still didn’t turn her head and in a calm voice asked.

Hearing it, A’Li was startled, he slumped back on the bed, and his hands trembled.

The murderous intent was gone and the hairpin fell from the palm of his hand on the quilt.

With alert eyes, A’Li stared at the woman.

He didn’t make any sound, how did she know it?!

Xiao Yan looked at A’Li’s startled eyes like he had seen a ghost.
She lowered her eyes and smiled while pointing to the mirror on the ground.

Previously, the original owner tricked A’Li into her bedroom in the name of helping her put the mirror on the table. 

When A’Li turned his back to him, she hugged him from behind and dragged him to the bed, and tied him up.

Because of this, the mirror fell on the ground, and now when Xiao Yan bent down to wear her socks, she saw A’Li’s movements behind her in the mirror.

A’Li pursed his pale lips and stared at Xiao Yan with his bloodshot murderous eyes. 

Although A’Li didn’t speak, Xiao Yan seemed to understand what he wanted to say.

“I’m not afraid of death, if my death can undo it, then I am ready…” Xiao Yan with a clear and smooth voice sincerely said, “But now even if I am dead, your reputation is gone.
And even paying it back by using my life won’t be worth your loss.”

Xiao Yan frowned and said, “It’s not worth it going to jail for ‘Xiao Yan’!”

A’Li felt cold, he lowered his bloodshot eyes, thinking that these supposedly sincere words were just Xiao Yan’s useless rhetoric.

It was just because of her greed for life and fear of death, she said these words to him. 

There was a burst of bitterness in his heart.
His heart seemed to be tied to a big hard rock filled with heavy pain.

But now he had no choice but to listen to her disgusting words. 

He couldn’t even plead for his death.

A’Li put on his clothes, he didn’t care even if his naked body was exposed in Xiao Yan’s eyes.

A’Li’s originally clear eyes had now become dull, his whole body looked like a worn-out rag doll. 

While he was dressing up, Xiao Yan brought the hot water in. 

She wanted A’Li to wash himself up well, so his mother couldn’t find anything different.

But when she saw him sitting there with a lifeless look on his face, Xiao Yan could only sigh and help him wash his face.

“I’m sorry…”, Xiao Yan didn’t know how many times chanted it in her heart.  

She knew that her meager repentance couldn’t heal or comfort A’Li’s pain, so she carefully picked up her words to tell him.  

“Wait for me, okay.
I will marry you in three days…” Xiao Yan sincerely said, “Since you hate me so much, then I will marry you and for the rest of my life, you can  torture me and let me atone for my sin.”

It was unrealistic to let A’Li report her sin to the officials in this era.

After all, the powerful Xiao family was here.

If Mother Li was gone, A’Li could report the matter to the officials and try to fight for justice once.

If he failed he could only sacrifice himself and kill her with his own hands while destroying his life.

But Mother Li was still alive, so A’Li needed to worry about his mother’s well-being first.  

His face was blank, his eyes were wide open, and tears were continuously streaming down his face.    

Xiao Yan’s heart was throbbing with heavy guilt but she could only silently bend over and wipe his tears

A’Li didn’t seem to be able to feel the touch, and his eyelids didn’t even move when she helped him.

Finally, when A’Li was able to control his anger and sadness, he stopped crying and raised his hand to wave off Xiao Yan’s arms.

He forcefully wiped away his tears and took a deep breath.
He stood up and straightened his clothes.

Xiao Yan understood that A’Li had figured it out, and she didn’t know whether to breathe a sigh of relief or feel bad.

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