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The couple : cockwarming

I tossed and turned in my bed, this feeling of emptiness wouldn leave me, I moved my legs across the cold sheet to find Shawn but I remember he was working late, I sat up grabbing everything pillow that existed in our room before cuddling with fur blanket clouded around me, I finally nulled into a sense of sleep, I was somewhere in between conscious and subconscious where I could hear everything in the house.

The wind blowing against the tiles of the roof, the house expanding and contracting as the giant clock downstairs clicked in pure euphonious to my ears, its suppose to help me sleep but tonight I couldn , It wasn because I couldn sleep without him but more on the lines that I needed him here, the house felt too big even though its was a small wooden one-bedroom cabin, My insides felt empty without his warmth; It was like I couldn sleep without something nesting inside it.

I pulled the pillow between my legs and tried to relax, I had to fall asleep someway because I am not pleasant without good rest, suddenly the bed dipped and a very loud growl of a voice entered my ear:

”Damn pillows ” he began to throw each one of the bed and a smile rested on my face, once he got rid of each one ”Night, babe ” he whispered in my ear before giving a quick hug, I felt his hot naked body against mine for a second before it disappeared ”why are you wearing clothes? ” He whispered in the pitch-black room.

”I was cold ” I shivered as he kissed my forehead before rolling to his side of the bed, I turned to be faced with his strong bareback were a Celtic symbol tattoo laid perfectly on his spine, I let my fingers caress the swirling curves of the black ink.

He growled and grabbed my hand ”Not tonight, lass, Its been a long day ” he whispered as I placed my head against his back.

I shook my head against his back, nuzzling my nose against his skin ”no, I am just cold ” I whispered as he chuckled.

”The last time you were just cold, we ended up **ing against a tree in the middle of the woods during a hike ” he huffed as I rolled my eyes ”with my sister and her family ” he accused.

”Can I just place my feet against yours? ” I asked with the head against his back.

He turned around ”are you ok? You are very touchy tonight? ” He grabbed my fingers and began to kiss them softly, his strong jawline and the sharp brow bridge cast a shadow over his eyes, his slick nose that stood above a neatly trimmed beard and full pillowed lips.

I knew why he was concerned, I wasn the cuddling type ”I just feel cold and kind of empty ” I whispered looking into his eyes, I could make out the shape and some of the emerald colours in the pitch-black room.

He placed his feet against mine with his head on my head ”ok, ok, sleep now ” he took a deep breath in as I closed my eyes but this feeling of emptiness kept creeping around my insides, making me feel hollow when an involuntary wail flowed through my body ”babe… ” he whispered, I wiggled against him before turning I let out another wail and then turned my back to him, he wrapped his arms around me.

”Would it be weird if you stuck your fingers into me? ” I asked it so delicately as if my words were a curse.

It was still for a moment until he found the hem of the boxer I was wearing, swiftly removed them before his rough callused hand felt up my legs and settled between them, he found my folds and parted them slowly before rubbing his fingers against my bundle of nerve, I gasped and shiver against his hand, he then moved his finger along my lips with one stroke before slipping into my centre, the warm tingling feeling sparked in my tummy and as let out a clear moan of satisfaction; he let out a relieved breath as he body relaxes against mine.

But the feeling lasted for a good five minutes before my body was back to fighting with itself ”babe… ” he growled into my ear.

”Just slip it in, please… ” I pleaded as his finger fell out of me, again there were silences until I felt his hand part my legs and a warm heavy rob was placed on my inner thigh.

I bit my lip in anticipation, I grabbed the sheets between my fingers and crushed them, I felt him rub his dick against my folds before slowly but firmly pushing into me, I huffed as the feeling of being filled took over my insides, I shivered, the need to be filled wasn sexual or sensual, I didn need him to thrust me into the mattress or to pull my hair or lick my nipples, I just needed to feel him near, to feel him in me, to be connected to him; to feel the intimacy that was been developing these last five years, just know he was there.

”Better? ” He whispered into my hair as I nodded, grabbing his arm and wrapping it around my waist.

”Much ” I commented before we both fell asleep.

The sound of the sparrow nest above us came chirping through the quiet room, along with the ticking of claws on the wooden floor below, Shawn still had his arms around my waist and growing member in me, I gasped the feeling until I felt it being removed and I knew what was come next, my insides twisted as the man behind me thrust his length back into drooling hole, first the soft meat mushed against my insides but he pulled out once more and thrust deep as the hard rob hit against that one spot; I grabbed the sheets as he moved our bodies with him towering over me and he was more than half my height and weight.

With a stiff growl, he pulled out before thrusting back into me, my head buried in the pillow, biting down on fabric as he pushed my legs apart before moving his hips in a low dip rolling motion, his growl could be heard bouncing around the room. I began rotating my waist every time he pulled out, giving his head a sensual massage, he stopped with his tip in my pussy while his breath caressed my back before his teeth sunk into my skin, he pressed my lower back into the mattress holding me in place and he pounded his meat into me with deep hard strokes:

”Fuck ” he growled every time our bodies met, the slapping sound along with gushing.

”Deeper ” I whispered as I reached for the

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