Chapter 11: The Saint’s Declaration

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Marianne was in a good mood. 

The thought of executing the deceiving woman who had tried to pass herself off as Saint, even though she was just a decoration, made her excited. 

To her, the title of “Saint,” tied to the temple and her fiancé, was just a distraction.The only good thing is that she receives numerous gifts and Antonio stands by her side so she can indulge in as many luxuries as she wants.
However, the money that Antonio was allowed to spend was originally given to the royal family by the House of Honeydale. 

Each territory is notified that the money is necessary to worship the spirits and pray for their blessings.
Or they take offerings from the faithful.
This is how the Honeydales made their fortune.

After the fall of the unruly House Harvest, they have repeatedly intermarried with the Crown Prince and slipped money to the politically inept Royal Family.

Without the House of Honeydale, there would be no royal family.
Some of the clever lords know this and give directly to the House of Honeydale.
In this way, the House of Honeydale becomes increasingly wealthy.

(Fufufu… Finally, even executions are at my disposal.) 

When she tries to call Sylphia, she finds that she is traveling with Prince Lute when she should have remained in the temple. 

It is obvious that Sylphia is getting stronger.
The truth is that at this time Lute and Sylphia saved the village and had an audience with the king, but Marianne did not know that. 

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“Antonio-sama, I’ll tell the people how sinful Sylphia has done.”

Marianne accompanied Antonio to the capital.
They took up a position in the square, the most prosperous part of the boulevard, where a market was being held, and began to call people in. 

“Come on! Listen, everyone! You are looking at the Saint.
Sylphia in the temple is a fake! I’m the real Saint.”

The people in the square stopped and looked at the beautiful woman who suddenly appeared. 

She is wearing a gorgeous dress, her hair and fingers are adorned with accessories, and her face is covered with thick makeup.
Her beauty, with its power and presence, made people realize that Marilianne was no ordinary woman.

However, people reacted badly. 

(She doesn’t look like a Saint?) 

(Even if Sylphia-sama is a fake, I think she is more of a Saint-sama.) 

(Sylphia-sama did a miracle, didn’t she? I heard from a man in that village that he saved a dying field…) 

Marianne raised her eyebrows at the people of the Royal Capital who did not applaud her. 

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She had been pampered just for being Marianne Honeydale, and she did not understand the relationship that Sylphia had developed with the people. 

She also believes that the miracles of Sylphia must be some kind of a sham, since she refuses to believe in spirits and thinks that the position of Saint is just a title to elevate herself. 

“What, you people! Can’t you listen to me! Sylphia is a fake Saint and she is going to be executed for impersonating the Saint!”

“That’s right!” 

Antonio also raised his voice.

Antonio, who had no idea that the king had already recognized Sylphia as Saint and had planned him to marry Sylphia.
He was anxious to give Marianne the people’s attention .

“I am the Crown Prince, Antonio Gimlet! In the name of the Crown Prince, I declare.
This Marianne is the real saint and the Sylphia in the temple is a fake! The false saint will be executed!”

The unexpected word “execution” caused a stir among the people. 

Even those who watched in a huffy mood begin to realize that this is no joke.

“Oh my god! I’m from Maldec village.
Our fields are dying and we were hoping to be healed by Saint’s help, but what should we do?!”

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“Me too! I’m going to go to the temple now—”

“I told you I’m a Saint! I’m more qualified to be a saint than that woman!”

The crowd went quiet on the occasion of Marianne’s screeching, as if water had been poured over their heads.

What is included in the gaze is confusion and distrust.

(Sylphia, you’re flattering even these people!)

Marianne felt her stomach churn, but she knew that if she showed it on her face, people would leave. 

She understood that much.
Then she would have to convince them that she was more suitable for the saint than Sylphia. 

Marianne thought that the hearts of the people were not important. 

If they saw the beautiful Marianne praying for them, they would soon change their minds.
When she told the king that she would win the hearts of the people more than Sylphia, she meant it.

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“Very well, I’ll come and pray for you later.
What village is it?”

“…It’s the village of Mal …”

The man in the traveler’s outfit stops talking as he is about to say it, his mouth slurring as he wonders if he should tell Marianne the name of the village. 

Marianne’s smile twitched in his attitude.

(As long as Sylphia is not executed, they will continue to cling to her!)

Marianne’s face was about to distort with anger, but she managed to put on a gentler smile and took his hands. 

“I feel sorry for you who are being deceived… Sylphia’s roses are prepared by another person.
She’s just trying to take advantage of you.”


“I will show you the proof.
We are going to the temple now.”

If Sylphia is not in the temple, she’ll say she’s escaped.
If she is in the temple, she will order her execution on the spot.
If she gets violent, as she did last night, that will be proof that Sylphia is not worthy of being a saint. 

Marianne’s smile widens even more as she puts her own behavior in the background.

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