And in the spirit’s words, Marianne knew that a thread of hope hung over her as well.
And that she was the one who had cut it.

“Sylphia… Sylphia… saint, her? 

We recognize a saint the moment we see her.
She said that if Marianne prayed to her, she’d be also.]

Valtis looked behind him: Sylphia was unconscious from shock, lying limply on Lute.

Valtis’ gaze returned to Marianne.
His red eyes, swaying like a burning flame, seemed to have grown in color.

[But you didn’t pray.]

A chill runs down Marianne’s spine.
Marianne felt as if the ground was breaking apart and swallowing her whole.
Unable to stand, Marianne reaches out her hand to Antonio, but her supposed fiancé casually shakes it off. 

Marianne’s eyes widen and her red-blue gaze travels directly to him.

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[I don’t know you.
We have given power to Sylphia.
The true saint is Sylphia].

We don’t recognize anyone but Sylphia as a saint].

“I-I… Waaaa!”

Marianne sheds tears of confusion and fear.

The King stepped forward, made Antonio take a step back, and said with a serious face.

“Marianne Honeydale, you are the false saint.
As the oracles of the spirits have decreed, I declare your execution!”


Marianne’s screams echo through the temple. 

“Why?! I can’t be executed! I haven’t done anything wrong!”


As Marianne cried, Valtis and Titia were unmoved.
They cared for no one except Sylphia, who had prayed to them and paved the way for them to enter the world where people live.

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Even at this moment, Valtis tilts his head,

[Because you’re the one who said so.]


This only showed that no matter what Marianne said, the decision of the spirits would not be overturned.

“No… I don’t want to be executed… Noooo!

Marianne shouted again.
She lets out a muffled scream, stumbles to her feet and rushes to the door of the temple.

She pushed aside the people gathered there, kicking them as they kneeled in respect for the spirits, and rushed out, barefoot and without shoes, scattering his hair ornaments and bracelets, which she was so proud of. 


“What the hell is this woman?!”

“Catch her!”

People were shouting back and forth.

But at last, Marianne’s backside disappeared in the hustle and bustle of the royal city.

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