, perhaps it was not what she heard.
Marianne’s senses were already almost completely gone.
Perhaps it was the voices of spirits speaking directly to her heart alone.

The voice breaks off suddenly.
Marianne lies in total darkness. 

(No… I’m scared… Somebody help me…!!!)

Regret fills her heart as she wonders how this could have happened.

Was it because she had made Sylphia, a member of the Harvest family, a decorative saint, and placed her in the temple? Was it because her heart was too beautiful? 

(If only I had not taken Sylphia’s place—) 

If only she had been content with the gifts she was receiving and had behaved as if she cared for the temple, like all the Saints from the Honeydale family had done for generations, this would not have happened. 

Marianne’s heart was shattered the moment she realized this. 

(I didn’t know… No one told me.
That prayer was taken from the Harvest family, that the spirits really existed…) 

Once again, Marianne’s memory is haunted by the image of Sylphia. 

Sylphia, who had been telling her that spirits existed. 

(What is this? …)

The hand, which should have lost all sensation, felt a warm heat.
And the feeling of touching each other.
The hand is being squeezed so tightly that it hurts.

“Marianne-sama…! Please, Valtis-sama, Titia-sama, please give Marianne-sama the blessing of the spirits…”

Sylphia’s voice came. 

From her folded hands came the breath of life.
At first it is like a small breeze that gradually grows and blows through the body, reviving the dying life.

(This is the power of Sylphia…)

It’s so different from the miasma she had.

“Marianne-sama…! Please, everyone pray for Marianne-sama!!!”

Her desperate voice calls out to save Marianne.
There was a murmur of voices, but soon the villagers also began to call out Marianne’s name at Sylphia’s request.
They were praying for her.

She wanted to tell them that they didn’t have to do that. 

But she couldn’t speak, and she knew it was too late to do so now.

The spirits are already trying to revive Marianne’s body.
As they secretly told her, they will purge the miasma to the extent that it does not interfere with her survival, to please Sylphia. 

(I can’t believe you saved me…) 

A warm drop of warmth falls on Marianne’s cheek. 

Another tear fell from Marianne’s eyes when she realized it.

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