Perhaps not pleased with Sylphia’s stance, Marianne walked up to her and pulled Sylphia’s hair as hard as she could.

“It hurts! Marianne-sama…!”

“What the hell is this?! There’s a rumor in the capital that you’re the Saint! Tell me, who helped you! You couldn’t have done this on your own!”

Marianne’s flashing eyes and the expression on her face as she screamed caused great fear in Sylphia.

“T-This is… The blessing of the spirits, yes! Marianne-sama, even Marianne-sama, if you pray to the spirits—”

“You’re still saying that…!”

The words of the desperate attempts to explain only made Marilianne even more agitated.

Marianne’s hand struck Sylphia on the cheek, her beautifully coiffed hair disorder and her eyes bloodshot, and she mounted Sylphia, who was lying on the floor. 

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“To go against me means to go against Antonio-sama.
Execution for false saints, didn’t I tell you that?!”

Sylphia screamed as the long nails dug into her thin neck. 

“Please don’t!” 

She stretched out her arms as if struggling.

A moment later, a whirlwind swept through the temple, shaking the rose leaves.
The weight that should have covered it was gone, along with the sound of the leaves rustling against each other.



Marianne is blown from the center of the room to the blue patterned wall.

Marianne looked at Sylphia, who rushed to her.

“Thank God you’re not hurt…” 

“You pushed me, didn’t you?!”

“No, I didn’t! It was the wind…”

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“How can people fly in the wind?! You did it!”

Sylphia realized that no matter how she tried to explain, she could not reach Marianne.
Instead, the more she tried to talk, the angrier Marianne became, and then—

A shiver runs down her spine.

Sylphia took a small breath as she looked up at the blue-patterned wall behind Marianne as she stood up. 

That gust of wind was made from Sylphia’s wish.

It was a mistake to think that life would go on as usual.
The power of the spirit is too strong for Sylphia to control anymore.

(If things go on like this, I will hurt Marianne-sama.

That’s the last thing she wanted to do.
It’s not right to hurt people in the name of a spirit.

“It’s too late to be so pathetic now!”

Marianne, apparently mistaken for her pale expression, kicks Sylphia, who hangs her head, and leaves the temple shouting.

“Let me show you what happens when you disobey the Saint.
You will be executed!

She leaves behind such an ultimatum.

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