d asked him at a loss.

        Because he actually knew that… Zhou MuHui did not like him to be mixed with his work.

        That’s why during all these years, besides at the beginning when he went to pick Zhou MuHui up for a few days, and that time when he bumped into him at the auditorium, he never took the initiative to search for him.

        But when he pulled open the door, he just wanted to make sure that Zhou MuHui was still there, because he was extremely scared, there was no one in the living room, no one in the kitchen, and he didn’t have the time to think carefully about it, he was afraid that Zhou MuHui would really suddenly leave. 

        Zhou MuHui looked along his line of sight, then turned his head back.

        “Did not.”

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        Zhou MuHui lowered his head to look at him, “Xin Yi, this is nothing.”

        Xin Yi nodded in a daze, and dropped his head along with his hand.

        Zhou MuHui’s culinary skills were very good, probably because he had helped his mom cook since he was a kid, Xin Yi took bite after another bite, but suddenly put down his chopsticks after a while, and buried himself in Zhou MuHui’s arms. 

        His eye sockets were a little wet, because he was afraid, Zhou MuHui asked him what was wrong, the heartbeats coming from that man’s chest were calm and moderate, and Xin Yi sniffed hard, and whispered while shaking his head.

        “It’s so embarrassing…” 

        He found an excuse, he pasted his cheek closer to Zhou MuHui, hiding himself in his chest, hiding just like a quail. 

        At this instant, Xin Yi hated that he couldn’t become smaller, and hid inside Zhou MuHui’s collar, inside his pocket, or inside his ears, he was willing, even if he could never turn back.

        Zhou Mu Hui sat next to him, caught off guard by his hug, the man lowered his head to look at the hair crown on top of Xin Yi’s head, the whorl was circular, cute, and appealing.

        He tried hard to restrain the desire from touching it, kneading the back of the neck of the young man.

        “Not embarrassing.”

        Zhou MuHui said unskillfully, “You are very good.”

        “Next time I will tell you no matter where I go, alright, don’t be scared.”

        The man kissed his forehead, then wiped away the tears at the corner of his eyes, Xin Yi let him act freely, then after a while, finally smiled at him.

        He can never resist Zhou MuHui’s coaxing, a few words are enough to dissipate his worries.
Xin Yi then sniffed and leaned on Zhou MuHui, listening to Zhou MuHui’s not fully proficient coaxing, saying that his messy hair was cute, then saying that it would be a waste for others to see this kind of Xin Yi, and it was not embarrassing at all.

        Toward the end, Xin Yi finally remembered that he had to work, hastily pulling him to the study room.
Still, Zhou MuHui wasn’t in a hurry, accompanied him to finish his meal, looked at him finish drinking his medicine, and waited until Xin Yi took out his homework and was about to do them that he caressed his head, stood up to leave.

        “If you haven’t finished writing them then you can accompany me this afternoon.”

        Before closing the door, Zhou MuHui turned around to look at him, the thick and dense eyelashes just like a crow’s wings cast a small shadow on the skin, Xin Yi was stunned, after he realized what he had just said, then repeatedly nodded.

        “I will.”

        He picked up Mao Mao who was eating on the side, and said, “Mao Mao will supervise me!” 


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        Xin Yi didn’t know that he could be so scheming. 

        In order to stay with Zhou MuHui, he dawdled here and there, when Zhou MuHui came back from his meeting, he innocently spread out his homework, and complained to Zhou MuHui.

        “Mao Mao kept wanting to eat, and I had to continuously feed him, so I haven’t finished writing it.”

        Mao Mao’s paws were grabbed and held in his arms, exposing his white as snow butt, after Zhou MuHui’s sight fell on him, he then stared at him with his big round eyes, and innocently let out a meow.

        Zhou MuHui paused for a while, his line of vision went between the one man and one cat, in the end, it landed on the half-written homework, and said, “continue after eating.”

        Xin Yi nodded and obediently said yes.

        Lowered his head and smiled foolishly at the cat in his arms.

        Xin Yi got to go to the study room in the afternoon, just as he wished, Zhou MuHui was busy dealing with his work, and he just lay down to write his homework.

        After a while, Zhou MuHui’s phone vibrated like crazy, Xin Yi sneaked out his head from behind his book, and saw Zhou MuHui frowning, staring coldly at the phone in his hand, as if something happened again.

        Then Xin Yi was caught red-handed.

        Zhou MuHui perceived his stare, adjusted the volume, got up, and was about to walk outside.

        “I finished writing it…”

        Xin Yi saw that he was about to go out to take the call, and hurriedly got up, “I have written half of it, I am going to get a glass of water.”

        He hurriedly jogged there, also went to get Zhou MuHui’s half-empty glass of water, and fled through the half-opened door, the man paused, not knowing what he was thinking about, then sat after a while back.

        Xin Yi purposely stayed in the living room for a while, fed some snacks to the cat, gave him a massage, and when he thought that it was about time, then gently opened the study room’s door.

        But Zhou MuHui hadn’t hung up yet, Xin Yi didn’t think that he would be still busy, he was stunned for a while and was going to go out, but heard the man pause, and said, “En, then that’s it, I’m hanging up.”

        Xin Yi slowly blinked, watched Zhou MuHui put the phone on the table, and called him, “Come here, write your homework.”


        The smile that was on Xin Yi’s face withered, let out a grieved oh, carried the water, and walked to him.

        Just when the water was put on the table Zhou MuHui’s phone rang again, Xin Yi was startled, and hastily retrieved his hand, his wrist unintentionally brushed the accept button on the screen, he hadn’t reacted yet when he heard the other party’s yell.

        “Shit what’s all that shining white flakes! Brother Zhou! There’s a gale-driven rain on my side and you are at home fooling around with your wife aren’t you?!”

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