When I wake up … it was a pitch dark. Where am I? I wake up my body, My whole body is in pain.

“Ah, so it wasn’t a dream, it is really a different world”

Chanting the magic of the light ball that i learned last night, a light ball emerges in the cave. The pain in my body probably from yesterday’s physical labor and from sleeping on the hard ground.

I want a soft bed, but here in the land of death not even grass grow.
while strugling i shomehow manged to put the entrance’s rock in the magical bag.

“Good morning. Were you able to sleep well?”

“Oh oh!”

with a winds blew, Sylphy and the little girl spirit appeared. spirit are amazing .

“Good morning … Sylphy, little girl spirit.
My body hurts because my muscle aches, but I was tired so i was able to sleep .”

“That is good, ”

I appreciate that she is worried about me.
Hmm? I am hungry . That said, I did not eat anything since yesterday. I want to eat rice, but there is neither a microwave oven nor cooking utensil. I have to make up with sweet bread today?

“I’m going to have breakfast, would you like to eat Sylphy and a little girl as well?, By the way what do the spirits eat? ”

” We do not need to eat in particular, we can eat it for Luxury purpose ”

“So, do you want to eat diffrent wrold bread?”

It is valuable food, but it is awkward to eat alone, and I want to see what kind of reaction she will show.

“We do not need a meal, so you eat yuuta, we don’t know if you can obtain food easily from now on”

hmm, is that so? I wanted to eat sweet bread, ….
Well, if I get additional food supply I will eat it.
I can bear with bread today. I’m looking forward to the confectionery bread.

“Well, I’m sorry, I will teake a meal for now.”

I Take out two Cuts of bread from The magical bag and eat it. Even bread is a valuable item in other world. I have to bit it throuly .

“Huh, white bread is luxurious, it is the food of the royal aristocracy”


Little girl spirit. Why do you look at me like a troublsome child?

“Yeah, but How come Sylphy you knows the food of the royal aristocrat? do you have acquainted?”

“No, the spirit of wind is everywhere as long as the wind passes through.”

she says it like that but it’s just like  peeping … It seems it would be wise not to say that.

“is that so, sylphy knows a lot of things, it saves me a lot .
Thank you.”

“Huhu, do not mind it,Come now, eat quickly, the sea is waiting for you”

Sylphy, maybe quite simple. It is not good to keep her waiting. Let’s eat quickly. However, now it’s time to taste valuable Japanese food.it is only bread but it is delicious if you bit it.

“Sorry for the wait.
Shall we depart?”

“Yeah … Ah, Yuta: There may be monsters, so prepare your weapons.
I do not think that i will miss approaching monsters But, if a monster comes out, Yuta should defeats it  .you need to raise your level and since we are not contracted , we can not lend you power during the battle . ”

” Ah, that’s right, I will do my best .
I will take out the magic hammer it seems More suitable for fight.

It is quite uneasy to do battle, but the power of the magical hammer is amazing. I’ll Do my best and rise my level. Because I do not feel the weight, I can use it as cane so it’s two birds with one stone.

I Asked various things that interested me while walking in the direction indicated by Sylphy.

“Hey Sylphy.
How long will it take to the ocean?”

“Well, yeah, it’s not far, We should arrive there in the afternoon.”

it’s still early in the morning so that mean half a day? My muscle is hurting but I have to work hard.

“oh ….you said there are only spirits of the wind here, but there are a ground here, shouldn’t spirits of soil be here too?”

“Although there is ground, it is hard and dry and grass can’t grows, The land of death ground’s  balance of nature has collapsed so it’s also a harsh land for the spirit of the soil.”

” Well, it is useless only with the ground, so how about the light spirit or the dark spirit? Is there no spirit of light or darkness? ”

“there is, but the spirit of the light is following the sun at the top of the cloud and the spirit of the dark likes the basement, they don’t prefer to come to the land of death likewise.”

Besides there are better places why  bothering with coming to this barren ground. The image of spirit inside me was that they are trying to restore nature somehow, but it’s not like that?

or maybe the land of death is way beyond  recover. Plants do not grow .

I keept walking through the cracked ground. But it is hot. The towel on my head is Already drenched with sweat .

Sylphy Flying fluffily next to me, and the little girl spirit is flying freely around the sky. While laughing cacically, it seems to be really fun.

“If I can contract with Sylphy will I be able to fly In the sky like that?”

“It’s difficult to fly freely like that child, but you will be able to fly to a certain extent . ”

If I can contract I will be able to fly the sky. What kind of feeling is it? My Tension rises. It is useless unless my magical power is raised to B. I will cry if my growth stops in the midway.

“I will do my best to make a contract soon.”


I’m sorry. I said that i will work hard to rise my level level. but when a genuine monster is in front of Me. I just want to punch myself a while ago.

“Yuta, there are monsters in the shadow of that rocky mountain, what to do? you want avoid it?”

“Can you know what kind of monster? If I can win, I will fight ”

I can sign a contract if my level goes up. If I can sign a contract I can fly in the sky. There is no choice but to do it.

“it’s A Death Lizard.
you can defeat it if you hit it with magical hammer .
But i think you first should fight with weaker monsters , like zombie or skeleton?”

Death Lizard. Is it a death lizard? It’s a unpleasnt name. but what i want to know now is … … there are zombies and skeletons? I am afraid of that.

“Hey, are there zombies or skeletons?”

“Yes, the land of death is the place where there was a great war.
There are plenty of weapons on the ruins on the ground, but there are plenty of underground facilities and caves in the evening they start wandering around.

I like fantasy but I dislike horror. what should i do? I Especially do not like zombies and it feel bad.

“How big is the Death Lizard?”

” the height is about Yuta’s waist and the total length is about your height?”

It’s better than zombies and skeletons. If it is the magical hammer, I do not feel the weight, if i hit it i could beat it.

“Then I will fight against Death Lizard.”

“is that so ? I think it’s okay, but be careful,”

Sylphy said that worriedly. While the little girls spirit flew away somewhere.

Make the magic hammer the largest size and carry it to the shoulder. As I approached the rocky mountain, Death Lizard also came out.

it has red color – black scale. A sharp fangs is lined within a big mouth . Ding and dull sounds echo when it hit the tail to the ground. you can’t call this a lizard. this is a dragon.

it’s glaring at me with reptile’s peculiar eyes, but my feet are shaky shaky. I would like to start with zombies or skeletons. No, Slime or Goblin is usually the first opponent.

When i was lightly trying escape from reality, The Death Rizzard lost it temper and came rashing. and i started to wave my hammer without thinking.

“Ah … …”

The moment when the magical hammer hit Death Lizard. Without any resistance , the Death Lizard flipped.

“good work.
Although it was a bit clunky but it was your first victory, but Next time try not to swing it, but aim and hit  otherwise it’s dangerous”

Sylphy said that while smiling.

“Oh, ah,oh, did I defeat it?”

“Yeah, you knocked it down.
What happened ?”

With no resistance, just waving the magic hammer, Death Lizard flared. I do not have a real feeling that I knocked it down. sylphy explains with an amazed look on her face.

“Yuuta maybe because you don’t feel the wight that why you can’t understand , but most of the Monster will become like that if they are hit by such a big hammer.
try hit the ground with it and you will know what i’m saying,”

I hit the ground with the hammer just like i was told, there was “gohon gohon” like sound and the sand flaying and hitting me, it quite painful, but i still didn’t fell the impact when i hit the ground.

I carried the hammer back to my shoulder, and look at the ground, it’s deeply depressed as if meteorite fell down. what’s this. it’s quite powerful. If I think carefully this is huge iron? with this mass moveing at a tremendous speed. It is a natural result.

“Yeah, sylphy.
i understand well now”

” That was good, so you can calmly deal with it from now on.

” Oh, next time it will be okay.
what should i do with the Death Lizard can i eat it? ? ”

“Death Lizard’s staple food is zombies and skeletons.
you want to eat it? usually you can sell the skin but in this state it don’t worth much .
magic stone located in the heart if it stll safe you can sell it in the town”

I don’t want to eat a lizard that eats zombie. I draw near Death Lizard to take out the manastone …… I’m going to vomit . It got messed up so much.

i used the magical burr searching for the heart part which Sylphy said about, there was a sparkling stone.

“If you want to acquire magic stones and materials, you should learn more from this time”

“… … Yeah.”

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