Treasure Chest



Bell and Rain came to me with great excitement, eager to share their discovery.
They led me to a wooden hollow where a shiny, golden, gorgeous treasure chest was hidden.


“Okay, Bell and Rain, let’s open the treasure chest.
Come back here,” I praised them, trying to calm their excitement.


Suddenly, I remembered that it was common for treasure chests in dungeons to be rigged with traps.
As I didn’t have any trap-related skills, I asked, “Bell, Rain, do you think this treasure chest has any traps?”


“Hmm, I’m not sure.
It’s sealed, so I can’t tell.
The keyhole is separate, so I can’t see inside,” replied Bell.


“I think I can tell,” said Turu, the earth spirit.


“Oh, really? Then please check it,” I said.


Turu nodded and touched the treasure chest, closing his eyes.
I wondered if he could sense metal even if it was processed.
“It doesn’t seem to have any traps.
The lock can also be opened,” Turu said.


“Thank you, Turu.
Then please open the lock,” I said.


Turu nodded again and touched the treasure chest, closing his eyes once more.
As an earth spirit, he could interact with metal, so I thought he might be able to open a lock made of metal.


Without causing any disturbance, Turu unlocked the chest.
He could have made a great thief if he wasn’t a spirit.
For a moment, I imagined bad things using spirits… no, I couldn’t let the spirits get into trouble.
The Spirit King would be angry with me.


“It’s open!”


“Thank you, Turu,” I said, petting his head in gratitude.
Turu closed his eyes and smiled happily, but it seemed my petting technique wasn’t enough to make him melt.
He seemed to be happiest when he was being petted by Tamamo.


Alright, it’s time to open the treasure chest.
I put my hand on the lid, feeling nervous.
Sylphy, Bell, Rain, and Turu were all eagerly peering at the chest.
Wait a minute, though.
It’s not fair for Tamamo to miss out on this.
We should all open the chest together, especially since it’s our first one.


“Everyone, hold on a minute.
Sylphy, do you know where Tamamo is? We all want to open the treasure chest together,” I said.


“Well, let me see.
Hmm, it looks like she’s working hard to collect something,” Sylphy said.


“That’s not good.
Summoning her now would be a shame.
Sylphy, could you go get her for us?” I asked.


Summoning Tamamo and having her leave behind all the items she worked hard to collect would be a shame.


“Sure, I’ll go get her,” Sylphy said, heading out to find Tamamo.


While we waited for Sylphy to return, I sat on a tree branch with Bell and Rain and talked to them.


“Hey, Bell, Rain, how did you guys find this treasure chest in such an unusual place?” I asked.


“We searched a lot,” Bell said.


Ah, I see.
They just searched a lot and didn’t use any special methods to find it.
It’s impressive that they managed to discover this treasure chest in such a remote location.


As we chatted, Sylphy and Tamamo returned.
Tamamo leaped towards us, making cute noises and rubbing against us.


“So, Tamamo was collecting something, right? Did she find anything good?” I asked.


“Kukuku,” Tamamo responded excitedly, but I had no idea what she was trying to say.


“Tamamo worked hard and gathered herbs.
She found some really good ones.
As expected from a spirit of the forest.”


“Is that so? Thank you, Tamamo.”


As I pet Tamamo to my heart’s content, a bunch of leaves float in front of me.


“Is this the herbs that Tamamo brought?”


Tamamo nods eagerly and wags her tail.
I resist the urge to pet her again and check the herbs.
I have no idea what kind of herbs they are.


This is a magic herb with condensed magical power in its leaves.
It’s a universal herb that can be used as the raw material for the highest grade universal medicine.
As expected from a dungeon, and it’s very rare on the surface.


Tamamo brought some amazing herbs.
Thank you.”


I praise Tamamo while petting her again.
It should be okay to indulge myself a little.
Before I knew it, Turu was standing behind me, waiting for his turn.


“Well then, shall we open the treasure chest?”


We got carried away and played around, including Bell who barged in.


“It’s fine, but don’t you think it’s a problem not to notice the approach of monsters?”


Well, Sylphy came to her senses with the sound of her defeating the goblins, or rather, it couldn’t be helped.


“I’m sorry.”


Let’s apologize for now.


“Be careful.
There’s a possibility that goblins will gather, so let’s open the treasure chest quickly.”


Let’s open the chest.”


If we don’t open the chest soon, we won’t find any treasure.
Facing the treasure chest again, I touch it and Tamamo also joins in to peek into the chest with everyone.
I’m nervous as I open the chest, but all that’s inside is a leather bag… Huh? Where’s the gold and silver treasure?


“Oh my.
There is no gold or silver.
Something good came out.”


“Oh, it’s a magic bag.”


“I already have a magic bag, so it’s a bit disappointing,” I say.


“Is that so? I think it’s just right because Yuta’s magic bag is difficult to use.
You can use this magic bag to hide any items you want to exchange for cash.
If you just exchange everything as it is, it will be suspicious,” Sylphy replies.


That’s true.
If I just take out the treasure, the monster corpse will look fresh because of the time stop magic bag.
I was thinking of renting a warehouse to store the monster corpses before selling them, but if we have this bag, I won’t need to do that.


“I see.
In that case, we got something quite valuable.
What’s the functionality of this bag?”


“Let’s have it appraised or try it out ourselves.
I don’t think it has time-stop, but if its functionality is good, it could cause a commotion, so it’s better to check it ourselves,” she suggests.


There’s a possibility of causing a commotion even with this magic bag.
This bag was found in a luxurious, golden treasure chest that was difficult to find, so it seems to have high functionality.


“Okay then.
Let’s experiment with it before going to bed.
Shall we gather a bit more before that? Everyone, let’s do our best,” I say.


Turu and I head off to mine mithril while Sylphy guards me.
Bell and Rain search for treasures, and Tamamo goes to gather herbs.
We all split up and scattered throughout the mountainous region.





The dungeon has a wide variety of natural elements, but it’s a different feeling when you go outside.
We relentlessly gathered from the 56th floor to the 59th floor and finally left the dungeon.


We obtained a lot of valuable herbs and depleted all the mithril veins.
Bell and the others also found one treasure chest each on various floors and obtained the desired gold and silver treasures.
It’s quite an achievement.


The gold and silver treasures were found in regular treasure chests, so the luxurious golden chest that contained the magic bag is probably rare.
It might be like a gacha system.
If we go further into the dungeon, we might find rainbow-colored treasure chests.


The experiment with the magic bag revealed that it’s quite useful.
It didn’t have any time-related functions, but it had the capacity of four assault dragons.
It’s a coveted function for merchants, as it’s enough to store several three-story buildings worth of assault dragons.
It’s rare enough that only big merchants possess it, and it seems to be very convenient to use.


As I stretch comfortably after getting out of the maze, I feel the contemptuous gazes being thrown my way.
It seems like I’m still disliked, even though it hasn’t even been ten days.
They must be muttering something like “he barely made it out alive” or something, but I don’t really care right now.
I’ll make them cry later, as I’ve memorized their faces.


“Yuta, what are you going to do now?”


(I’m tired, so I’m just going to rest at the inn today.
From tomorrow on, there’s a lot of things to do, like picking up the bed, going to the general store, touring the surrounding villages, and getting plenty of alcohol, so don’t worry.)


Sylphy smiles at me.
That was close.
I completely forgot about the alcohol.
I have to make sure to stock up on it.


“Okay, sounds fun.
By the way, what are you planning to do about training as a spirit mage?”


Oh, right, I forgot about that.


(I’ll think about it carefully at the inn.)


“Got it.”


Occasionally meeting other adventurers who give me disdainful looks, I make my way to the inn.
Strangely, their negative impressions of me only motivate me further.


“You’re alive!”


As I enter the inn, Martha hits my back repeatedly.
It still hurts, even though I’ve leveled up.
Why is that? Maybe she has a skill that ignores defense or something.


“I’m definitely alive.
I told you I wouldn’t be back for a few days, didn’t I?”


“Yeah, I heard you.
But there were some people who came by just to let us know you died.
We were worried about you.”


So petty harassment has even reached this place.


“I’m sorry for any trouble I may have caused.
Did you suffer any damages or anything?”


“Hahaha, no, nothing like that.
Nobody’s dumb enough to pick a fight with Torque’s mighty arm.
Just go about your business as usual.”


“Thank you very much.”


Martha is such a nice person.
I have to figure out a way to repay her for her kindness at this inn.
It might be a good idea to share some of my culinary knowledge with the place.
I’ll have to think of something.


“So, what are you having for dinner?”


“I’m tired, so I’m going to bed for the night.
Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow, though.”


“Sure thing.
Have a good rest.”


I say goodbye to Martha and head back to my room, collapsing onto the bed.
It’s definitely a real bed.


So, what should I do from tomorrow on? I was planning on returning to the Death land after picking up the bed, but now I have other things to do.”


We need to get some alcohol, educate spirit mages, and sell the materials we obtained.
Oh, and we shouldn’t forget to collect some soil from the forest.”


Alcohol is obviously the top priority.
If I forget about it, spirits might hold a grudge.
I’m glad I remembered.


“Other than that, the biggest challenge will be raising the spirit mages.
Adults won’t be interested, so it’s a bit cowardly, but I think it would be best to pick up an orphan and raise them.
Sylphy, are there slums in the labyrinth city?”


“Yes, there are.
Are you planning on picking up children from there?”


Normal people aren’t really interested in becoming spirit mages, so I think it would be better to find a child who can make a contract with a low-level spirit.
Can you find one or two children who are ready to make a contract?”


I feel like what I’m saying is pretty heinous, but there are benefits for the orphans as well, so they’ll just have to endure.


“Well, finding them won’t be a problem, but it’s probably best to avoid low-level spirits with children.
It would be safer to contract with a floating spirit who is conscious enough to understand the situation and raise them together.”


I do feel like having more power would be better, but even Bell and the others are already pretty strong.
Speaking of which, they said that even Bell and the others have the attack power of top-class magicians.
If a child has that much power, they might go berserk.


“I see.
Let’s go in that direction then.
The only thing left is how to raise them.
They might get bullied if they stay in the labyrinth city, so would it be better to have them train at the Death land’s base until they gain enough strength?”


“Are you going to take them there? Is that safe?”


“Well, it depends on the child, but even if I tell someone, I don’t think they would believe me that the depths of the Death land have been colonized.
Also, Sylphy, can you fly everyone to the Death land even if there are more people?”


“Indeed, they probably wouldn’t believe the words of a child.
And flying won’t be a problem.
It might take a bit longer if there are more people, but it’s doable.
But if that’s the case…”


Sylphy seems to agree, but she murmurs something like we should hurry up.
I wonder what we need to hurry for?


“Alright then, I’ll look for some orphans.
Yuta, get some rest.
Your eyelids are drooping.”


“Mmm, yeah.
Good night, everyone.”


I drift off to sleep without even changing clothes, listening to the faint voices of Bell and the others.
I’m really tired.

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