n? ”

”Hmm? ”

I look over to my right to find Casey asking me a question. Truly sad. To ask a four-year-old for answers. Aside from being hot-headed, Casey was also an idiot for studying.

”Fine, lets see. ”

”Thanks, bro! ”

”Mhmm. ”

I took his worksheet and found the problem he was struggling with. What year did the Demon King declare war on humanity? What. Was he stuck on this one?

”Umm, you know this was on the first page of our textbooks, right? ”

I stared at him with a puzzled face. Casey, Cassandra, and I were all given a textbook to study through for our worksheets. The answer to this question should be around the beginning of the book.

”Ahh yeah, about that. Its really hard and Im not really into reading. ”

”… ”

I shouldn be as surprised as I am, he was like this even in the novels. Still, what kind of idiot doesn even read through the first few pages of his textbook. Did Cass take all the brain cells during their time in the womb?

Maybe Casey noticed my disappointed look, so he looked down and said, ”I can just ask Cass if you don want to help. ”

”No, its fine. The answer is 4990. ”

”Oh, thanks! ”

His demeanor immediately changed as he happily took the worksheet from me. He was smiling as he marked down the answers. I guess I can hate him for being like this. He is still only seven.

I guess I can help him with his work to pass the time. I already finished all my work a while ago anyway.

I leaned over and said, ”Here, let me help you with the rest. ”

”Really? Thanks a bunch, bro! ”

”Its fine. ”

Time flew by as I helped Casey and went through his work. While I say help, it was more of me just telling him how to do the problems. He got nearly all of his answers wrong on his first try.

This won do. If this continues, hell be the same idiot from the novels. Hell go on to drop out of the Academy and die a reckless death as an adventurer.

Hes not essential to the ”happy ending ” that Im looking to create, but still…

Wait, I should think about this. He was essentially useless in the novel. Will helping him even be worth my time? It would be a huge waste if he still ended up stupid.

”Hey, Ill help you study from now on so you can answer these more easily. ”

”Huh? Study? ”

”Yes, study. As in reading through textbooks and practicing problems. ”

His face showed a mix of shock and discomfort. I immediately continued speaking before he could say anything,

”At your current level, you couldn even dream of graduating at the Academy. ”

”B-Bu… ”

”What would mother and father think if one of their children failed to graduate from their Academy? ”

His lips closed tightly at my words. He may only be seven, but he still feared disappointing his father.

”Of course, this all depends on whether or not you put in the effort that you put in. If you don want to study, I won force you. ”

”… ”

”But, do keep in mind that its your future at stake here. You should do everything possible to secure a good future, especially if you have the means. ”

He didn utter a single word while I was speaking. Perhaps my words are too much for a seven-year-old to comprehend? As I thought that, he turned to me with a determined expression.

”If you can help me get smarter, Ill do it! ”

”Great, then well start tomorrow. ”

I was honestly surprised. Perhaps this is because Caseys bad habits haven fully developed. He agreed to study. Back in the novel, he would never put effort into school. Whenever anyone tried to help him, he would brush them off. It was very fortunate that I reincarnated when I was.

I got up from the desk. Casey looked at me with a confused expression and I put my finger on my lips. He nodded as if he understood. It wouldn be good if he decided to say something to the maids. I then crouched down underneath the desk. The maids weren looking over, so they shouldn know what was happening.

As soon as I was sure I was out of their sight, I closed my eyes and began to picture the library entrance. I couldn teleport directly inside the library because of a magic barrier set. One day, I will be able to teleport directly inside the library, Im sure of that.

I started visiting the entrance. The long halls leading up to it. The torches along the walls of the hallway always seem to be lit. The large wooden door opened up to a room filled to the brim with shelves and books.

Sparks started coming from my body and I began to feel my energy draining away. Casey stared at me with his mouth hanging open. I paid no attention to it and continued. I felt a slight shock on my body. When I opened my eyes, I was in front of the library.

”Alright, lets get started ”

As I said that, I opened the door and walked in.

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