Lu Yuliu finally remembered why she couldn’t show respect towards the young man from the Demon Sect.

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He had asked her strange questions during their first conversation, then used his cultivation to block her from leaving during their second meeting.
Later, they would just sit and stare at each other.
He would hang out with those crude wandering cultivators, steal the barbecue she was enjoying, and beat her at a simple game of Go with a big grin on his face.

If he hadn’t revealed himself as the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, who would have known?

And to top it all off, she had her episode in front of him!

It was truly the shame of a lifetime!

She had to get revenge, even if she couldn’t match his strength.
At the very least, she had to make him look foolish in front of her.

The Sword Immortal Miss had come up with a perfect plan.


“Oh? A gift in return?” There was a hint of surprise on Luo Wusheng’s face.

In his expectation, this little girl who he had pushed to the point of social death would be grateful enough just to not die alongside him, but he never thought that she would even prepare a return gift of the Star-Moon Jade.

Is this the strength of the real protagonist’s mentality?

No wonder she’s able to become the protagonist.

Luo Wusheng admitted that he couldn’t be as magnanimous as to repay good for evil.
Even if he wanted to take revenge, he would do it from morning till night.

Just like now, if he had the opportunity to swindle some money from the Buddhist sect, he wouldn’t refuse, even if the sect hadn’t yet begun to incite the Demon Suppression War.

The little girl in front of him pressed on her storage bag and took out a small rectangular wooden board.

Then she lightly rubbed it against the wooden sword at her waist.

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The wooden board emitted light and gradually transformed into a short and wide wooden sword.

Luo Wusheng quickly realized what it was.

“Although it’s not anything rare, nor is it as unique as your Star-Moon Jade, it’s probably something new that you haven’t encountered before.”

Lan Yuliu said, “As long as you attach your spiritual awareness to it, you can turn the words you want to convey into text displayed on the sword body, and at the same time, the other wooden sword in my possession can receive the information you transmit.
That way, even if we are thousands of miles apart, we can communicate through it.”

Hmm, it’s the protagonist’s friend request technique.

In this world where the only communication method was through old and inconvenient letters, this long-distance real-time communication achieved through the power of the Sword Ancestor was indeed a groundbreaking technology.

Lan Yuliu also frequently used this technique to contact her harem in the original work.

Taking the wooden sword, Luo Wusheng felt a strange feeling in his heart.

He had become an online friend with the protagonist just like this?

But he still said, “I will accept it with pleasure.
It is indeed a novel item that I have never seen before.”

It was too novel, and he was still using a mobile phone that could only send short messages for the first time.

Seeing that Lu Yuliu didn’t have a big reaction when he accepted it, a glint of light flashed in her beautiful eyes.

She displayed one of the magical properties of the Sword Ancestor wooden sword in front of this demon sect holy son without any hesitation, also wanting to see if the other party would develop a greedy heart for the Sword Ancestor wooden sword.

Or is it because of the Sword Ancestor wooden sword that he got in touch with her.

As it turned out, she was overthinking.

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Suppressing the trump card she was always prepared with, she had only the basics of human interaction left in her guard against Lu Wusheng.

“It may be a bit hard to understand just by talking about it, we can try it out.
I’ll send you a message first, and you can try replying to me.”

Lu Yuliu smiled and said.

Lu Wusheng nodded and suddenly felt the wooden sword in his hand shake, so he looked at it.

A line of small characters appeared on it.

“Is the star moon jade you gave me really the only one? I think the jade stone embedded in Bai Xiaoyao’s new head ornament is somewhat similar to this star moon jade.”

Cold sweat burst out on his back, Lu Wusheng raised his eyelids and found that the sword fairy miss was still waiting for his reply with a smiling face.

So he quickly integrated his spiritual consciousness into the wooden sword in his hand and replied.

[Of course! Can there be anything fake about this? My junior sister’s piece is the Star Moon Jade that I had made in batch before.
I still have several identical ones in my hand.]

Luo Wusheng remained calm and sent out the text message without any change in his facial expression or heartbeat.

Lu Yuliu slowly took out a short wooden sword with a wide blade that was identical to the one in his hand, and looked at the text floating above it.

(Indeed, there are some slight differences between Bai Xiaoyao jade and the Star Jade on my chest…)

Recalling the details of the jade on Bai Xiaoyao’s hair accessory, she nodded inwardly.

“It seems that the Holy Saint is already familiar on how to use thisshort sword.” Lu Yuliu smiled and said, “Since that’s the case, the Ferry Boat to the Immortal Realm is not far away, so this little girl will take her leave.
If there is anything important, please use the short sword to contact me.”

Without waiting for Luo Wusheng’s response, she quickly left the room.

She really is an impolite girl..

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Left alone in the room, Luo Wusheng complained about the independent and unique personality of the protagonist, then looked down at his harvest.

He really became an online friends with Miss sword fairy …

Luo Wusheng felt that his ten days of effort were not in vain.

Although there were some minor accidents in between, the outcome was good overall!


It was probably noon when the ferry, which had been sailing for ten days, finally arrived in the Immortal Nation.

One by one, the passengers bid farewell to Luo Wusheng and left.

Although he understood that they just wanted to become familiar with him in front of the Saint of the Demon Sect, unfortunately, Luo Wusheng didn’t remember any of them.

The road in the martial world is long, and the immortal world is vast.
These people who only had a fleeting encounter were nothing but passersby.

It was the group of good brothers led by the wandering cultivator Long Dahai who called Luo Wusheng to wait for them in the capital city.
They were going back to their hometown in Qingzhou and then to the capital city, hoping that Luo Wusheng would invite them for a drink when they arrived.

But when faced with the dangers of the jianghu, they immediately changed their tune and invited Luo Wusheng to some good places.

Luo Wusheng firmly refused and drove them away, then smiled and chatted with Miss Lu Yuliu, who was eavesdropping behind them.

“You want to go to those kinds of places?”

“How is that possible! I have zero interest in those kinds of places!”

Thinking of the image that the Devil Sect’s Holy Saint had spent the last 18 years had built, Lu Yuliu believed him.

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Then she used Luo Wusheng to break away from the group of Demon Sect disciples and headed towards the direction of Jian Ge.

Watching Lu Yuliu disappear from view, with only himself left, Luo Wusheng let out a breath.

Just then, he felt a shake from the small wooden sword at his waist.

He immediately took it out to check the content.

[Remember to send me more letters in the future.
Hmm, I’m also very interested in the stories you told me.]

Looking at the words appearing on the sword, Luo Wusheng’s eyes lit up and immediately replied with [Okay]

Looking towards the direction of the royal city, he suddenly felt that a beautiful tomorrow was waiting for him.


On the other side, Miss Lu Yuliu, who is still sitting in the carriage, had a smile of success on her face.

When she went back to save her master, she would connect the short sword she gave to that guy and the one she gave to her master.

At that time, she would check the letters exchanged between her master and that guy every once in a while!

HeHeHeHehe, he must think he’s communicating with his master?

Let him try to chat awkwardly with her usually silent master and see how he tries to coax her into talking!

Finally, reveal everything in front of him!

Lu Yuliu felt like a once in a century genius.

She couldn’t believe that someone like her could come up with such a genius plan!

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