>After a little thought, she approached the second woman in the room a bit.

She saw the courtesan who was kneeling on the ground playing the zither, lightly laughing a couple of times to the maid next to her.

“I’ve been at the Red Blossom Pavilion for so long, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a strange guest.
He just left hastily from the window after listening to my song.
It makes me wonder about my own charm.”

The maid, Xiao Guai replied, “That gentleman doesn’t know how to appreciate beauty.
Sister Yao Ji is beautiful and her music is even more beautiful.
It’s his loss if he doesn’t listen to more songs.”

“You’re quite eloquent… I suppose that gentleman has other business to attend to.
If even my musical talent is rejected, I don’t know what else I have to offer.”

Yao Ji covered her mouth and smiled.

Bai Xiaoyao, who was eavesdropping in secret, flashed her eyes.

(They  must be talking about my senior brother… It seems that he did come here, but he left after listening to just one song…)

So her senior brother didn’t come here just to listen to music, but had another purpose?

Her senior brother was indeed her senior brother.

She didn’t know what his real goal was, and why he had to bring those staff officers along to cover his tracks…

Did the person who lured her here know her senior brother’s true purpose?

(No, I have to find my senior brother as soon as possible.)

Bai Xiaoyao quickly made a decision and glanced at the still-open window before leaving the area while keeping herself hidden.

It wasn’t until she was far enough away that the two people in the room put away their smiles.

“Sister, was that…”

The maid Xiao Guai looked at the woman in front of her with a solemn gaze.

“That girl must be here to see the young master from before,” she said.

Yao Ji shook her head and lightly plucked the strings of her qin with her pure white fingers.
“Although I can’t sense her cultivation level, these eyes of mine can tell that the girl is using a demonic technique.”

“Demonic technique?” Xiao Guai frowned.
“So it seems that the young master is also a member of the Demon Sect.”

At this point, the young girl snorted again.
“That guy must not be a good person.
He intentionally used a false name to see elder sister and was so willing to spend money.
He must have originally had improper thoughts about elder sister, but his intentions dissipated after listening to her music and he left.”

“Long Dahai? How could anyone have such a ridiculous name?”

Yao Ji recalled the handsome young man in white clothes with a sword at his waist, but smiled and said, “You guessed wrong this time.”

“Hmm?” Xiao Guai was a bit puzzled.

“He really just listened to my song the entire time, he had me play 5 songs in succession.”

Yao Ji plucked the qin strings, emitting a clear and melodious sound.

Xiao Guai’s face clearly showed an expression of disbelief.

But she still said with an unnatural expression, “Well, I guess he can be considered a decent person.”

(But he could clearly have continued listening…)

Yao Ji kept her thoughts to herself but maintained a composed expression on her face.
“How is the preparation coming along?” she asked, getting down to business.

“It’s ready, but we need to wait for another month to get the perfect timing,” replied Xiao Guai, her expression solemn as she spoke.

We only have one chance at this, and we can’t afford to mess it up,” said Yao Ji with determination.

“Yes,” agreed Xiao Guai, bowing before leaving the room.

As she left, Xiao Guai couldn’t help but glance at the ancient qin that Yao Ji was caressing.
It seemed different from the one she saw earlier.
Why did her elder “sister” replace the qin? There must be a deeper meaning behind it.

Once Xiao Guai was gone, Yao Ji lightly stroked the qin, and it disappeared as if the space had shifted.
In its place was another almost identical qin, except that there was a beautiful Star-Moon jade embedded in one corner.

Touching the beautiful jade, Yao Ji looked in the direction of the window.
“Hmph, he says he’s not interested in women, but he’s clearly got the attention of a stunningly beautiful girl,” she muttered, showing a hint of irritation at the image she had seen with her “eyes”.

“You only said that if some men come to find me, I can tell them the truth of what had happened here, but you didn’t say what to do if a woman comes to find you…”

“But what I had implied to that girl should be beneficial for you.”

“Just take it as a return gift for the jade you gave me.”

There was a big smile on Yao Ji’s face.

She believed that the young master would come to listen to her music again in the future.

She had confidence in her skills with the qin.

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