On the main street of the Royal City, Luo Wusheng smiled as he sheathed his short sword.

After chatting with Lu Yuli, he felt much more relaxed.

However, this incident also made him feel a sense of urgency.

He had thought that coming to the Royal City and building a good relationship with the true protagonist and her future harem would be enough to ensure his safety.

But now, it seemed that the Buddhist sect was likely not going to let him go so easily.

It looked like he needed to speed up his plans.

(Now it seems that increasing the empress’s favorability towards me has become a must-do.)

The empress was not only a member of the true protagonist’s harem, but also a powerful cultivator in the Nascent Soul realm.
She also held two important identities as the empress of the Immortal Nation and the chief of the Taoist Sect.

By befriending the empress, he would also be befriending the true protagonist, the Immortal Nation, and the Taoist Sect all at once.

It’s killing three birds using one stone!

If the Buddhist sect wanted to make a move on him again, they would have to consider the power of these three factions.

It would be even better if he could make them feel that he was too troublesome to deal with and give up on him altogether.

(Although I can sense that there’s something strange about that Yao Ji girl, I can’t confirm whether she’s the empress or not… In that case, meeting the empress in person is the only way for me to confirm her identity.)

If that Yao Ji girl was indeed the empress, then he would have also increased his favorability with her by a significant amount.

It’s not a problem, I have my own means to meet the Empress and the Emperor’s daughter in the palace.

(As long as I can shock the entire royal city by creating that thing, I don’t believe the Empress can resist seeing me.)

Touching the short sword at his waist, Luo Wusheng completely changed his mindset.

“But the main character’s intuition is really terrifying.
Clearly, I should still be the one who stays away from women like the old me, but she still guessed that I came to the brothel.”

Truly worthy of being the main character.

Her intuition is Terrifying!

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and diverted the attention of the sword fairy (Tn: I’m changing Miss Sword Immortal to sword fairy from now on) with even more surprising information.

Just then, his expression suddenly stiffened.

In his spiritual sense, a familiar presence was approaching him.

The Demon Sect Holy Maiden, Bai Xiaoyao.

Luo Wusheng’s mouth twitched.

Why is it like this? This is my first time coming to this kind of place.
Why do all sorts of people all come rushing in to ruin my image?

It’s one thing to make random guesses like Little Yuli, but shouldn’t my junior sister be resting in the mansion I just bought? She couldn’t have just taken a walk over here, right?

Something’s not right.

After all, the Red Blossom Pavilion is placed quite a long distance away from the Demon Artifact Pavilion, which is half the size of the entire royal city!

No, I can’t panic.
I can’t ruin my image by losing my composure.

With this in mind, he quickly moved his thoughts and his face quickly became calm and without any waves.


Bai Xiaoyao breathed a sigh of relief when she sensed her senior brother’s presence.

It seems that nothing unexpected happened to her senior brother.

But why did he change into white clothes?

In her eyes, Luo Wusheng in white clothes with a sword was not at all out of place and had a special aura that was different from his usual self.

It looked really good.

But now is not the time to admire these things.

Bai Xiaoyao threw her strange thoughts to the corner of her mind, careful of a possible ambush from the mastermind behind the scenes, and approached her senior brother with cautious steps.

“Senior Brother Wusheng?”

She called out gently from a distance, trying to determine her senior brother’s current state.

“Junior sister? What are you doing here?”

Luo Wusheng looked puzzled, his slightly gloomy expression easing a little.

“I received some information that Senior Brother was at the Red Blossom Pavilion, and I was worried, so I came to take a look.
And Senior Brother, what about you? Why are you here?”

Hearing Bai Xiaoyao’s response, Luo Wusheng was taken aback.

(Damn, who’s trying to frame me today!)

Despite his careful movements, someone managed to keep tabs on him and even specifically told Bai Xiaoyao about it?

But he didn’t show his thoughts on his face, instead he frowned and shook his head.

“It seems he discovered I was tailing him long ago…”

After muttering to himself, Luo Wusheng said to Bai Xiaoyao, “I received some information and came here to catch the tail of a rat… um, that was one of my goals for coming to the capital this time.”

Bai Xiaoyao nodded thoughtfully.

“So Senior Brother came here under the guise of going to the Red Blossom Pavilion, bringing those officers with you? To avoid arousing suspicion?”

Luo Wusheng grunted in agreement and exclaimed, “I didn’t expect that guy to discover me and secretly call you to try to outmaneuver me.”

“Are you sure you didn’t really want to go to the Red Blossom Pavilion, Senior Brother?”

Although Bai Xiaoyao had believed most of what Luo Wusheng said, she still looked at her senior brother with some suspicion.

“You little brat, you’re making fun of your senior brother.
Am I that kind of person? As the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, how could I willingly go to a place like that?”

Luo Wusheng spoke with conviction and righteousness, his face not showing any signs of guilt.

Bai Xiaoyao believed him.

Because what he said was consistent with what she had thought, and she didn’t think her dense-as-a-rock senior brother was that kind of person.

Luo Wusheng’s former image played a huge role at this moment.

“But who is the target that Senior Brother is after? And what benefit does it have for me to come here?”

The demoness fell into deep thought.

Luo Wusheng secretly rolled his eyes.

“I also want to know the answer to this question,” Luo Wusheng said.

Who exactly wants to ruin their own image?

Thinking about this, Luo Wusheng pretended to ponder and said, “I can guess his purpose more or less, but this matter doesn’t need to concern you.
It involves too much party and cospiracy, and knowing too much would do you more harm than good.”

Well, those who understand, understand.
He couldn’t do anything about those who didn’t.

Upon hearing her senior brother’s words, the demoness was clearly displeased, but she still nodded.

“So, will senior brother come back here in the future to pursue the clues of that person?”

“If there are still clues of him here…”

Luo Wusheng weighed his words and answered.

He still needed to come here frequently to maintain a good relationship with Yao Ji.
Otherwise, all his previous efforts would have been in vain.

However, seeing the dissatisfaction on the demoness’s face increase, Luo Wusheng immediately added, “Of course, I will still focus on the Demon Artifact Pavilion in the next few days, and I probably won’t have the chance to deal with that guy again.”

Observing the relaxation on Bai Xiaoyao’s face, Luo Wusheng breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn’t want to neglect one thing and lose another.
That Yao Ji’s music was indeed quite nice, and he was a bit reluctant to give it up.

Well, let’s focus on working hard to meet the real Empress in the near future.

As Luo Wusheng was thinking about this, he suddenly felt a strange sensation in his hand.

Upon looking down, he realized that the demoness was holding his hand.

“Since there’s no progress today, senior brother doesn’t need to worry too much.
Let’s go back with Xiaoyao first,” the soft and gentle voice of Bai Xiaoyao made his heart tingle, and he instinctively nodded.

So, the first time the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, Luo Wusheng, went to the brothel, he did nothing but listen to music and was dragged back to his newly bought home by his own junior sister.

On that night, the entire Demon Sect’s Artifact Pavilion was sleepless except for the Holy Maiden, Bai Xiaoyao.

After soothing his junior sister, Luo Wusheng began to use his short sword to send messages and tell stories to Miss Lu Yuliu again.

He told stories until midnight and finally completed a full story.

Of course, he didn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of Lu Yuliu during the storytelling process, calling her little Yuli this and that.

In the end, he felt that the girl was about to lose her calm once more.

After the story ended, the sword fairy warned him fiercely via message that there would be no next time.

However, before going to bed, she specifically mentioned that she was looking forward to the story for the next day.

It seems like he has successfully increased his likability.

Feeling pleased with himself, Luo Wusheng couldn’t fall asleep in his courtyard and decided to go to the Demon Artifact Pavilion instead.

He needed to prepare for what he had to do the next day.

During this process, the four officers who had just finished playing with the girls on the Red Blossom Pavilion came back.

After getting Luo Wusheng’s permission, they took the box containing the alchemist Lu Bin away.

Luo Wusheng didn’t care about Lu Bin’s fate.

If one dared to do certain things, one must have the courage to bear the corresponding consequences.

“In this way, their burden has been somewhat relieved…”

Talking to himself, Luo Wusheng shook his head and looked at the ordinary material in front of him.

Recalling the process of the Demon Sect’s refining technique, Luo Wusheng pointed at the material and enveloped it with his spiritual power.

The shape of the material began to twist and deform, gradually approaching the posture that Luo Wusheng had conceived.

After successfully refining once, Luo Wusheng had grasped some understanding of “refining objects” and would no longer turn the material into a stagnant pool like before.

However, this refining technique could only produce things at the level of ordinary weapons.

Watching the material take shape, Luo Wusheng’s lips curled up.

“Indeed, just as I thought, the Demon Sect’s refining technique is truly a divine technique passed down from ancient times.”

“By refining with one’s mind, it is possible to slightly change the nature of things and construct imaginary things without fully understanding the specific structure.”

“Although it can only produce ordinary things that are not even considered as weapons, this is exactly what I want.”

Well, the plan to make black stockings for the demoness can also be put on the agenda.


It was now close to noon.

“To the south of the royal city, there’s a tea house outside the Trial Martial Arena.
Bai Xiaoyao and Luo Wusheng sat in a small compartment upstairs, sipping tea and watching the scene on the Trial Martial Arena.

This kind of good viewing spot for watching martial arts competitions naturally came with a high price, but the two big shots from the Demon Sect certainly didn’t lack the money.

“Why did Senior Brother choose to watch the competition in the south of the city?”

Bai Xiaoyao took a sip of the clear tea and looked at her Senior Brother as she asked.

With Bai Xiaoyao’s intelligence, how could she not know what her Senior Brother was thinking?

Luo Wusheng also tasted the ancient tea, putting on a high and mighty appearance.

To be honest, ever since he came to the world of Xianxia, he had always wanted to experience the feeling of sipping tea and putting on a superior posture like this.

Between the two of them was a chessboard with a few pieces placed on it.

“On the first day, Senior Brother had them compete in order to let those who were interested in the movements of the Demon Sect in the royal city know about this news, so that they would set up people in all four Trial Martial Arenas.
This ensured that there would be people in all four Trial Martial Arenas who recognized the four of us as members of the Demon Sect…”

Luo Wusheng nodded and smiled, placing a black piece on the chessboard.

The smile on Bai Xiaoyao’s face became even brighter as she placed another piece on the chessboard.

“Today, senior brother wants to see the reaction of those who are hiding in the crowd when they still lose even after using that special weapon.”

The demoness thought back to the special weapon her senior brother showed her and the others earlier in the morning.

It wasn’t an Artifact, not even a conventional weapon, just an ordinary weapon.

But it had a special feature…

Bai Xiaoyao shook her head lightly and then looked out the window at the sparring ground.

“After today, those who are on the sparring ground will surely know that they are from our Demon Artifact Pavilion.”

“And tomorrow, more people will know about this.”

Luo Wusheng spoke casually while he was about to make a move, but suddenly he froze.

“Hehe, senior brother, it’s finally your turn to lose, right?”

Bai Xiaoyao had moved her gaze back without Luo Wusheng noticing and had a proud smile on her face.

She had spent half the night thinking about how to win against her senior brother in this game.

Luo Wusheng’s mouth twitched.

Why did he have to play with her like this? He had been playing chess for over ten years, had researched all kinds of tricks, and yet, she is now able to beat him in chess after only making contact with it for half a day?

He shouldn’t have played with her in the first place!

Luo Wusheng stiffly changed the subject and seriously thought about telling Bai Xiaoyao a story.

Seeing her senior brother feeling a bit embarrassed after losing, Bai Xiaoyao didn’t mention it and also looked out the window at the sparring ground.

She was a girl who was good at understanding others.

On the sparring ground, Xu Yuchun was clearly in a very passive situation.

His opponent’s cultivation level was in the late stage of Qi Refining, one small realm higher than his.

Seeing that Xu Yuchun’s cultivation level was not high and he didn’t have a conventional weapon by his side, the late stage Qi Refining cultivator was obviously feeling disdainful.

Since Xu Yuchun didn’t have a conventional weapon, the cultivator at the late stage of Qi Refining didn’t bully him and instead tied his own conventional long knife to his back.

After just a few exchanges, Xu Yuchun fell into a disadvantage and suffered several injuries.

On the other hand, the late stage Qi Refining cultivator became more and more courageous in his attacks.

The uninteresting one-sided match made many spectators watching the scene feel bored.

They were waiting for the mid-level Qi Refining cultivator to quickly end this dull competition and face a more evenly matched opponent.
However, just as Xu Yuchun was about to lose, a sudden sound that seemed out of place startled the audience and drew their attention back to the martial arts stage.

They saw the mid-level Qi Refining cultivator, who had been having the advantage in the fight just moments ago, frozen in shock.

There was a small hole in his clothing at the shoulder, and his skin underneath had sunken slightly, even breaking the skin.

What had just happened? How could there be an injury on the person who was supposed to be winning without any harm?

Although the injury was minor and could be easily restored with spiritual energy, this unexpected event still aroused the curiosity of the audience.
They turned their attention to the young man who caused all this.

The young man was holding a unique, jet-black object and pointing it in the direction of his opponent.

Just as everyone’s attention was focused on him, Xu Yuchun, holding the strange weapon, smiled and said, “I surrender.”

He then jumped off from the Trial Martial arena stage.

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