had become a bit whiter.

“Ah, how could any Demon Sect disciple take on this lousy task…”

Becoming the new Master of the Demon Artifact Pavilion in the Royal City?

It sounds like a good job, but in reality, it’s completely different.

How many Demon Sect disciples would want to reside in the Royal City of the Immortal Nation?”

Although there are many demonic disciples in the demonic sect, most of them are based on the motto of “do whatever you want”, which is why many disciples of the demonic sect have a notorious reputation.

Fortunately, after the new holy lord ascended to the throne, strict scrutiny was placed on the character of the younger generation of disciples, which helped to restrain the behavior of demonic sect disciples to some extent.

However, the nature of demonic cultivation has not changed.
If one wants to cultivate recklessly, the chaotic Three Thousand Demon Realm is definitely the best choice for demonic sect disciples.

The worst choice, on the other hand, is the royal city of the celestial kingdom.

The various rules in the royal city would restrict the actions of most demonic sect disciples, and their cultivation speed would be slower day by day.

But if one really acts recklessly and attracts the high-level experts from the royal city, they would die without knowing how they died.

Of course, despite this, there are still some who choose to go to the royal city.

After all, the rewards for missions sent to the royal city are exceptionally high.

The awkward situation is with the Magical Artifact Pavilion in the royal city.

There are several factions of artifact refining industries belonging to different sect forces in the royal city.

With factions, there will be competition, and with competition, there will be suppression.

The Magical Artifact Pavilion is the one that is suppressed the most in the competition.

Because the flaws in the Demon sect’s refining techniques are too great, they can’t compete with the refining techniques of other factions.

Under such circumstances, going to the Magical Artifact Pavilion is simply seeking to be mistreated.

Moreover, the person appointed as the pavilion master needs to have a cultivation level of at least Golden Core realm or an elder’s status.

Which Golden Core cultivator or elder would not be shrewd? Who would willingly take on a task that brings trouble upon themselves?

“Even if there is a scapegoat to take over this position, the Demon Artifact Pavilion won’t last long,” Elder Wang sighed and couldn’t help but feel a headache.

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This task had been dragging on for nearly a year.
If they couldn’t find a scapegoat soon, he wouldn’t be able to report to the Spirit Palm Chief.

But where could they find such a scapegoat?

As he was worrying, the noisy hall suddenly quieted down.

Elder Wang looked up.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the entrance.

A handsome young man in black walked slowly into the hall.

The Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, Luo Wusheng!

Elder Wang was full of questions as he watched this unparalleled genius of the Demon Sect.

How did this young master come here?

Seeing that Luo Wusheng had already walked up to him, Elder Wang quickly put on a smile.

“I am Wang Laowu, and I have the honor of meeting the Holy Saint.”

Elder Wang bowed and said, “May I ask why the Holy Saint has come to the Spiritual Pavilion today?”

He was respectful on the surface, but he was somewhat nervous inside.

After all, although this young man was still a youth, his cultivation level was far above his own.

There were even rumors that this Holy Saint could fight against Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

No matter his status or strength, Elder Wang knew he couldn’t afford to offend Luo Wusheng.

“I want to take on the task of the new Demon Artifact Pavilion Master,” Luo Wusheng said expressionlessly.


Elder Wang was momentarily stunned.

Elder Wang was momentarily caught off guard.

“I want to take on the task of becoming the new head of the Demon Artifact Pavilion.”

Despite expecting his reaction, Luo Wusheng’s face remained cold as he repeated his words.

By now, a small group of disciples who were there to hand over tasks had started whispering among themselves.

“The task of becoming the new head of the Demon Artifact Pavilion? Is it the task that a few senior disciples secretly said whoever takes it must be crazy?”

“That’s the one.
I heard that there have been several batches of people changed just for the position of assistant, let alone the head.”

“I remember this task has been hanging in the Spirit Palm Hall for a year, right?”

“That’s normal.
Who would want to go there and look for trouble?”

“Heh, Demon Artifact Pavilion? Even dogs wouldn’t want to go there!”


Elder Wang shouted, his early-stage Golden Core cultivation suppressing the disciples in the hall, making them obediently close their mouths.

As he looked at Luo Wusheng again, he was almost moved to tears.

What is called ‘delivering charcoal in the snow’? This is delivering charcoal in the snow!

I never thought there would be someone willing to voluntarily take on this mess!

“Holy Saint, you truly are a genius of the Demon Sect, capable of doing what ordinary people cannot.
In that case, I wish for your demonic name to resound throughout the Immortal Kingdom!” Wang, the elder, said with a smile.

He spoke without revealing any information and gave Lu Wusheng no room to back out.

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Lu Wusheng naturally knew what these people were thinking, but he didn’t care.
He just felt that ignorance was truly terrifying.

If these people knew about the Demon Sect Purge one year later, they would probably run faster than him.

He remained calm on the surface and nodded slightly in response to Wang’s compliments.

“Hand over the relevant items to me, and I will take the sea boat to the Immortal Kingdom today.”

“Hehe, with your identity, you don’t need those proof items… cough cough, the things you want are all here.”

Wang, the elder, who had intended to compliment Lu Wusheng a few more times, felt pressured under his gaze and quickly changed his tone.
He took out a small wooden box from his storage bag and handed it to Lu Wusheng.

Lu Wusheng glanced at it after opening the box, and inside was a small jade card.

He put the wooden box into his own storage bag, maintaining his cold demeanor, and walked out of the hall of the Spiritual Palace.

After he left, most of the people in the hall who had been holding their breath finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Huh, he actually volunteered to become the head of the Magic Artifact Favillion.
I think Lu Wusheng’s cultivation has finally destroyed his brain.
Instead of being the Saint, he went to that place.
Hehe, who knows how long it will take when he goes there.
By the time he returns, he probably won’t be able to sit securely in his current position anymore.”

A young man in a brocade robe who had previously been too scared to speak sneered and mocked.

He had a proud look on his face and was waiting for his subordinates behind him to respond.

But as he waited, he felt that something was wrong.
Why was it still so quiet around him?

As he looked at the frightened expressions of his subordinates, his face stiffened, and he slowly turned around.

The Demon Sect’s Saint, who had just left, was squinting at him.

His past psychological trauma surged up, and he felt his whole body shudder.
His legs went weak, and he almost kneeled on the ground.

“I suddenly feel that being the head of the Magic Artifact Pavillion is a good position… for you,” Lu Wusheng said nonchalantly.

He actually had no impression of this guy who had ridiculed him behind his back.

But looking at his reaction, he should have been one of the former candidates for the Saint position… the kind of person who he had beaten up severely.

In the original story, Lu Wusheng’s process of becoming the Demon Sect’s Saint was very simple.

He trained hard, and when the other Saint candidates came to challenge him, he beat them up severely.

After reaching the Foundation Establishment stage, no Saint candidates dared to come challenge him, and he became the Demon Sect’s Saint directly.

It was precisely because of this reason that these people who had gone through the Saint selection process were afraid to even breathe heavily in front of him.

But they were too arrogant behind his back.

“The young man in brocade clothes froze when he heard Luo Wusheng’s words.

“N-no, not that…”

“Ho? You want to reject my kindness?”

Luo Wusheng’s expression turned cold as he released an aura of complete mastery of the golden core.

The disciples of the Demon Sect around them all looked at the brocade-clad youth with pity in their eyes.

Several former candidates for sainthood also felt a sense of relief.
If it weren’t for this guy who stepped up, it would have been them being blocked by this evil star right now.

The entire Spirit Palm Hall was now so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

At this moment, however, Luo Wusheng retracted his aura.

“Heh, I was just joking.”

Leaving behind these light and ethereal words, he flashed and turned into a dense black shadow, truly disappearing away from the Spirit Palm Realm.

It was only when the young man in brocade clothes regained his senses that he realized he was already kneeling on the ground, his clothes drenched in cold sweat.

Uh, his pants were also wet.

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