ently mocked the lying corpse, then also seized up the junior sister of the Holy Maiden who was approaching his side.

“Very beautiful.”

He praised her in his heart, but silently added, “Unfortunately, she’s a member of the demon sect.”

But why would Bai Xiaoyao come here?

As he watched the junior sister slowly approach with a few disciples of the demon sect, a flash of insight suddenly came to Luo Wusheng’s mind.

He shifted his gaze away from Bai Xiaoyao and looked at the few demon sect disciples behind her, then locked his eyes on a plain-looking female disciple.

This female disciple was wearing a dark red robe of the demon sect, with a plain wooden sword at her waist.
She looked ordinary and unremarkable, and seemed completely unnoticed as she stood behind Bai Xiaoyao.

But when she met Luo Wusheng’s gaze, she immediately raised her head and looked at him, then lowered it as if nothing had happened.

Luo Wusheng was sure.

This unremarkable-looking girl was the real protagonist of the original story.

A disciple of the Sword Pavilion, the future sword fairy Miss Lu Yuliu.

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Her current appearance was a disguise, and if she revealed her true face, those lying dead on the deck would probably never forget this day.

Well, it’s also possible that they would have died due to blood lost on the spot right here.

“It looks like because I gave the Blood Spirit Jade early, the time for this person’s return trip has also been advanced…”

Luo Wusheng muttered to himself.

He could anticipate the change in the plot direction, and he was happy to change it.

If he followed the original plotline, his time of death would really be in a year.

But it felt like there would be trouble being on the same boat as the real protagonist, wouldn’t he die before he could even achieve his goals?

At this moment, Bai Xiaoyao also saw Luo Wusheng standing at the bow of the ship.

Her eyes brightened, and after a few words with the people behind her, she lightly stepped on her small feet in gold-bordered white boots, and gracefully landed in front of Luo Wusheng as her clothes fluttered.

“Hehe, Senior Brother Wusheng, long time no see~” the demoness said playfully.

“If Senior Brother hasn’t remembered wrongly, we just separated a little over an hour ago.” Luo Wusheng put on a senior brother’s demeanor and shook his head with a smile, “Why did you suddenly come to this side of the sea today?”

As he spoke, his peripheral vision was still locked on the girl who seemed to be the real protagonist, until she boarded the ship and disappeared from his sight with those few disciples of the demonic sect.

“I’m sending a few little disciples from the Little Demon Domain to train in the Immortal Country… After all, I’m not like Senior Brother who completely disregards the life and death of his own domain’s disciples, even cruelly leaving them behind to run off to the Immortal Country.” Bai Xiaoyao teased, “Even I, your junior sister, think that the disciples of the Netherworld Domain are really pitiful~”

“If you really feel sorry for them, why not bring them to the Little Demon Realm? That’s their lifelong dream, after all.”

Luo Wusheng rolled his eyes.

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The distance between the senior siblings seemed to have grown a bit closer without them realizing it.

“Hehe, if Wusheng Senior Brother asks me, Sister wouldn’t mind considering it~” White Demoness said, slightly pausing and lowering her voice: “…is it true that you’re going to become the next head of the Demon Artifact Pavilion?”

“It is true,” Luo Wusheng nodded.

“Well then, I’ve decided, I’m going to the Demon Artifact Pavilion too!”


Luo Wusheng was left with question marks in his mind and didn’t know how to respond.

But then he saw White Demoness stand on her tiptoes and quickly approach his ear with her delicate face.

“I’m just kidding,” she whispered.

Feeling the warm breath on his ear, Luo Wusheng’s body shivered slightly.

By the time he regained his senses, the demoness had already disappeared into the shadows.

What a seductive demoness…

Luo Wusheng couldn’t help but sigh at how he would have been completely entranced by her if he didn’t know she was a member of the protagonist’s harem and a demoness.

Suppressing the desires rising in his heart, Luo Wusheng glanced around and realized that everyone was looking at him.

Their gazes were filled with sadness, jealousy, pain, and incomprehension.

He could almost hear the sound of their hearts breaking.

Although he knew they had misunderstood something, Luo Wusheng didn’t bother to explain.

It felt pretty good to be the center of attention.

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