The setting sun drag the figures of the four people, Fu Zhian lowered his head and looked at the shadows of himself and Chi Yu on the ground, his mind like a mess.

“Oh, so that's why.” Wang Xiao looked at Chi Yu who has a delicate facial features in front of him, and then turned to look at Chi Yin next to him.
The lower part of the faces of the two of them are somewhat similar, but because Chi Yu always purses the corners of his mouth and looks unhappy, and Chi Yin always smiles, so he can't see it clearly.

“Are you two brothers and sisters?”

Chi Yin smiled and took Chi Yu's hand, her voice soft: “Yes, biological siblings~”

Chi Yu frowned slightly, and he pushed Chi Yin away without a sound.
He held his hand, and said impatiently, “Go home if you're okay, don't wander around on the street.”

“It's fine, Uncle Chen has been driving the car to follow behind us.” Chi Yin paused, then continued: “Dad let me ask you to go home on the weekend and said the family should have a meal together.”

“I'll take him back first.” Chi Yu turned around and picked up the schoolbag hanging on his shoulders again.

“The rest, wait until I get home.”

Regardless of Chi Yin and Wang Xiao's shouts behind him, Fu Zhian watched the sloppy pace of the person in front of him.
The boring and monotonous school uniform hangs on his body, wearing a somewhat unruly look.

Even if he tried to speed up his pace, because of his leg injury, he couldn't catch up with the young man not far away.
The distance between the two became farther and farther, and Fu Zhian shook his head helplessly, slowly slowing down and staring at the patterns on the ground, walking step by step.

“Tsk.” Chi Yu didn't know when he stopped, and he stood not far away against the light.
The facial features that were originally blurred by the harsh sunlight gradually became clear.
The deep and bright facial features seem to be no different from when he was a child, but the folds that always hang between his brows remind him that Chi Yu has grown up.

It was not until he and Chi Yu came back together again that he continued to take steps.
The deliberately slow pace made him disrupt the rhythm, and suddenly stood on the same foot.

“Didn't you throw that photo away?”


Chi Yu was a little embarrassed.
He coughed lowly and said awkwardly: “I left the photo in my wallet and forgot to take it out.”

He tugged at the collar of his school uniform irritably, tilted his head to look at Fu Zhian's knees that couldn't bend very well, and sneered twice.

Autumn is slowly approaching, and after the sun goes down a little, the occasional wind brings a bit of shade.
Fu Zhian stopped in front of the convenience store, thought about it, and said, “I'll go buy something.”

Chi Yu frowned impatiently, but still leaned against the wall and waited quietly with his head down.

The plastic door curtain made a rattling sound, and Fu Zhian came out carrying two plastic bags.
Before he could speak, it was snatched by Chi Yu.
He tied the two bags together and glanced at him: “Let's go.”

Chi Yu was carrying two plastic bags in one hand, on his back and chest, there are two bags hanging.
He lowered his head and glanced at the glass bottle of juice in the bag, and muttered impatiently: “It's so fucking heavy.”

Fu Zhian thought of the vinegar he just ate inexplicably[1], and only felt ashamed and embarrassed, and it was rare that he didn't talk to Chi Yu.
Choking, he quietly followed behind him.

“Yo, are you two going home together?” The man's sneering voice sounded not far away, “Aren't you two really gay?”

Chi Yu squinted, Li Zhiyi was wearing a denim jacket and half unzipped it.
Half of the steel pipe is exposed in the bag.
As soon as the words fell, there were a few more men with cigarettes from the corner, and their wrists holding steel pipes were leisurely drawing circles.

“We are your father.” Chi Yu took a step forward, blocking most of Fu Zhian's sight.

Li Zhiyi thought about the group of brothers behind him, and when he heard Chi Yu's words, he couldn't hang on his face, and he sneered twice.

“How about this way, you kneel down and apologize to this master, and you'll okay.” He paused, took out the steel pipe from his bag, and continued: “Otherwise, we'll have to get a bit rough.”

Chi Yu turned around suddenly, handed the bag to Fu Zhian, and said coldly, “Go back first.”

“You don't think this is cool, right?” Fu Zhian looked down at the young man's clean and white palms, and said lightly without smiling.

Chi Yu, who usually quarrels and never admit defeat, actually stopped arguing.
He forcibly stuffed the bag into his hand.
The bangs on his forehead were blown away by the wind, revealing Chi Yu's bright and delicate eyebrows, and the two beautiful sword eyebrows were tightly twisted into a frown.

“Hurry up and get out of here.” Chi Yu raised his eyes just to meet Fu Zhian's calm brown pupils.
He turned around, threw his schoolbag on the ground, and said in a low voice, “Don't get in the way here.”

Fu Zhian stood behind the black-haired boy with a plastic bag, this scene was very familiar.
It seems that a long time ago, because of his withdrawn personality and unpleasantness, he was always excluded, and Chi Yu would always stand in front of him with his hips on his shoulders.
Even at that time, Chi Yu hadn't grown tall by himself.

“Fuck you, get out of here!”

Chi Yu's tone was not good, with a hint of imperceptible anxiety.

Fu Zhian looked at the dozen or so tall men across from him, paused for a moment, turned and ran to the intersection with a blank expression.

Listening to the footsteps that were getting further and further behind, Chi Yu frowned at Li Zhiyi: “Tsk, Li Zhiyi, you are really embarrassing.”

“You make a high schooler fight look like a gang conflict.
How fucking embarassing.”

Li Zhiyi seemed to be in a hurry.
He rushed up holding the steel pipe, but Chi Yu pressed his left hand tightly on his shoulder and punched him on the bridge of his nose with his right hand.
Chi Yu was not in a good mood today, but Li Zhiyi suddenly came to give his head, and he was very happy.

Thinking of this, the man who was standing at the corner with a cigarette suddenly rushed up not far away.
Chi Yu stretched out his arm to lock Li Zhiyi's throat, and before he had time to move, Li Zhiyi raised his head abruptly, *** on his chin.

Chi Yu was in pain, grabbed the steel pipe in Li Zhiyi's hand, and kicked his ass.

“Fuck! beat him!”

The man who was still some distance away from him suddenly rushed to his side with the steel pipe, Chi Yu dodged the steel pipe that was slashed at his head, but was hit in the back with the steel pipe by the person behind him.
Chi Yu snorted, turned around and kicked the man in the stomach.
The boxing he learned as a child had been forgotten long before he entered junior high school.

He fights, and he doesn't think about not getting hurt at all, what he wants is to die together.

A little carelessly, the man with the steel pipe gave him a sap in the face, Chi Yu groaned and stepped back two steps and fell to the ground.

“Come on, aren't you fucking arrogant? You don't know how high the sky is because you have some fucking stinky money at home!” Li Zhiyi half supported his waist and limped to Chi Yu before he had time to be handsome , suddenly ** a pain[2].

“That thing of yours is that big?” Chi Yu only felt that he couldn't open his left eye, and the warm liquid flowed down his temples to his cheekbones.
His left arm rested on the ground, the smile on his face gradually enlarged, and the thumb and index finger of his right hand were not knowing what to do.

Li Zhiyi just wanted to kill himself by swallowing gold[3] at this moment.
Hearing the snickering of his buddies behind him, he planned to step forward with the steel pipe.

It was the sound of breaking glass.
Li Zhiyi looked up and saw not far away, a boy in a white sweater slowly walked towards them, holding a half-shattered glass bottle in his hand.

“Li Zhiyi.” Out of the corner of Fu Zhian's eyes, he caught sight of Chi Yu, who was sitting on the ground, the blood gushing from his forehead coagulating on his hair, his bloodless lips and the dark blue at the corners of his eyes, which seemed to him at the moment, dazzlingly scary.

Fu Zhian's face was cold, and the glass bottle in his hand kept dripping scarlet liquid.
He raised his head and smiled suddenly.

“Try to fucking touch him again.”

Chi Yu was shocked by everyone, he half-squinted and looked up at the fair-skinned boy.
He had never heard Fu Zhian speak swear words, and even when he was angry, he kept silent.
As if feeling his gaze, Fu Zhian turned his head to look at Chi Yu.
The black school uniform jacket was full of footprints, and the black hair was stained with blood.

“You're too dirty.” Fu Zhian's voice was light, and Chi Yu couldn't hear the trembling in his voice.

“Fuck you, hiss…” Chi Yu just wanted to raise his arm, but the wound on his back was pulled, and he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Li Zhiyi looked at the half-broken glass bottle in Fu Zhi'an's hand.
Although he was afraid, he still couldn't make it through.
He said bravely, “Who are you going to scare with a glass bottle? I don't believe you dare to do it!”

“Come and try.” Fu Zhi smiled and stared at him, causing Li Zhiyi to be in a cold sweat.

The sound of the police car's whistle came from a distance, and the man who was originally a fool heard the sound of the siren was agitated, and he was busy running around with his things.
In the blink of an eye, there was only Li Zhiyi left in the alley.
He limped away after scolding in a low voice.

Fu Zhian threw away the glass bottle in his hand, squatted beside Chi Yu, and reached out his hand to gently wipe off the blood stained on his left eye.

“The level of your fighting is very average.”

“You don't even look at how many of them I beat!” Chi Yu rolled his eyes and tried to stand up on his hands, but failed several times.

Looking at Fu Zhian's expressionless face, Chi Yu opened his mouth but said nothing.

“I'll help you up?” Fu Zhian raised his eyebrows and looked down at him.

“Whatever.” Chi Yu tilted his head reluctantly, but the arm on his knee lifted slightly.

“Please.” The air gradually solidified, Chi Yu looked at his arm in mid-air and wanted to chop it off with a knife.

“…Fu Zhian, you're a fucking beast!”



[1] 吃的飞醋 (Eating vinegar) – analogy for jealousy.

[2] It was like that on raws, but Chi Yu probably kicked his umm third leg.

[3] 吞金 To commit suicide by swallowing gold – An idiom, meaning to kill yourself without suffering.

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