”YOURE CRAZY! What did you do to my friend?! ” shouted the patients friend when he saw the patients hand was completely severed.

The man with the burly body and black shirt lunged quickly at Ardhan. He threw a hard punch until Ardhans body fell and fell on the floor.

”Argh! ” Ardhan hissed in pain. He could feel the corners of his lips went numb from the strong blow earlier.

”God damn it! You want to cripple my friend, huh?! ” The man pulled Ardhans collar. He was getting ready to throw another punch at Ardhan.

As fast as lightning Ardhan immediately parried it. He elbowed the man in the stomach and froze him.

”Please calm down! Im just doing the initial procedure so your friends hand doesn rot! ” explained Ardhan half snapped.

”Argh! Let me go! ” shouted the burly man.

Ardhan could not resist the movement of the mans burly body. He decided to hit the man on the neck until he passed out.

”Doc! Isn this a violation of our professional ethics as doctors? ” said one of the nurses. She ran and helped the burly man who had fainted.

Ardan woke up. ”This man interfered with my medical procedure, ” Ardhan replied. He returned to the patient.

”Still you can hit people in the infirmary, right? ” said Lea. ”This is crazy! ”

Ardhan chose to ignore Doctor Leas words. He wrapped the patients hand piece and put it in an ice cube box and closed it.

”Nurse, keep this safe. Prepare an ambulance. We go to a hospital outside the district that has an orthopedic surgeon. ”

”Y-yes, Doc, ” answered another nurse. Although confused by Ardhans medical actions, She still tried to just obey Ardhans words.

”Doc, will I be disabled? ” the patient cried with tears flowing down.

Ardhan smiled gently at the patient. He took a bandage and neatly wrapped the wound on the patients hand.

”If we make it to a hospital with an orthopedic doctor, your hand will be reattached via a bone grafting operation. You will not be disabled, ” explained Ardhan simply.

”What if it can be connected again, Doc? ” asked the patient. His body was still shaking even though he was in a limp state now.

”Stay calm, okay. As long as we can see an orthopedic doctor, your bones can be reattached. You will not be disabled. Now you calm down and continue to pray in your heart, ” said Ardhan. He tried to calm and motivate the patient to be calm in dealing with the current condition. The patient nodded. Ardhan gave a simple explanation that he could understand.

”Doc, please save me okay? If I was disabled, my wife and children would be in trouble. They depend only on me for their life, ” pleaded the patient once again. He was still sobbing.

”Yes, I understand it, ” replied Ardhan. ”I promise to save your hand as best I can. ”

Everyone in the operating room was stunned. They still didn fully understand the reason why Ardhan cut the patients hand and were still very confident that the patient could recover. Not long after, Ardhan finished his bandage neatly.

”Doctor Lea, please help me take the patient to the ambulance now, ” asked Ardhan professionally.

Doctor Lea gasped in surprise. She nodded doubtfully. However, she still tried to help Ardhan.

The patient was taken to the ambulance. Theres still a patient friend who accompanied. Ardhan also got into the ambulance and accompanied him to the hospital which had more surgeons.

While in the ambulance, the patients accompanying friend continued to pay attention to the patients severed hand. His gaze conveyed anxiety very clearly.

”Doc, my friend really can recover, right? Won it be disabled? ” asked the man in the white shirt. The question that Ardhan had heard for the umpteenth time.

”It can be cured after surgery by the experts, ” said Ardhan. ”Earlier I intentionally cut the patients hand so that the patients hand would not rot. When someones hand is injured, the bacteria spreads. If it is not saved by cutting procedures and immersed in an ice cube box, the process of bacterial decay will take place more quickly. The percentage of patient hand safety will also be getting thinner. Im trying my best to prevent the process of bacterial decay in the patients hand wound from putrefactive bacteria. Please be patient, okay? Trust me all. ”

The patients friends now enlightened. He could be a little relieved after getting an explanation from Ardhan regarding the medical procedure that Ardhan had just performed on the patient.

They arrived at Sudirman hospital just after a two-hour drive. Ardhan immediately brought the patient into the hospital and registered a bone inoculation operation for the patient he had treated.

”Please hurry, Maam. The patient only has three more hours to connect the bones, ” explained Ardhan to the medical staff working at Sudirman Hospital.

”Okay sir. We will prepare the operating room. Please sign this file as an operating procedure and managing costs, ” explained the administrative officer.

”Okay, ” replied Ardan. He immediately signed the document. In fact, he lent the money that was on his credit card to cover operating costs.

Ardhan was grateful that his bank account was not frozen. Quite a lot of money from his hard work was stored there and could be loaned to patients.

Ardhan took the time to meet a senior orthopedic surgeon who will handle the operation process. He gave a brief explanation of the medical procedures he had performed on the patient.

”Now we have three hours left for surgery. Lets just say its been cut by half an hour for the administrative process. So, the remaining time is two and a half hours, ” explained Ardhan.

”Fine, I understand. I will try to reconnect, ” explained the senior orthopedic doctor. ”Can you accompany the patients operation inside? So that later you can be a witness regarding the operation that our team is carrying out. ”

”Yes, Sir, ” replied Ardhan, agreeing.

Ardhan stepped into the changing room. He wore an operating uniform and washed his hands with special soap. He put on a surgical mask and entered the operating room.

Ardhan accompanied the operation. He answered the doctors questions about the patients wound. He did it in detail while paying attention to the process of the hand bone grafting operation carried out by the senior orthopedic doctor.

Of course this is a golden opportunity for Ardhan. He can learn directly the process of bone surgery without needing to go to school again.

Ardhans gaze continued to pay attention to the details of the operation. He stored in his brain all the bone surgery techniques performed by the senior orthopedic doctor as a new science in his memory that would surely be useful in the future.

Ardhan is known for his good memory. He always managed to imitate the operation process just by seeing the examples firsthand and practicing several times.

Unfortunately, Ardhans fate was not good. He was accused by his resident doctor and had to be in prison.

”Done, ” said the senior orthopedic doctor with relief. Now the patients broken bones had been successfully reattached.

”Can I help with the closing process? ” asked Ardan. His hands were itching to participate.

”You can. Please. ”

Ardan smiled widely. He immediately took advantage of this opportunity to train himself directly.

It turns out that moving to remote areas is not always bad, Ardhan thought to himself.

Ardhan helped the process of wound closure and the bones being joined. He followed the procedure well and counted perfectly.

”Wow, you are very talented, ” said the senior orthopedic doctor.

”Thank you, Sir, ” replied Ardhan.

Ardhan stepped in relief. His first patient managed to survive in time and he gained new knowledge. He stepped out of the operating room with a happy heart.

Unfortunately, after only taking a few steps, he heard a fierce and insulting scream in his direction.

”There he is! Its the crazy doctor who cut off Kardis hand! ” Ardhans calm face immediately stiffened. His heart pounded unsteadily at the sound of the scream.

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