Su Miaomiao moved her eyelashes and heard a familiar sound.

It was her father Su Mingan and mother Tang Shiwei who were “going to the cloud and rain together” again.
(making out)

That was normal.
She was only born two years ago.
Her parents were not even thirty yet so they were considered a young couple in the world.

In the spacious and warm master bedroom, the curtains cut off the morning light outside.

There was also a lovely curtain between the big bed and the crib next to it.

The young couple were enthusiastic and restrained, afraid of being heard by their little daughter.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were no elders living with them at home to take care of her, and they didn’t invite a maid, they would have let their daughter sleep in a separate room, even if at her age she didn’t understand anything.

In fact, Su Miaomiao understood very well.

In her previous life, she was a cat demon who had cultivated for a hundred years.

The cat demon who had practiced for a hundred years had just comprehended the magic of transforming into a human form.
Hearing from the old demons that ingesting a man’s energy could speed up her cultivation, Su Miaomiao went to a brothel.
She was very beautiful, and was regarded as the top card when she entered.
Before waiting for the madam to arrange for her to pick up a guest, Su Miaomiao watched all kinds of mortal men and women very seriously, accumulating rich experience.

However, just when she finally had the opportunity to hold down a benefactor and prepare to practice, Xie Jingyuan appeared.

Xie Jingyuan was the master of the Qingxu Temple, a Taoist priest who was deeply feared by all kinds of old demons.
It was said that he had strong mana, and countless demons had died in his hands.

(Qingxu: Pure and Void)

Su Miaomiao had heard of Xie Jingyuan’s name for a long time, but she had never met him.

On that night when the moon was bright and the stars were thin, Su Miaomiao saw that the Taoist priest who broke into the door was cold and handsome, much better than the benefactor on the bed, so Su Miaomiao let go of her benefactor and tried to tease Xie Jingyuan.
When she realized that Xie Jingyuan’s mana was profound, Su Miaomiao immediately wanted to run away, but it was too late.
He beat her back to her original form in just two moves.

Su Miaomiao’s original form was a pure white cat with clear blue eyes.

Su Miaomiao begged for mercy in every possible way, swearing that it was the first time she went out to do evil, and begged Xie Jingyuan to spare her life because she had not committed any crime.

Xie Jingyuan was fair.
He spared her life, but brought her back to the temple, ordering her not to take a human form again.

Since then, Su Miaomiao had become a cat in Qingxu Temple, whose main job was to catch mice.
If the mice dared not come, she could listen to the priests’ lectures.

Su Miaomiao discovered belatedly that listening to scriptures was also helpful for cultivation.

She no longer was imprisoned, but willingly stayed in Qingxu Temple.
When encountering scriptures that she didn’t understand, she went to ask Xie Jingyuan.

There were also two demons in the temple, one was a male bird with gorgeous feathers, and had a similar experience to her, and the other was a dog rescued by Xie Jingyuan, who was loyal to him.

Xie Jingyuan was usually very busy and always had to go out to catch demons, but as long as he was in the temple, he would spare time to explain the confusion for the three demons.

Su Miaomiao gradually became less afraid of him.

Two years ago, she went to Xie Jingyuan lectures again, and unfortunately met a group of powerful demons who came to seek revenge on him.

During the melee, Xie Jingyuan was seriously injured in order to protect other priests, and happened to fall beside her.

At that time, Su Miaomiao looked like a beautiful cat with white hair.
While shivering under the shock, she looked sympathetically at Xie Jingyuan who was vomiting blood in front of her.

Xie Jingyuan also saw her, his eyes were quiet but gentle, and he told her, “You must cultivate hard and do good with your heart.”

Before Su Miaomiao nodded, Xie Jingyuan wiped off the blood from his lips and stood up.

Su Miaomiao saw him raise the long sword in his hand, the sword glowed suddenly, and the golden light enveloped the entire Qingxu Temple.

Then, Su Miaomiao was born in a modern hospital.


Su Mingan and Tang Shiwei got up, and as usual, they came to the crib to see their daughter first.

Seeing her daughter sleeping soundly with her eyes closed, her eyelashes long and curled up, as beautiful as an angel baby, Su Mingan couldn’t help grinning, and whispered to his wife, “Our Miaomiao is so pretty.”

Since Su Miaomiao was born, that sentence had become Su Mingan’s mantra, and he had to say it several times a day.

Tang Shiwei looked at her daughter with gentle eyes, “If it wasn’t for the lack of people in Corey, I would have quit my job and returned home.”

Of course, she was just talking casually.
Although she loved her daughter very much, she enjoyed the sense of accomplishment of curing diseases and saving lives.

Su Mingan: “If I didn’t need to earn more money to make our family’s life better, I would also like to play with Miaomiao every day.”

Tang Shiwei squinted at him.

Su Mingan laughed.

Su Miaomiao was almost done pretending, she moved her arms and rubbed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she saw two big faces leaning into the crib, handsome and beautiful, with gentle and joyful smiles on their faces.

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