Aunt Song sighed, children didn’t understand adults’ worries.
They were afraid that there would be problems with Xie Jingyuan’s development.

Grandma Tao bought a bubble stick and came back, trying her best to lure Xie Jingyuan to catch the bubbles.

Xie Jingyuan went directly to the bench by the lake and sat down, facing the lake, in deep thoughts.

While Su Miaomiao was grabbing the bubbles, she heard Grandma Tao say in worry, “Is this child autistic?”

Aunt Song: “The doctors said no, so don’t scare yourself.”

Grandma Tao sighed, took Su Miaomiao where Xie Jingyuan sat, and continued to release bubbles.

Some other children who were attracted by the bubbles ran over to catch them with Su Miaomiao.

Su Miaomiao could go and catch other people’s bubbles, but when others wanted to snatch hers, she didn’t want to, and knocked down a child on purpose.

That scene happened to be seen by Xie Jingyuan.

The adults thought it was just an unintentional encounter between children, but he was the only one who saw through Su Miaomiao’s domineering behavior.

How innocent a child was, to be bullied by a cat demon.

When Xie Jingyuan finally joined the team of children catching bubbles, Grandma Tao was very pleased, and waved harder.

But Su Miaomiao soon realized that Xie Jingyuan didn’t come there to catch bubbles, but to make trouble for her.
Whenever she wanted to bump into a child, Xie Jingyuan would stand in front of that child.

Su Miaomiao was very upset, but given her nine cat lives, she would not dare to bump into Xie Jingyuan.

She had no choice but to avoid the pile of children, and went to catch some flying bubbles.

Xie Jingyuan continued to follow her, just to let her stay away from other children.

At that time, a boy about four or five years old came running from a distance.
He was fat and strong.
Seeing Su Miaomiao jumping up to catch a bubble, the little fat boy approached like a gust of wind and burst the bubble first.
Because he came from behind, Su Miaomiao didn’t pay attention, and was bumped by the little fat boy’s arm.
She couldn’t bear it as she was only two years old, so she fell down all at once.

“Is Miaomiao okay?” Grandma Tao and Aunt Song rushed over together.

Su Miaomiao stood up by herself, patted the dust on her skirt, looked up and smiled, “It’s okay, it didn’t hurt at all.”

After Grandma Tao checked carefully, she glanced at the little fat man who stopped not far away.

She knew the child, and he was also from the Wenxin Community.
His name seemed to be Chen Yue, and his mother usually took care of him.

Chen Yue bumped into someone, without any intention of apologizing, and arrogantly said to Grandma Tao, “Hurry up and continue making bubbles!”

“Chen Yue, how many times have I told you? Don’t be rude!” Chen Yue’s mother hung up the phone in a hurry, and approached quickly.

Chen Yue made a funny face at Su Miaomiao, and ran forward again.

His mother apologized helplessly to Grandma Tao and went after her naughty son.

Although Grandma Tao was angry, she couldn’t be bothered about such a trivial matter, so she started to make bubbles again.

As if nothing had happened, Su Miaomiao continued to grab the bubbles heartlessly.

When the soapy water in the bubble stick ran out, the two adults sat under the shade of a tree to rest.

Su Miaomiao found ants carrying bread crumbs and squatted on the ground to watch.

Xie Jingyuan didn’t want to socialize with adults, so he came over to squat with her.

Su Miaomiao glanced at him and snorted, “Taoist priest, you’re so partial.”

Xie Jingyuan looked at her with puzzled eyes.

Su Miaomiao lowered her long eyelashes and complained to him, “When I bumped into other children, you protected them.
When others bumped into me, you stood by and watched.”

Although she was a cat, she couldn’t be regarded as a pure cat.
She had some friendship with Xie Jingyuan, but he even prioritized strangers before her.

She pouted, feeling aggrieved.

Xie Jingyuan was silent for a few seconds, then explained, “I didn’t see him hit you.”

Su Miaomiao’s eyes widened in shock, “You mean, I deliberately fell and wronged him?”

Xie Jingyuan: “No, I mean, I didn’t pay attention when he ran over.”

At that time, he was watching her catch bubbles, when Chen Yue rushed over suddenly, he didn’t even have time to stop hom.

Su Miaomiao stared at him for a few seconds, and suddenly asked, “Then if someone deliberately bullies me, will you protect me?”

She was just a two-year-old girl, and she had no ability to protect herself at all.
Once the adults went far, even a dog could rush out to scare her.

Xie Jingyuan nodded.

Su Miaomiao was satisfied.
Xie Jingyuan in her previous life was too powerful, which caused her to ignore one thing- the current him was only a two-year-old boy.

“However, you can’t intentionally bully others,” Xie Jingyuan demanded.

Su Miaomiao was upset again, “When did I deliberately bully others? They came to grab my bubbles first.”

Xie Jingyuan: “Aren’t you robbing others too?”

Su Miaomiao: “That kid can’t catch bubbles at all, and it would be a waste if I didn’t catch them, but I can catch all the bubbles Grandma Tao releases.”

With such a reasoning, Xie Jingyuan was speechless.

Seeing the two children mumbling, Aunt Song smiled and said to Grandma Tao, “Look at how well Jing Yuan and Miao Miao play, he is not autistic.”

Grandma Tao also laughed, took out a drinking cup from the stroller, and was just about to walk toward the two children when a phone call came.

Grandma Tao took out the flip phone her son bought for her during the Chinese New Year, looked at the caller ID, then at her grandson, and raised it to her ear after answering the call.

Xie Rong: “Mom, I’ll bring Lili over at noon, you should prepare a few more dishes.”

Grandma Tao’s eyes sank, “How long have you guys known each other, and you are bringing her home, are you planning to get married?”

Xie Rong coughed, “I’ve been with Lili for half a year…”

Grandma Tao was too lazy to listen to her son’s love history, so she interrupted, “You just tell me if you have any plans to marry her, and if you do, you can bring her, if not, let her not appear in front of Jing Yuan.”

Xie Rong paused for a moment, then said embarrassingly, “Lili is pregnant, I just found out.”

Grandma Tao understood that not only would her son remarry soon, but she would also have a grandson or granddaughter.

Not long after her daughter-in-law’s maternity leave ended, the car she was riding in collided with a drunk driver, and she died on the spot.

Xie Rong was just twenty-nine years old.
He was rich and handsome, and it was normal for him to remarry. 

Grandma Tao just loved her grandson.

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