In mid-April, it was sunny and breezy, which was just right for children to bask in the sun.

The previous days, Grandma Tao would stay in the park until about 11 o’clock before returning home.
That day, her son and new daughter-in-law were coming, so Grandma Tao had to return at 9:30 am.

“Miao Miao, let’s play again in the evening,” worried that Su Miaomiao hadn’t played enough, Grandma Tao coaxed kindly.

Su Miaomiao didn’t mind.
She had fun playing outside, but she was also very comfortable staying at home.

Grandma Tao handed over Su Miaomiao to Aunt Song, and went to push Xie Jingyuan’s stroller.

Thinking about something, Grandma Tao didn’t notice a small stone on the road, and the stroller jolted slightly.

Grandma Tao finally came back to her senses.
Her grandson was still sitting upright.
He didn’t look frightened at all, so obedient and steady.
Grandma Tao couldn’t help sighing.

A two-year-old child was young, but seeing a strange face in the family, the child would be able to notice something.

After hesitating, Grandma Tao said softly to Xie Jingyuan, “Jingyuan, Dad will come later, with Aunt Qiao, who is Dad’s new girlfriend.
If Dad marries her, she will be your new mother.” 

Xie Jingyuan turned his head, his eyes were black and white, like two quiet springs, without wind or waves.

What did such a young child know?

Grandma Tao smiled at her grandson, and asked tentatively, “Does Jing Yuan want a new mother?”

Xie Jingyuan knew very well that if Xie Rong wanted to marry “Aunt Qiao”, it didn’t matter whether he agreed or not, even Grandma Tao couldn’t interfere with his marriage.

On one side was her son, on the other was her grandson.
He didn’t want to embarrass Grandma Tao.

“Yes,” Xie Jingyuan replied simply, and turned around after speaking.

Grandma Tao had raised her grandson for two years, and knowing that he had such a quiet personality, she didn’t say anything more.

What could she say? She had never met Qiao Lili.
Before getting to know her, she couldn’t praise her nor could she speak ill of her.

Su Miaomiao didn’t know about it yet.
When she reached the downstairs of the community, Aunt Song was in charge of moving the strollers up, so she held Grandma Tao’s left hand and climbed the stairs with her short legs.

After climbing to the third floor, she was a little tired.

If she was still a cat, even if she didn’t have a hundred years of cultivation, it would be nothing to climb three flights of stairs.
She could climb a tree several meters high in a blink of an eye.

Because she was tired, as soon as she entered the Xie House, Su Miaomiao went to lie down on the carpet.

“Miao Miao, come and wash your hands!”

Su Miaomiao didn’t want to move.

Xie Jingyuan wiped his hands, then took the towel prepared by Grandma Tao for Su Miaomiao, and walked to her side.

When Su Miaomiao opened her eyes, she saw Xie Jingyuan standing with his back to the sunlight outside the window, handing out a small beige towel.

It was so comfortable to lie down, plus she was used to being taken care of by her parents.
Su Miaomiao subconsciously stretched out her hands, looked at Xie Jingyuan and said, “Wipe them for me.”

Xie Jingyuan frowned, was this cat too lazy?

The two were in a stalemate, just when Su Miaomiao was about to sit up, Xie Jingyuan grabbed her wrist and began to wipe her hands.

Su Miaomiao smiled and whispered, “Thank you, Taoist priest.”

Xie Jingyuan imagined that what he was holding was a cat’s paws, and the awkwardness in his heart disappeared.

Wiping a cat’s paws was nothing.
He also gave a bone to the dog in the temple, and healed the wings of a male bird.

Aunt Song washed a plate of strawberries and brought them to the two children.

The strawberries were grown in a greenhouse.
It was very expensive, but Grandma Tao loved the children and was willing to buy it.
Su Mingan and Tang Shiwei would often send some fruits over.

There were delicious ones, Su Miaomiao sat up straight, picked the biggest one and took a bite.

The strawberries were bright red, eighty percent sweet and twenty percent sour, so delicious.

Su Miaomiao once again sighed that being a human was good, eating, drinking and having fun was much richer than being a cat.

The voices of Grandma Tao and Aunt Song came from the kitchen, as they were discussing what to make for lunch.
Su Miaomiao listened a few times, and asked Xie Jingyuan, “Is someone coming to your house?”

Xie Jingyuan didn’t eat the strawberries, and held a book in his hand.
When he heard that question, he didn’t raise his head and just said, “Well, Xie Rong may get married to his girlfriend.”

With half a strawberry stuffed in Su Miaomiao’s mouth, she was so surprised that she couldn’t bite any more.

There was strawberry juice dripping down the corner of her mouth.
When Xie Jingyuan saw it, he picked up a small towel beside her and wiped it off for her, showing disgust, “Let’s talk after you’re done eating.”

Su Miaomiao quickly ate the strawberry, approached Xie Jingyuan and asked, “So, do you want a stepmother?”

Cat demons didn’t pay much attention to marriage, and kittens would be abandoned by their mothers.
Su Miaomiao didn’t even know who her parents were, and she had no interest in knowing.
But she had heard about the situation of ordinary people, many stepmothers would treat the children left behind by their original mothers harshly.
If Xie Rong married, Xie Jingyuan’s life would definitely be bad.

Su Miaomiao looked at Xie Jingyuan from head to toe.

In his previous life, Xie Jingyuan was a Taoist priest.
He knew both Kung Fu and spells.
In the new world, he couldn’t practice spells, but Xie Jingyuan could use spiritual power to strengthen his own body.
After growing up, he could learn Kung Fu.
She was sure that he was not afraid of anyone when it came to fighting.
She was just afraid that he would meet a stepmother with a vicious heart and have no chance to grow up well.

“This is a society ruled by law, child abuse is against the law.”

Facing Su Miaomiao’s concern, Xie Jingyuan looked indifferent, and reminded her, “Sleep less and learn more about the common sense here.”

Su Miaomiao didn’t take it seriously, “It’s fine if you know, and if I don’t understand anything, I’ll just ask you.”

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