Originally, she was a free demon cat.
After being brought back to Qingxu Temple by Xie Jingyuan, Su Miaomiao took Qingxu Temple as her home.
As the master of the temple, Xie Jingyuan should take care of them.

Xie Jingyuan was indeed used to being relied on by the priests and the three demons, so he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Su Miaomiao’s attitude.

Auntie Song went to buy vegetables, so Grandma Tao simply tidied up the inside and outside before Xie Rong and Qiao Lili came.

Grandma Tao came out from the bedroom and saw Su Miaomiao and her grandson eating strawberries, so she didn’t disturb the children and went to open the door by herself.

Xie Jingyuan continued to read the book.

Su Miaomiao deliberately sat facing the entrance, eating strawberries while staring at the entrance with big eyes.

“Mom, this is Lili.”

“You’re so pretty, come in and sit down.”

Xie Rong’s figure first appeared in Su Miaomiao’s field of vision.

Xie Rong, who was nearly thirty years old, had a tall and straight figure.
He seemed very approachable unlike people, whose appearance was too outstanding, and their temperament was also otherworldly, making people only dare to look at them from a distance, not to get close, such as Xie Jingyuan.

Qiao Lili followed Xie Rong closely.
She was fair-skinned and petite, with a gentle beauty.
It was the first time that she came to meet her boyfriend’s family. 

Su Miaomiao took a few glances and breathed a sigh of relief.
Qiao Lili didn’t look threatening.

“Uncle, eat the strawberry!” Seeing Xie Rong walking toward them with a smile, Su Miaomiao picked up a strawberry and said sweetly.

No matter which world, money was very important.
Xie Rong was not a kind and good father, but a generous uncle.
The previous Chinese New Year, beside a big red envelope, he also bought a pair of small gold bracelets for Su Miaomiao.

When Xie Rong saw Su Miaomiao, his heart softened.

His son was cold and indifferent, never clinging to him, let alone acting coquettishly, but the little girl was lively, cute and lovable.

“Miao Miao is a good girl, you can eat, uncle has eaten,” Xie Rong took off his slippers and sat on the carpet specially prepared by Grandma Tao for the two children.

Su Miaomiao ate the strawberry by herself, and at the same time observed the father and son as if watching the excitement.

Xie Jingyuan looked at Xie Rong, and it was regarded as a greeting, but he didn’t call Dad.

In other words, Su Miaomiao had never heard Xie Jingyuan call his father.
Mother Xie left early, and Xie Jingyuan was not able to speak until then.
Although Xie Rong was alive, he was a father who appeared once or twice, so he wasn’t well qualified to let the dignified Qingxu Temple’s master call him father.

Xie Rong still had no self-knowledge, he stroked Xie Jingyuan’s head and said, “Call me Dad.”

Su Miaomiao almost choked on the strawberry juice.

Xie Jingyuan looked at her coldly.

She was aggrieved.
Why stare at her? It was not that she wanted to be his father.

Xie Jingyuan pursed his lips.
No matter what Xie Rong said, he refused to speak.

Xie Rong’s face turned bad, and he asked Grandma Tao, “Do you want to show him to another hospital?”

He still suspected that his son had autism.

Grandma Tao also often had such doubts, but she was not very happy when her son said such words in front of Qiao Lili, “Jingyuan is fine, but if you have time to come home a few times, he will be closer to you.”

Xie Rong frowned and said, “I’m busy, it’s not like you don’t know.”

Grandma Tao thought to herself, ‘No matter how busy you were, it didn’t delay your dating.
Why do you have time to spend with a woman, but you don’t have time to spend with your child?’

Grandma Tao was just angry at her son for neglecting his son.
From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Qiao Lili lowering her head in embarrassment.
So she changed the topic in time, brought a pot of boiled water and a plate of fruit on the tea table, and entertained Qiao Lili with a smile.

Xie Rong took good care of Qiao Lili, sat next to her, and the three adults began to chat.

Su Miaomiao seemed to be concentrating on eating strawberries, but she was actually listening seriously.

Xie Rong started a technology company, and the business was on the right track, and it seemed to be quite profitable.
Qiao Lili was the secretary who joined the company the previous summer, and she often went on business trips with Xie Rong.
One was a young and wealthy boss, and the other was a gentle and beautiful secretary.
They fell in love with each other, so Qiao Lili became pregnant naturally.
The hospital checked and it turned out to be twins.

Being in love didn’t necessarily mean getting married, but as soon as Qiao Lili became pregnant, Xie Rong put marriage on the agenda.

Grandma Tao really felt that her son was too emotionally impulsive.

In his previous marriage, the couple didn’t have a deep understanding, and the lack of understanding led to a lack of deep relationship.
It was said that a child was the crystallization of love, but the foundation of love was not solid.
How deep a love could a father have for his child? Unlike a mother, who had the experience of being pregnant for ten months, even if she didn’t like the man, it was difficult for her to put down the worry about her child.

Grandma Tao believed that her son’s affection for Qiao Lili would not be too deep.

However, since they had children, Grandma Tao couldn’t interfere any more.
It was better for her son to be responsible than to be the kind of man who played with women at will because of his money.

“When is the wedding?”

“May Day, it’s an auspicious day.”

The wedding should be soon rather than later, otherwise premarital pregnancy would not look good.

“Mom, you just need to take care of Jing Yuan.
I’ll make preparations for the wedding.
When the time comes, you can just go and have dinner, so you don’t have to be tired.”

Grandma Tao looked at her grandson, she really didn’t have that much time to spare, and asked, “Where will you live after you get married?”

The old house was too old, waiting to be demolished at any time.
That new house they were in had four rooms, three bedrooms and one study room.
The master bedroom was reserved for her son, and she slept in the second bedroom.
The second bedroom, if her son’s new wife moved in again, plus the twins who were about to be born, the place would be crowded.

Grandma Tao felt that her son might have other plans.

Xie Rong said, “This is a bit far away from the company.
I’m going to buy a new apartment near the company.
I will live there with Lili in the future, so it’s convenient for us to go to work.”

Grandma Tao: “What about the child?”

Xie Rong: “It’s enough for you to raise Jingyuan alone.
When Lili gives birth, we will hire a nanny.”

Grandma Tao looked at Qiao Lili.

Qiao Lili lowered her head and squeezed her hands, her pretty face turned red.

In the end, Grandma Tao just smiled and said yes.

The son was willing to leave them, his mother and son behind, so what would it matter to others? Whatever, she and her grandson were not bothered, if there were fewer people, it would be quieter.

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