“How long did it take for the exam to end……..”

They couldn't utter a word.

It was only natural.
The result was so unbelievable.
However, having witnessed it firsthand, they didn't think there was any deception involved.

And soon, the grades were announced.

“Ulan Bator, 13 seconds! Grade-S!”

The test time was automatically measured from the moment the monster was summoned.
In other words, the two-headed dragon was summoned and defeated within 13 seconds.

Ever since the Monster Hunt was added to the entrance exam at Arsene Academy, no examinee had achieved such a result.

Meanwhile, Ulan, after checking the results, turned away without a hint of regret.
It was to move on to the next testing ground.

But at that moment, someone suddenly stood in his way.

“You, you, you!”

It was Stella.

She pointed an outstretched finger at Ulan and shouted in disbelief.

“What are you? No, really, who are you?!”

“I'm Ulan.”

“Not your name, what are you?”

“I am a warrior from the northern grasslands.”

The conversation came to a halt.
However, it mattered little.
Regardless of Ulan's response, Stella had already made up her mind about what she wanted to say.

“Have you ever thought of becoming a hunter?”


“You have the talent of a monster hunter! I will train you well.
What do you think?!”

Stella pushed her head forward abruptly; her eyes sparkled like stars, filled with a determined look to get her hands on Ulan, no matter what.
Ulan shook his head, not breaking eye contact.

“I am not suited to be a hunter.”

A hunter should be skilled at concealing their presence, knowledgeable about the forest, and diligent in studying prey.
Ulan could certainly fulfill those requirements.

But it didn't suit his temperament.

He found it much easier to swing his ax and crush the enemy's skull than to bother concealing his presence and searching for weaknesses.

He tried to refuse, but Stella was insistent.

“Supervisor, the next examinee is……”

“Shut up! Is that important right now?!”

Even the supervisor, whose job it was to handle such matters, was disregarded, and for good reason.
As far as Stella was concerned, Ulan was someone she wanted to have.

‘Effortless movements, unwavering judgment, and strength and skill that can be honed!’

Ulan effortlessly performed actions that could only be accomplished with years of experience.
If that wasn't talent, then what was?

If his skills as a hunter were added to that, the greatest monster hunter would be born!

Stella was sure of that.

“I won't tell you to decide right now.
Instead, after you enroll, come and attend one of my classes.
Then you'll want to do it!”

She exuded immense confidence.

Ulan smiled wryly and replied, “If you insist so much, I'll drop by.”

“Really? It's a promise, right?!”

Now please step aside.”

“Okay! Even if the slots are full, I'll make sure to keep a spot for you.
You must come, okay?!”

After agreeing to attend one of Stella's classes, Ulan finally continued his journey as Stella waved her hand, bidding him farewell.

Stepping out of the Hall of South Falcon, Ulan set his sights on his next destination.

‘The final exam is at…..’

Count Dermore had recommended a specialty test in the field of magic, called 《Magic Detection 》test.
But to be honest, Ulan was no expert in magic.
He didn't even understand the principles behind its activation.

‘The Count said it was no different than hunting beasts.’

The possibilities were endless.

For Ulan, hunting beasts was only a little more troublesome than monsters.

‘The exam starts at 2pm.’

There were about two hours left.

While contemplating what to do during that time, he heard the sound of bells from afar.
It was the bell signaling lunchtime.
Upon hearing it, a forgotten memory resurfaced in his mind.

“Meet me at the fountain after the test!”

Before he parted ways with Noah, he remembered making that promise.

Since he was starting to feel hungry, he decided to eat first and then finish the exam.

Having made his decision, Ulan turned his body around.


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