It was because Ulan had come.

In addition, in one hand, he even held an ax with a black blade.
As the drowsiness faded, she jerked awake.

It was then that Ulan spoke.

I have gathered the firewood.”

“What? Firewood?”

Why all of a sudden? I didn’t ask him to?

Azur was confused.

“When I looked up my duties as a shaman’s apprentice, they said I had to gather firewood first.”


He doesn’t seem to be planning on swinging that axe for now.
At least that’s a good thing. When she let out a sigh of relief, Ulan spoke.

“But I didn’t know how much we’ll need, so I cut down all the trees around here.”


Did he cut them all down? Azur looked dumbfounded

It was only natural.

Her cabin was in the woods near the meadow.
In other words, the whole area around here was filled with trees.

But there’s no way he can cut them all down in one night.
So she dismissed it as a mere bluff.

Until she saw the scenery outside the cabin.

‘This is crazy!’

A desolate landscape welcomed Azur.

She followed Ulan to the backyard and saw a pile of well-organized firewood.

He did this all by himself? And all in one night?

“If it’s not enough, I’ll cut more.”

“Oh, no.
This is enough.”

She waved her hand with a bewildered face.

She felt like if she said it wasn’t enough, he’d cut down all the trees in the forest.

“And I’ve prepared a meal.”

What? A meal? Azur’s eyes widened.

“I made it from the deer I caught last night and it’s been boiling all night, so it should be quite tender.”

What Ulan brought was stew.

A delicious-smelling stew with all kinds of root vegetables and venison.
It was enough to stimulate Azur, who was hungry on an empty stomach.

Slurp! Chomp!

Her eyebrows went up slightly as she tasted the stew.
It was actually quite tasty, unlike what she expected.

“I will clean the room next.”

Ulan stood up.

It was then that she suddenly had an ominous thought.

“Now, hold on!”

Ulan is the strongest warrior in the clan.

There was a high possibility that the tool would break if handled arbitrarily.
That’s why she was trying to dry it in a hurry.

“Don’t worry.”

A calm voice returned.

“I have no intention of treating it carelessly.”

Ullan knew what was important when he saw it.
Like that, Ulan didn’t have any accidents and finished cleaning and washing.

Some time later, after all the chores were done, Azur sat facing Ulan.

‘Originally, I thought it would pass it off.’

She had a change of heart and the trigger was Ulan’s attitude.

He passed the Trial of a Hero at the young age of sixteen and could have become arrogant, but he faithfully did his job as a shaman’s apprentice.

With such an earnest demeanor, one can’t help but be swayed.


Let’s ask this first.

Azur’s eyes twinkled once.

“Warrior Ulan.”

She looked him into bright red eyes and got to the point.

“Why do you wish to learn?”

“Because there is something I want.”

“Hmm? And what is that?”

“I can’t tell you the details.
You wouldn’t believe me if I did.”

I’ve traveled back in time. Even a wise shaman wouldn’t believe it.
So instead of hiding the facts, Ulan gave his honest thoughts.

“However, this is not just for me, but for the entire clan.
To do that, I must enter Arsene Academy.”

“What? Arsene Academy?”

“That’s right.
I will enter there and obtain the knowledge and power I desire.
For the sake of the clan, and for myself.”

After the spleen answer.

The hall was filled with silence.

On the other hand, Azur had a puzzled look on her face.
Partly because of the sudden mention of the Arsenal Academy, but mostly because of Ulan’s eyes.

‘······Were they originally like this?

Reasonable and cold-eyed.

His eyes were so calm that it was hard to believe that he was a sixteen-year-old boy.
A starkly different look from warriors who worship strength and crave a fight.

Looking at the eyes that never wavered, the corner of Azur’s mouth twitched upward.

‘I don’t know what he learned from the Trial of a Hero…’

But it was interesting.

Her heart pounded at the sight of the giant tree, which she believed would become the strongest warrior, that woud stretch out new branches.

If a warrior with overwhelming strength and skill possess wisdom too, how great a warrior will be born?

‘Perhaps the day will come when the clan will leave the grasslands and conquer the continent.’

Such a thought.

Azur tried to suppress her intensified emotions.
After she managed to calm her excitement, she spoke to Ulan again.

“Then I will ask, Ulan.”

Her tone had changed.

She didn’t call him ‘warrior’.
She just called his name.
The way she spoke also changed.

Even so, Ulan did not get angry.
Was he content with this attitude? Azur asked with a faint smile.

“What do you wish to learn from me?”

As soon as she finished her question.

Ulan answered without hesitation this time.

“Everything I do not know.”

The knowledge required to enter the Academy.

From basic common sense to in-depth study.
Or everything about spells or magic that only the chosen ones could master.

Ulan was ready to devour it.

“It will take a long time.”

“It doesn’t matter.
I’ve heard that knowledge is a tower built over time.”

Another warrior, a companion from a past life.

The moment he spoke the words he had heard from the Star Witch, a smile formed on Azur’s wrinkled lips.

“Good! Then I will share my knowledge.”

Azur’s eyes flashed.

“But be prepared.
The process of building the Tower of Knowledge is never easy.”

“That is what I had hoped.”

Ulan smiled broadly.

Time passed quickly after that.

And before they knew it.

Half a year had passed.

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