To be honest, Ye Yixing subconsciously resisted Chu Wenxing's visit.
It felt like a stranger was intruding into his own territory, making him quite uneasy.
Ye Yixing was also unclear why he had this idea.
He didn't quite understand what a cat's thoughts were like, but he was certain that he had been infected by the cat's inherent pride and possessiveness.

Some people say that the difference between cats and dogs is that if people are good to a dog, giving it delicious food and a warm shelter, the dog will think that person must be a god.
But with cats, it's the opposite.
If people spoil a cat and provide it with good food and accommodation, the cat will think it must be a god.

The space where a cat resides is its kingdom, and its owner is its servant.
Any intruder will instinctively feel threatened and rejected by the cat.
When an external force becomes so overwhelming that it cannot be resisted, the cat will leave.
It would rather find a new owner than share its territory with another animal.

This feline nature is conveyed through Ye Yixing's thoughts, which transform into: He Yanlu is my owner, so I am very important to him.
His home belongs to me, and he exists to serve and accompany me.
He is mine.

Then, when the black cat, as its owner, realizes that there are other people who can step into this territory, Ye Yixing becomes flustered.
This place was not so hidden that only he could see it! It doesn't belong only to He Yanlu and him.
Someone else knows He Yanlu's secret, this stupid, cute, and imperfect other side…

This feeling is really indescribably uncomfortable!

The black cat stared at the door, ready to pounce at any sound from outside, as if there was a colossal creature about to rush in.

He Yanlu was amused by its actions and reassured it, “Don't be afraid, Dad is here.”

After hearing this, Ye Yixing suddenly realized his own panic and embarrassment and buried his head in the sofa.
OTZ! He actually unconsciously acted so shamefully!

As he was still struggling with his thoughts, the doorbell rang, and in a flash, he jumped into Da Bai's arms…


This, this is just the instinct of being a cat!!

Ye Yixing's soul tugged at the timid and sensitive body of the black cat, jumping out of Da Bai's arms with a fierce and proud manner, and pounced onto He Yanlu's body as he opened the door.
He Yanlu caught him and smiled, “Not scared anymore?”

…How could I be scared!

Opening the door, Ye Yixing saw the first love object that made Yang Qu in sixth grade infatuated – Chu Wenxing.
His first impression of him was that he wasn't as handsome as himself or as beautiful as He Yanlu.

Chu Wenxing stared at the furry animal in He Yanlu's arms with a pair of round and bright almond eyes and said, “It's a black cat!”

His second impression was that his voice was very pleasant, soft, gentle, and pure southern accent.
Compared to his own voice, it was not magnetic enough, but a few sweet words in this tone would definitely make girls unable to resist.
As for fishing for boys…

He probably hadn't hit puberty when he was in elementary school, right?! Yang Qu had a Lolita complex? (=皿=) Oh my!

He Yanlu nodded, “Yeah, come in and we'll talk.”

Chu Wenxing put down his bag and looked around the living room in surprise, “Tsk! Did you have a sex change? It's rare for your house to be so clean! Unbelievable!”

He Yanlu said, “If it wasn't for this cat, it wouldn't be clean.”

“What? The cat can’t even stand you?” Chu Wenxing smiled and turned around, his eyes curved into two moons, and his dark eyes sparkled especially seductive under the light.
His delicate little face suddenly became radiant.

Ye Yixing was secretly shocked.
It turned out that Yang Qu had such a charming man in his heart, no wonder he still had feelings for him.
But why hadn't he made a move after all these years?! With his skills, he could easily suppress his first love, why was he still so patient…
wasn't he afraid of being snatched away by someone else? If he smiled like this outside, he would not only attract women, but also men…

However, Ye Yixing thought to himself that anyone who could be friends with He Yanlu must be someone who could hide their true identity.

He Yanlu put the black cat on the sofa and went to the kitchen to make tea.
He said to Chu Wenxing, “Hold it.”

(=皿=) Ye Yixing quickly retreated to the corner of the sofa after hearing this.

“It doesn't let me hold it, it ran away.” Chu Wenxing withdrew his outstretched hand and curiously stared at the black cat hiding in the corner of the sofa, with a hint of suspicion in his eyes that made Ye Yixing uneasy.

When someone stares at you silently, you always think that the other person has a lot of thoughts going on in their mind.

Silent people are the hardest to deal with.
You use your intelligence to try to guess their thoughts, and if you are already weaving lies and do not have a strong enough mentality, the other person's deep-seated illusion will push you into a corner.
Under their deep gaze, you will feel like all your secrets have been exposed.

However, Ye Yixing was a very patient person, even though he couldn't stand the other person's probing gaze.
He remembered the look in He Yanlu's eyes when he hugged him for the first time at the KTV, it was the same.

But the fact proved that whoever could endure to the end would be the winner.

He Yanlu had to pretend to be smart, so he could only remain silent.
(= =)

“It's timid, just grab it and play with it.
It won't bite you, just touch it a bit and it'll get used to you…” He Yanlu came over with a cup of green tea and placed it in front of Chu Wenxing.

Grab it and play with it? Touch it a bit and it'll get used to you? What do you think you’re touching? Your dick or your balls?! You jerk! How can you be someone's dad?! You're letting others play with me like this! (=皿=)

The black cat stared at He Yanlu with bared teeth, but he ignored it and grabbed the cat's front paw, as if he was sure it wouldn't bite him, and dragged it onto his lap.
Then he turned to Chu Wenxing and said, “Come, touch it.”

Chu Wenxing smiled and reached out to stroke the black cat's head.

Ye Yixing was speechless: If it weren't for the fact that you're He Yanlu…
I would have bitten you a long time ago!

“It's been staring at me the whole time,” Chu Wenxing blinked and reached out to touch the black cat's ear.
Ye Yixing couldn't take it anymore and opened his mouth, baring his teeth and making a biting gesture…

“Xiao Hei, you can't bite.
This uncle is Daddy's friend!” He Yanlu tugged on the black cat's tail and reminded him.

Ye Yixing was on the verge of tears.
Uncle, your sister! He's clearly Yang Qu's wife and my future sister-in-law TAT…

“Oh, so his name is Xiao Hei!”

Ye Yixing's face twitched: Yes, yes, that name is so common!

Chu Wenxing paused for a moment, suddenly realizing, “So Xiao Hei is Big White's sister!”

Ye Yixing: Not bad, very imaginative, very smart! Indeed He Yanlu's friend…
(=皿=) Your sister! I'm a man! A man!!

He Yanlu smiled and corrected him, “Xiao Hei is male.”

Ye Yixing: …!

Chu Wenxing was watching the black cat with great interest, and suddenly said, “He can understand what we're saying.”

The momentary silence in the living room let the eerie atmosphere spread.

Ye Yixing was amazed by Chu Wenxing's sensitivity, but then he heard He Yanlu say, “Hmm, because he's my son!”


He Yanlu was completely non-threatening, case closed! What needs to be guarded against is Yang Qu's little lover.
He feels like this guy's guts have twisted in a million different directions, very clever…

Chu Wenxing looked at the black cat and called out in a gentle and extreme voice, “Xiao Hei, Xiao Hei~”

If it was an ordinary cat, it would probably be immersed in this soft and friendly voice, exposing its belly without any defenses and letting people take advantage of it…

But at this moment, Ye Yixing was a bundle of nerves, protruding and receding like a cat's fur…

He Yanlu was puzzled, “What are you calling it for?”

Chu Wenxing blinked and said earnestly, “To cultivate feelings.”


He Yanlu was playing with the black cat's tail, he seemed to really like the cat's tail, and his smile looked like he had stolen some joy in Chu Wenxing's eyes.
“It's my son, I'm not going to let you develop a relationship with him.” His tone was gentle, but there was an indescribable arrogance in his words.

“Ah! He Yanlu, you rascal!” Chu Wenxing accused his friend who was acting like an “idiot,” holding his breath.
“I even bought squid strips for your son! Hmph, I won't give it to him now!”

He Yanlu lifted the black cat's paw and closed it, as if manipulating the cat like a puppet to make it bow.
At the same time, he softly said, “Xiao Hei knows he's wrong, please give me the squid strips!”

Big brother is really getting shocked, shocked, shocked, and he's about to be shocked to death, Amitabha Buddha!

However, the black cat's roar can never be conveyed to the two big men who are currently behaving like elementary school kids playing house.
They continue their conversation as if they are the only ones in the room.

Ye Yixing mourns to the sky: What is the mental age of these two guys? Are they really “healthy” 21-year-old men? Or is it just that his own upbringing has led to this problem? When he hangs out with Yang Qu or other brothers, they talk about games, politics, electronics, brands, and intelligence! Not about sons, daughters, and cats! (T皿T)

“Xiaolu, look at Xiao Hei's eyes!”

Chu Wenxing calls He Yanlu “Xiaolu,” which once again makes Ye Yixing feel inexplicably uncomfortable.
Can two men have such an intimate relationship that they call each other so affectionately? Then what should he call Yang Qu? Xiao Qu? Goodness, he's still a cookie called Xiao Qu…

“Hmm?” He Yanlu sat cross-legged on the sofa, comfortably holding the cat in his hands.

Chu Wenxing rubbed his chin and made a thoughtful expression.
“It's almost like jade green…”

He Yanlu asked in confusion, “What are you thinking?”

Chu Wenxing said, “When I was a kid, I read a fairy tale.
The story said that if you meet a cat with jade green eyes, it's actually a person transformed.”


Ye Yixing's whole body jolted, and every cell in his body came to life.
The sudden movement also scared He Yanlu, who was staring dumbly at the black cat's exaggerated reaction.

“Motherf*cker! Chu Wenxing, you must have read some kind of mystical book when you were a kid to understand this so quickly!” he exclaimed.

“It's…changed,” He Yanlu repeated in a daze.

“Yeah!” Chu Wenxing nodded vigorously and said with great conviction, “I forgot the name of the story, but it was definitely a green-eyed cat, and it was probably black too.”

(=皿=) Did he time travel back to the past after that and write this fairy tale?

“…Wait, wait a minute.” He Yanlu furrowed his brows, and his hand, which was originally stroking the black cat, also stopped.

Ye Yixing's heart was beating uncontrollably, and he was ready to be startled by He Yanlu's next words at any moment.

“What are you thinking?” Chu Wenxing asked.

“Now that you mention it…Xiao Hei does look a bit like…” He Yanlu tilted his head and pondered deeply…

Chu Wenxing was also curious and excited, his eyes widening as he waited for He Yanlu's answer.
“Like who?”

“…The guy who sells egg pancakes at the south gate of F University.”

I…can't believe it!!! He! Yan! Lu! From now on, I'll never believe in your intelligence again!!

However, the one who truly didn't understand was Ye Yixing.

He still didn't know that He Yanlu was the type of person who wouldn't voluntarily mention his name even if he thought of it.
Even though at that moment, the image of Ye Yixing, the naturally attractive and stylish sunny boy with every move exuding charisma and a gaze that wasn't daunting to approach and a roguish smile that captivated a large following, surfaced in He Yanlu's mind, he easily erased the thought.

“Ah?” Chu Wenxing asked, “The guy who sells egg pancakes?”

“Because that person is dark-skinned,” He Yanlu replied with a laugh.

“Hey! I thought you were at least a novelist! Is your imagination limited to surface appearances?” Chu Wenxing retorted with a raised eyebrow.

“Then who should I have thought of?” He Yanlu smiled and asked back.

“Ah, you got me!” Chu Wenxing propped up his chin with one hand and muttered, “I think this cat looks a bit like Yang Qu's friend, what's his name again, oh, Ye Yixing.”

The so-called “speak of the devil” moment, Ye Yixing was now witnessing Chu Wenxing's prowess! He was so damn sharp!

However, sister-in-law! How does this wild cat resemble me, a handsome man (=皿=)!

I know I'm quite famous, famous enough that even you know my name, but you can't compare me, a handsome man, to a wild cat, what's wrong with your taste?!

“Look at its gaze, tsk tsk, so arrogant, it's the most similar!” Chu Wenxing said with a light laugh.

Arrogant? I'm always polite, humble, and gentle like a warm breeze!

Chu Wenxing's discovery made He Yanlu start staring at the black cat too, then calmly said, “So, it's true that Ye Yixing didn't show up for Yang Qu's birthday.”

“What? Weren't they inseparable? He didn't show up for his birthday?” Chu Wenxing exclaimed in surprise.

He Yanlu furrowed his brow and said, “I thought it was strange too.
Ye Yixing was late that day, I heard Yang Qu calling for him outside, but Ye Yixing didn't show up, and then everyone's attention was stolen by this cat…”

Ye Yixing started to sweat.
Although He Yanlu was stupid, he was still a writer, and what is a writer? Someone who can create something out of nothing: make up things that don't exist, come up with things others can't imagine, turn impossible things into possibilities…

If turning into a cat, which was even more bizarre, could happen to Ye Yixing, then with He Yanlu's good imagination, coupled with Chu Wenxing's prompting, it was not difficult to ensure that he couldn't guess…

He couldn't continue to endure it anymore.
Ye Yixing, in a moment of inspiration, gritted his teeth and silently chanted in his heart, “I am now a cat, a cat, a cat, not Ye Yixing, not Ye Yixing, not Ye Yixing…”

With innocent big eyes and a wagging tail, he leapt lightly onto He Yanlu's legs, tilted his head, and rubbed his head against He Yanlu's abdomen…
then he slightly closed his eyes to pretend to enjoy it, “Meow~ Mmm~~~”

Five seconds later, Chu Wenxing suddenly chuckled, which then led to a more intense laughter.
He laughed for five minutes, curled up, clutching his stomach, looking like he couldn't take it anymore: “Hahaha…
I just can't take it anymore…
this cat is so funny, it's like seeing that arrogant Ye Yixing act cute to you! I really want to see the real version…”

Ye Yixing almost went crazy, wishing he could stretch out his claws and scratch Chu Wenxing's face, which was twisted from laughter!

This was the real version! He was absolutely ashamed to face anyone…!

The swelling anger and embarrassed awkwardness made him forget the calmness he had when he acted cute earlier, and he stood up with his entire body fur raised, looking like he was ready to attack.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, a big hand covered the black cat's head, and with a very gentle force, began to stroke his body from the top of his head.
Ye Yixing felt quite comfortable and looked up at the owner of the hand, He Yanlu, who smiled very gently and stroked him lightly.
This kind of stroking made him feel like he was being kissed, and it was quite magical, gradually calming down his irritable heart.

Ye Yixing also looked at him.
As a cat, at that moment, he instinctively extended his tongue to lick He Yanlu's palm.

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