Have you ever been the object of someone's dependence, where they act spoiled around you?

He is gentle only to you, he is capricious only with you, he is angry only with you, all emotions rise and fall only for you…

Your smile or any small movement you make fills him with great joy and excitement.
Even if he doesn't say it, he might put on a seemingly indifferent appearance, but deep down, he's happy to the point of melting.
Fortunately, it's a cat, and only through its cold exterior can one discover its true tenderness.
He never knew that just being touched could bring such unprecedented satisfaction and joy.

He Yanlu gently picked up his black cat, closed his eyes, and placed a light kiss on its forehead.

At that moment, his heart stopped as if time stood still.

When it started beating again, it was twice as fast, trying to catch up to the twenty years of youth that had passed in that moment.
It turns out that living can be such a beautiful feeling.

Half-lying on the sofa, Chu Wenxing squinted at the scene before him, his elbow resting on the armrest cushion as he propped his head up.
After a long time, he said, “Hey…
I heard that men who like cats have subconscious tendencies towards being gay.”

He Yanlu looked up at Chu Wenxing and laughed self-deprecatingly.
But I don't think I have the ability to love anyone.”

Chu Wenxing fell silent.

He Yanlu was the child of a lover, his mother committed suicide when he was only five years old.
The only thing she left him before she died was the house he now lives in.

Ha, his mother's love was only worth a pile of reinforced concrete and limited property rights that don't exceed 70 years.

What do you think love is?

Any words related to family in He Yanlu's dictionary have never existed, let alone love.

From hope to humble anticipation, to cold abandonment, He Yanlu has gone through all kinds of emotions regarding “affection.” Thus, today, he no longer indulges in the illusion of emotion.

Perhaps, for him, love only exists in his stories.

“By immersing oneself in the world they create, they can obtain brief happiness and peace.”

Ye Yixing had no knowledge of He Yanlu's past.

He was surprised.
Was He Yanlu incapable of love? Had he been hurt in love? Rather than being curious about the other's experience, he wanted to know where this faint sense of loss in his heart came from.

Licking He Yanlu's fingers to please him like a kitten, the black cat looked up at him.

“I know I don't understand you or why you're so sad.
I'm sorry I can't face you as a human right now…
But your expression just now looks like you want to cry.
If I could, I would also like to give you a comforting kiss, just like what you did for me earlier.” “Meow…”

I don't know if I can convey my feelings to you.


The timid He Yanlu, who was afraid of being hurt and had frozen his innermost feelings, was now completely defenseless in front of a cat, showing his truest self…

“Ah, I even want to have a cat now.” Chu Wenxing pretended to be relaxed, trying to ease the slightly awkward atmosphere just now.
Although the other party was now completely immersed in playing with the kitten and seemed to have no idea.

“Sure, let's get a female one for Xiao Hei to be his wife.”

Ye Yixing:…

“Then have a litter of kittens, and I can be a grandpa…” He Yanlu imagined future scenes in a carefree manner, laughing happily.

Chu Wenxing couldn't stand it and sarcastically said, “Hey, hey, won't your Xiao Hei be unhappy?”

“Why?” He Yanlu was puzzled.
Wasn't it happy to find a mating partner for it? Wouldn't cats be very uncomfortable during their mating season?

“Hey, no matter how you look at this cat, it has a father complex…” Chu Wenxing smiled and locked eyes with the black cat, which turned its head instantly after hearing this.
His pair of eyes seemed to be able to see through everything, locking onto those blue-green eyes and saying, “Don't you agree, Ye Yixing?”

(=皿=) Shocked!

Ye Yixing stared at Chu Wenxing with a murderous look, too stunned to react.
It turned out that the truly formidable person was the seemingly harmless baby face in front of him.

Perhaps it was just an unintentional remark, but his intuition hit the nail on the head.

“Yang Qu, your first love, is definitely not an ordinary person!”

“Why do you call it that?” He Yanlu furrowed his brow.
“Do you really think it's a person turned into a cat?”

Chu Wenxing laughed and said, “Just kidding, I just think it looks a bit like him.”

He Yanlu continued to play with the black cat's tail, hanging his head and saying softly, “… not at all.”

— Are you avoiding something?

The question that hung in the air slowly dissolved in the elegant atmosphere of the two people and the cat.
Before it could completely dissipate, He Yanlu suddenly looked up, and said without any pretext, “I gave the fountain pen to Yang Qu.”

He cleverly changed the subject —

Hmm, does he like it?” Chu Wenxing still maintained his previous posture, asking with a relaxed smile.

“You can ask him yourself.” He Yanlu raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Ah, this person is really childish! He's already starting to seek revenge…

Chu Wenxing felt the muscles in his arm holding up his head stiffening.

Uh, I find it difficult to see him.
I'm not in the literature department, after all.”

“If you want to see him, you can see him no matter what,” He Yanlu said as if nothing had happened.
“Or, are you afraid?”

Ye Yixing secretly rejoiced in his heart: Well done, Dad!

Who would be afraid?!” The man who had just appeared to be insightful now had a blush on his face! It's not fear, it's shyness, haha…

Elder Brother Yang, don't worry, Chu Wenxing is probably also interested in you, but just feels a bit awkward.
But awkwardness isn't scary, as long as you know the other person likes you, forcing yourself once will solve everything!

Yeah, good luck, elementary school classmates finally becoming a couple…

He Yanlu looked at his friend who was now becoming more and more awkward with a smile in his eyes.

“Hey! What are you gloating about?…
I'm going back!” Chu Wenxing was about to jump off the couch and run away, but He Yanlu's phone on the coffee table suddenly rang.

He Yanlu reached over to take the phone, glanced at the screen, and his expression at the moment was like a fox that had tasted sweet grapes: “It's from Yang Qu, do you want to answer?”

“…It's not even for me, why should I answer?!” Someone retreated on the couch, keeping a distance.

Ye Yixing secretly clicked his tongue: Oh my, it's so awkward!

Locking his gaze on Chu Wenxing, He Yanlu pressed the answer and speaker buttons–


[Hello, is this He Yanlu?] Yang Qu's voice came through clearly from the small phone.

A certain black cat noticed that Chu Wenxing, who had just avoided the call, was now trembling all over.

If the other party was also a cat, their ears would have perked up so high at this moment, haha.

“Well, it's me.”

[Sorry to disturb you so late, I was wondering if I caused any trouble with the cat you took home yesterday…
I was drunk last night and didn't handle it properly, I'm really sorry…] (= dish =) You're too good at disguising yourself!

“The cat is doing fine with me, thank you for your concern.” He Yanlu's voice on the phone returned to its usual monotone.

The black cat lying on the sofa thought, so this is what reality looks like, everyone is living with a mask on, the same for every person.

Actually, aren't I like that too? In order to make others think that I am an outstanding and excellent person, I perform various dramas.
Even if I face someone who says “like” but doesn't really know me, I still politely refuse with a soft voice…

Do you think it's hypocritical?

People long to be understood, but still wear various masks due to their pride and ego, hoping that someone can see through their masks and love them for who they really are, hoping for that kind of love…

Ye Yixing, ask yourself, if you didn't have the chance to become a cat and let the other person live in front of you without any defence, would you understand He Yanlu?

Likewise, it's the same for the other person.

The other person will never truly know you.

[That's good, please let me know if there's anything inconvenient…
Oh, by the way, it's better not to feed it cat food…](= =) My friend, although I don't know how you convinced Mr.
He, he has already bought cat food…

[I saw the news a few days ago that some cat food has been contaminated with harmful chemicals and some cats have died from it…](= =) Too ridiculous! Impressive!

He Yanlu hugged the black cat tighter after hearing this, with a serious expression: “Hmm, I just bought cat food today, but luckily it didn't eat any.
To be safe, I won't buy it anymore.
Thank you.”

Yang Qu on the phone had a black line on his face: How could it eat it?! That kid ate two plates of fresh fish from my house before he left! It's obvious that He Yanlu loves this cat very much and believes his own nonsense.

Ye Yixing enjoyed the show and stopped mocking.
(What a treatment…!)

[Also, although it may be a bit abrupt…
please let me know the price when buying food or supplies for the cat.
I want to share some of the expenses.
After all, it appeared at my birthday party, so I am responsible…](= =) It's really expensive to keep a pet nowadays, with cat litter, cat food, and cat shower gel costing a lot…
But my bank card is still with Yang Qu!

“Well, it's okay.
Since I'm going to keep him, I naturally have to spend money.
I can afford this amount.” He Yanlu politely refused Yang Qu's kindness.

He Yanlu, the big spender! The spender is mighty!!

The cat was a bit inexplicably conflicted: Why did it feel uncomfortable when hearing He Yanlu say “I'm going to keep him”! It felt like he was just a white-faced person who accompanied eating and sleeping (TAT)!

[Thank you for your trouble.
That's it for the cat…
Oh, have you seen Chu Wenxing?](= =) Finally, the main point!

“Oh, him…
He's with me now.” He Yanlu smirked and glanced at Chu Wenxing.

Chu Wenxing clearly became nervous when he heard his name.

[He's here?…
Can I speak to him on the phone?]

“Sure.” Someone grinned mischievously and handed the phone to the man sitting on the sofa corner.

Since the phone was on loudspeaker from the beginning, even if Chu Wenxing waved his hands desperately, he couldn't refuse.

The phone was handed to him and he had nowhere to run.


Wow! The awkward tone is just too cute!

Ye Yixing smirked in his heart.
In this world, the principle of one thing overcoming another is absolutely true!

“[Xiao Xin?]” (= dish =) Xiao…
Xin? Ye Yixing's mouth twitched as he began to imagine one day Chu Wenxing calling Yang Qu “Xiao Quqi”…

“Ah? Um…” With both He Yanlu and Ye Yixing staring at him and the cat, someone's face turned into a strawberry in an instant, which was really interesting.
“Just call me Chu Wenxing!”

“[Hehe, okay, Chu Wen…xing.]” The role of the big-tailed wolf is really evil.
Ye Yixing suddenly felt a bit of admiration for Yang Qu who could suppress this guy.

“In…what's the matter?”

“[I received the birthday gift, and I really like it.
Thank you.]”

“Um, oh, you're welcome.”

“[…happy birthday?]”


“[Xiao Xin, you haven't wished me a happy birthday yet…]”

Chu Wenxing's face turned black: it's “Xiao Xin” again, who allowed you to call me so intimately?!

Tsk tsk tsk tsk, live version of teasing! I'm afraid Yang Qu doesn't know that the phone is on speaker! This kind of play is more interesting!

-From a certain perspective, Ye Yixing is also a grudge holder.

“Yesterday was your birthday! Why do I have to say it now…” someone was still being awkward.

“Is that so, heh…then how long do you plan to owe it? It's been seven years.” Yang Qu's tone was a bit disappointed.

Chu Wenxing almost went crazy.
Are you Chang'e guarding the moon or a woman waiting for her husband to turn into stone? That pitiful tone makes me feel like not saying happy birthday is a heinous crime for eternity!!

“Ha…happy birthday.” said with a tone that sounded completely devoid of blessings.
Chu Wenxing's face turned red to the base of his neck.
“…okay, that's enough!”

“[Thank you for the belated wishes, I'm very happy.]” Yang Qu returned to his confident, gentle tone that could make people sick.

Ye Yixing continued to worship: The actor! Absolutely the actor!

“I'm hanging up! It's late, I'm going home.”

“[You're going now?…I'll come and see you off.]”

A new and good man should be like Yang Qu! Ye Yixing humbly learned…

“No need!” Chu Wenxing immediately refused without thinking.

Yang Qu nervously asked: “[It's ten o'clock, are you going home safely?]”

“Hey! I'm a man!” Yang Qu, are you an idiot?!

“[I mean, isn't it normal to worry about someone you like? Hmm?]”

A moment of silence.

He Yanlu turned his head in time and whispered, “I didn't hear anything.”

He wanted to save face for his friend, although he could hardly hold back his laughter when he saw the embarrassed and blushing look on his face.

Ye Yixing thought to himself, no wonder Yang Qu avoids you, your tone of voice when you speak is completely irresistible to ordinary people…

Feeling sorry for someone who was so embarrassed, he thought, “Meow~”

“Is the phone on speaker?” Yang Qu realized belatedly…
(= =)

“I'll go back by myself! Don't worry! Goodbye!!” Chu Wenxing hung up the phone in one breath, threw the phone back to He Yanlu who was already laughing uncontrollably.

“Don't laugh!” The threatening appearance of baring teeth and claws did not seem threatening at all, but rather cute with flushed cheeks.

He Yanlu adjusted his expression and raised his eyebrows.
“Who just said that people who like cats have homosexual tendencies? How does it feel to be confessed to by a man?”

Chu Wenxing gritted his teeth secretly: this man with a beautiful appearance in front of him must be a petty person who holds grudges!

“Ah ah! It feels 'great'!!!” Chu Wenxing said through gritted teeth.
He got up from the sofa, grabbed his bag, threw the squid strips he bought for the cat on the coffee table, and walked towards the hallway.
“…you can date the tomcat!! Humph!!”

“Hey! Are you angry?” He Yanlu looked at Chu Wenxing's back and laughed.

“I'm not as petty as you!” Chu Wenxing put on his shoes and turned around.
“I'll come see you guys next week.”

“Then I won't send you off.
Be careful on the way and send me a text when you get home.”

“I know, you're so naggy.” Before closing the door, Chu Wenxing leaned in and mysteriously smiled, “Hey, little kitty Ye, bye…”

Ye Yixing: (=皿=) Get the hell out of here…

“I already told you Xiao Hei isn't Ye Yixing-“

“Click!” The door closed.

“Damn it.”

Ye Yixing was conflicted again.
Why did he find cursing people so cute at the moment?

It's over, it's over! What's wrong with his mentality…

Yang Qu held his forehead on the other end of the phone: this is bad! Chu Wenxing is such a shy person…
it may take years before he talks to him again after this!! The last time he confessed to him was seven years ago, and it took them that long to speak to each other again.

(Shy? Only towards you! It seems that someone suggested that you should force him once, so hurry up and find the opportunity, I guarantee you'll succeed.)

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