Love is a matter of timing – it’s important to have the right mix of innocence and passion at the right time.
The memories of that perfect balance can last a lifetime, making it hard for any future love to compare, no matter how beautiful.

That special person who unlocks the door to your heart and touches your soul will always hold a special place in your life.
They make you feel like you’ve been injected with adrenaline, keeping you in a perpetual state of excitement.

Jumping out of bed, Ye Yixing realizes it’s Monday.
But it doesn’t matter, he’s a cat and doesn’t have to attend class.
Feeling restless, he rolls around on the bed and scratches at the pillows and blankets.

Why do I keep thinking about him as soon as I wake up? “Meow…”

After half an hour of tossing and turning, Ye Yixing can’t take it anymore and decides to go find He Yanlu.
As a cat, his fur is always smooth and fluffy, giving him an air of elegance and confidence.
He looks in the mirror and thinks he’s the most handsome cat around, even if he’s not as handsome as he was as a human.

Do men in love become more self-absorbed? Especially Ye Yixing, who thinks he’s irresistible when he’s in heat.

After a few days of living as a cat, he’s starting to blend in and act like one.
He washes his face with his paws, licks his mouth after eating, struts around proudly, and even makes cute, silly faces.

Compared to real cats, he might even be better at being a cat.

But sadly, being in love has lowered Ye Yixing’s guard.
His mind is filled with thoughts of He Yanlu, and he can’t help but want to bite someone due to his yearning for his lover’s smile, embrace, fingers, body, and thin chest.

Everything else is automatically ignored by his brain, and he’s reached a godly level of living in his own world.

So when he appeared at school, he became the center of attention and smoothly became a hundred percent head-turner in the campus of F University…

He moved his limbs lightly, jumping and enjoying the warm sunshine and breeze of late spring, squinting his eyes and looking forward to sunbathing with He Yanlu.

Until he was suddenly intercepted by a familiar scent, and the person reached out and grabbed Ye Yixing’s neck and lifted him up.

“Hey, Xiao Hei!”

(=皿=) Damn Chu Wenxing!

The black cat reached out its paw to scratch Chu Wenxing’s hand, but unfortunately, his control over his hand was quite tricky, and it was the correct way to grab a cat!

“You dare to wander alone in the school!” Chu Wenxing accused him with round eyes.

Ye Yixing hung his hind legs and raised his tail, baring his teeth and making a threatening “hiss” sound – he must have had a grudge against him in his past life!

Chu Wenxing pulled the cat’s ear and lectured, “Do you know that at least half of the people in our school want to catch you and abuse you? They might even stew you and eat your meat or skin you alive! Do you dare to walk here so brazenly with your cat brain showing off? Do you think you’re human? Huh?”

Of course, I am a human, human, human!! 100% authentic human!! (=皿=)

After Chu Wenxing finished his long-winded speech, he finally had a moment of conscience and said, “Brother, I’m free today, and I’ll escort you to find your dad! Be grateful to me!”

Brother, my ass, aren’t you an uncle? And why are you still holding my neck like this! This is a dog shit “escort”!

At this time, it was lunchtime, and Ye Yixing had originally planned to rely on his sensitive sense of smell to find He Yanlu’s location, which was clearly a stimulating challenge for him… but he did not expect to encounter Chu Wenxing, this jinx!

Now, he was being carried all the way by Chu Wenxing.

Chu Wenxing went straight to the public lounge of the School of Literature, and after scanning his gaze around, he quickly found He Yanlu, who was sunk in one of the sofa chairs, flipping through a book with no expression on his face.
There was a cup of milk tea on the low table in front of the chair, which was only one-third empty.

When he saw He Yanlu, the black cat’s eyes suddenly became bright and shiny, whether being carried or not, whether in a decent manner or not, all was thrown out of the window… at this moment, he felt his blood boiling, wishing to pounce on that cute-looking man and bite and lick him.

He couldn’t hear or see the whispers and pointing around him, he only noticed He Yanlu’s face, which also brightened up when he saw him, and his lips curved slightly as he smiled softly at him.

Oh my goodness, I can’t take it anymore…

“Slow down, my dear, my heart can’t handle it…”

“Give me some face, it’s my first time in love…”

Without any mercy, Chu Wenxing threw the black cat onto He Yanlu, laughing disdainfully as he watched the two of them cuddle and nuzzle each other –

One wanted to crawl inside the other’s clothes and lick them, while the other wanted to rub their entire body against the furry creature…

“Xiao Hei~”


A passerby was surprised to see the focal characters and exclaimed, “Ah, look, it’s He Yanlu and his cat…!”

Another quickly searched for their phone in their bag and said, “Ah ah ah, hurry up and take a photo!!”

A third person held onto the first person’s arm, shaking with excitement and said, “So much love! We’re about to faint! What do we do?!”

The face of the fourth person wrinkled into a small bun with a tone of resentment as they held onto their textbook, which was already twisted on the cover, “It’s the first time I’ve seen He Yanlu smile! He’s so beautiful… I’m jealous, ah ah ah!!”

Following Chu Wenxing, who was holding the black cat, the other passersby also found various ways to pretend to enjoy their lunch in the public lounge, trying to occupy the space around He Yanlu.

In less than five minutes, Chu Wenxing felt surrounded by the crowd and their green eyes…

He broke out in a cold sweat, helplessly looking at the two, “Hey hey! You two, image!”

“Hmm?” He Yanlu didn’t even look up at him, and continued, “Where did you see Xiao Hei?”

“Near your Literature department! Can you believe you allowed it to run out alone? You don’t even know how many people were eyeing it when it was flaunting itself just now!”

“Is Xiao Hei here to find Daddy?” He Yanlu asked fondly, looking at the black cat.

Ye Yixing affectionately rubbed against He Yanlu’s hand in response, forgetting all about his image and composure.
Who knew he was Ye Yixing anyway? No one would know for sure…

Chu Wenxing had a black line on his face, as it was obvious that the other party didn’t listen to the important part of what he said.

“Daddy misses you so much…” He Yanlu’s nose touched the black cat’s nose, and if it could be even more affectionate, he might have kissed it.

Chu Wenxing gestured, “If I didn’t happen to know this proud fellow…I mean! At least put a collar on your cat-”

“Xiao Xin?” A deep male voice forcefully interrupted, cutting off Chu Wenxing’s words.

Yang Qu…! (=皿=)

“Are you having a meeting? Look, almost all the girls from our college are attracted here…” Yang Qu smiled and looked around, then flirtatiously glanced at Chu Wenxing, slowly approaching.

Chu Wenxing felt his spine stiffen, like the black cat that was just lifted by the neck earlier, his whole body tense.

Ha, how the tables have turned! Ye Yixing smugly looked at Chu Wenxing who was embarrassed and blushing.

Now Chu Wenxing and He Yanlu were sitting on two single sofas facing each other, with no problem with He Yanlu holding the black cat, but if Yang Qu were to sit next to Chu Wenxing, it would look strange.

Should he stand instead? That would be even stranger!

But Yang Qu sat down on the sofa where Chu Wenxing was, without any hesitation, his hand resting on the armrest of the sofa, one hand supporting the backrest, towering over the other person and enveloping them in his shadow, the distance just right, infinitely expanding the evil thoughts of all onlookers.
This position was even more ambiguous than He Yanlu and the black cat being affectionate!

The whispers and exclamations that rose and fell around them, deliberately lowered, undoubtedly revealed that the literature department’s Yang Minister had a thing for this handsome guy from another department!

Yang Qu glanced at the potential runaway lover, casually changing the subject and asking He Yanlu, “Did this cat give you any trouble?”

“No, it’s cute,” He Yanlu shook his head and said, “I really like it.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Yixing’s fur stood up all over his body, then he was instantly blown away like a gentle breeze, sticking to his own body, feeling very comfortable.

“Meow~ Meow~” He used all four of his limbs to wrap around He Yanlu’s waist…

The other person looked at the little guy on their body, who was happily rubbing against them, their hands never stopping as they caressed its body.

“Hey, hey, if you touch a cat too much, it will fall in love with you!” Chu Wenxing warned with ill intentions.

“What’s wrong with falling in love with me?” He Yanlu asked, looking up and laughing at his friend.

Chu Wenxing opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.
He silently cursed He Yanlu for being foolish.
Cats were proud creatures, and if their owners spoiled them too much, they would become too demanding and difficult to tolerate.
Hmph, he’ll regret it when that happens!

“!!!…What are you doing?” Feeling his hair being touched, Chu Wenxing was frightened, almost jumping up but managing to control himself.
He couldn’t jump up and land in Yang Qu’s arms! He couldn’t do it…!

“What are you touching me for?” Chu Wenxing protected his head and glared at Yang Qu, completely unaware that he was behaving just like a cat.

Yang Qu smiled faintly and said, “I wasn’t touching you.
Your hair is messy.”

Chu Wenxing twisted his face and pulled at his own hair, angrily saying, “Mind your own business!…”

Yang Qu didn’t speak, but stared at Chu Wenxing’s face without looking away.

“…I have class this afternoon, I have to go now.” Once again, Chu Wenxing retreated without any backbone.

Yang Qu stepped back to let Chu Wenxing stand up and casually asked, “What time is it?”

“Two o’clock.” Chu Wenxing blurted out instinctively, then regretted it as it was only half past twelve! Why did he always reveal his flaws in front of Yang Qu?

“Too early.” Yang Qu looked at Chu Wenxing and said, “…I have to go early to grab a seat!” Chu Wenxing tried to pull off an unconvincing lie, then grabbed his book and said to He Yanlu, “Hey, I’m leaving now…”

He Yanlu nodded and said, “Yeah, thanks for bringing Xiao Hei over.”

Glancing at Yang Qu, Chu Wenxing still felt extremely embarrassed.
He wanted to shake his head and get rid of his inexplicable panic.
However, when he moved to the side and was only fifteen centimeters away from Yang Qu, the latter quickly whispered something that only Chu Wenxing could hear, “If I touch you, will you fall in love with me?”

A high fever instantly climbed up Chu Wenxing’s face.
To others, his posture looked like Yang Qu had given him a goodbye kiss on the ear.

Chu Wenxing could only say that he fled in panic…

That bastard Yang Qu! Ahhhh!!! ( =皿=)

Watching his fleeing lover, Yang Qu sat in the seat that used to belong to Chu Wen and felt the residual warmth left behind by the other person, feeling quite pleased.
He pointed to the black cat and asked He Yanlu, “What are you going to do with him during computer class later?”

“…” He Yanlu obviously hadn’t started thinking about what to do next and stared at the black cat speechlessly.

“Meow…” You’re not going to leave me outside the classroom or make me go home first, are you?!

“You want to bring him to class?” Yang Qu smiled and asked.

“Yeah.” He Yanlu looked up at Yang Qu and said with a hint of sadness, “I don’t want to be apart from him.”

Yang Qu was secretly surprised.
That boy Ye Yixing was really something! It had only been a few days and he had already conquered the legendary iceberg! Tsk tsk, “[don’t want to be apart]”! He actually heard He Yanlu say this sentence! It’s a miracle!

Perhaps in the eyes of others, the black cat was He Yanlu’s pet, but Yang Qu thought that the opposite was true, that He Yanlu had already been completely conquered by Ye Yixing…

“This class is a computer class, so there shouldn’t be any big problems, but your cat won’t meow randomly, will he?” Yang Qu pretended to be ignorant and asked.

Ye Yixing grinned at Yang Qu and despised his rhetorical question.

“Xiao Hei is very well-behaved.” He Yanlu said.

“That’s easy, put him in a bag and take him away…” Yang Qu grinned and winked at the black cat.

“I don’t have a bag,” He Yanlu frowned, “How about in my clothes?” As he spoke, he started to take off the low-necked sweater he was wearing on the outside.

Can you stop being so revealing, big brother! It’s one thing to take off your clothes in front of me at home, but how can you do it in public! Everyone around is staring at you like a wolf!…

Your collarbone is showing! You can’t do this! I won’t allow you to do this!!!

Ye Yixing desperately pulled on He Yanlu’s sleeve, but it was of no use.
He Yanlu took off the gray wool sweater, revealing only a low-necked white cotton lining underneath.
Although it was long-sleeved, it was very thin and somewhat tight.
At this moment, his slender figure was clearly visible through the shirt, and his waistline was still so perfect.

He Yanlu carefully wrapped the black cat in the gray sweater, leaving only the cat’s eyes and nose exposed, and the cat’s strange appearance, covered in the sweater and unable to move its body or ears, made He Yanlu unable to help but laugh.
He patted the black cat’s back and said, “Be good.”

Ye Yixing was wrapped in a sweater full of He Yanlu’s scent, feeling dizzy and unable to think.

Yang Qu held back his laughter and watched He Yanlu finish a series of actions before the two of them got up and headed to the classroom.

There were other classmates around who had witnessed the entire scene, especially the girls who were so excited that they almost wanted to go up and touch them.
However, they didn’t want to ruin the beautiful moment, so they stood at an appropriate distance, gazing in awe.

Only then did He Yanlu notice his classmates.
He held his cat and blinked at them, then put a finger to his lips and made a “shh” gesture, hoping they would help him keep the secret.

This mischievous and playful side of He Yanlu was something they had never seen before.
The image of an iceberg beauty was completely shattered, but in its place emerged a new and enchanting charm that was different from before.
This new aura was alive, warm, and more seductive…

The others were like they had been enchanted, staring blankly and following He Yanlu to class.

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