As soon as he walked in the door, a black shadow pounced on him.

He Yanlu put down his book, took off his coat, and walked over to the sofa.
The playful rubbing of the black cat made him itch, and he chuckled as he grabbed the cat and brought it to his face.
“Missed me?”

“Mm,” Ye Yixing murmured, still sniffing and sniffing, then looked up and said, “There’s an unpleasant smell.”

He Yanlu held the cat in one hand and sniffed his collar with the other.
“What smell?”

“The smell of a stranger.
I don’t like it,” Ye Yixing complained.
“Go take a shower.”

He Yanlu laughed.
“I’m at school all day, of course I’ll pick up the smell of strangers.
You’ve become more picky lately, huh?”

Perhaps because he had gotten used to the habits of cats over time, Ye Yixing increasingly indulged in their unique possessive desires for “private property.” He Yanlu, his home, and everything here belonged to him.

However, while his scent markings could keep away other cats, they couldn’t prevent humans.
Thinking of this, Ye Yixing felt a sense of insecurity.

To be honest, He Yanlu had become more and more charming in recent days.

When Ye Yixing first met He Yanlu, he was at most just slightly smiling.
Now, he would completely express his mood on his face, conveying it through eye contact, facial expressions, body language, aura, and other media.
It seemed that every cell in his body was unconsciously emitting a scent that said “I want to be touched, I want to be caressed”…

This was definitely not just a one-sided wish of a cat (= =)!

If he could, Ye Yixing would rather have He Yanlu by his side at all times, so that his whole body would only have his scent.

“Go take a shower,” Ye Yixing nudged He Yanlu’s chest with his head.
“Afterwards, you should let me lick you.”

He Yanlu was helpless and gave the black cat a side glance.
“You’re getting more and more arrogant, haha!” He said as he got up, undressed, and headed for the bathroom.

“It’s your fault,” Ye Yixing lay on the sofa, enjoying the graceful movements of He Yanlu, “…you spoiled me.” Was this really okay, being so defenseless? Although he was now a cat, he still had human desires!

Be rational, Ye Yixing.
Although he really wanted to jump in and bathe with He Yanlu, it was not yet time!

Just seeing the other person undress made him unable to stay calm.
Once they were both naked, he would lose control of his overwhelming emotions like a flood.
He didn’t want to perform a terrifying transformation in front of the naked He Yanlu!

He turned over and buried his head in the lap of the big white rabbit, pretending not to see anything.

With He Yanlu’s crab-like personality, he appeared strong and cold on the surface, but was gentle and timid on the inside.
To conquer him, he must be slowly melted.
He must not be forced or frightened, otherwise he would retreat into his shell, and it would be difficult to coax him out again.

People often have the illusion that if they fail, there will always be a second chance.
If there is, it must be a gift from God.
Concepts like reincarnation or going back in time are only found in novels and movies, and it seems that people want to express the idea of “if I have another chance, I will cherish it.”

However, in reality, there are often no second chances.
When we fail, saying that we have tried our best is often a way of comforting ourselves.

Have you really tried your best? Are you really without any regrets? Or is it only when we are willing to go all out for what we want that we have a better chance of success?

If everyone started out thinking that there is only one chance for everything, that if they don’t do well, they will lose it forever, would there be fewer broken relationships, irreversible tragedies, and lost time?

Therefore, if there is only one chance, can you give a little more?

Ye Yixing never gave himself any chance to consider any “recovery” routes.
He didn’t want to repeat himself; he wanted to get it right the first time.
He wanted He Yanlu to get used to his existence, from his voice to forming countless conditioned reflexes, completely dependent on him, unable to leave.

“Xiao Hei, I want to eat meat tonight…” He Yanlu held a towel and said to the black cat.

“What kind of meat? Pork, beef, chicken?” Ye Yixing sat up from the sofa and jumped onto the coffee table, on which was placed the oversized keypad phone that He Yanlu had specially bought for the black cat a few days ago.

“…I want all of them.” He Yanlu’s voice came from the bathroom.
“The braised pork from Xu Ji’s Homestyle Cooking, the cumin-grilled beef skewers from Fragrant Pavilion, and KFC’s original crispy chicken…”

“You can only choose one!” The black cat frantically flipped through the takeaway menu on the coffee table.

Before closing the bathroom door, He Yanlu playfully poked his head out and smiled.
“Then you decide.”

Ah! He doesn’t look like a dad at all! It’s one thing to not know how to cook or prepare food, but since the day before yesterday, he’s even been making him learn how to order takeout!! Ye Yixing sharpened his claws and randomly pulled out a menu – [Love Cat Restaurant].

What kind of restaurant is this? I’ve never eaten here before.

Ye Yixing squinted at the information on the menu:

“All of our food is suitable for people and cats to enjoy together.
Customers with little cats are welcome to visit, and all customers with cats can enjoy a 30% discount and a free serving of fresh salmon.”

“Delivery: Orders over 30 yuan qualify for delivery.
If you order any kind of owner-cat love set, when the delivery person arrives at your place, please show them your cat, and you can enjoy a 20% discount!” Ye Yixing shifted his gaze to the menu

[Talking about the food options]

Sweet and sour fish ball rice [recommended by the restaurant owner], 20 yuan

Scallion fish fillet rice [recommended by the restaurant owner], 20 yuan

Crispy fried cod fish curry rice [recommended by the restaurant owner], 25 yuan

…Steamed cod fish with minced shiitake mushrooms, pan-fried sea bream with egg, salt and pepper fish, plum sauce fish fillet…

Ye Yixing’s mouth watered, he had an appetite now…!

Without hesitation, he reached out his paw and pressed the speakerphone button, tapping a string of numbers–

[Hello, this is the Love Cat Restaurant.] A clear female voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Hello, do you serve meat dishes?”

“Excuse me, could you speak up please?”

(=皿=) Every time Ye Yixing called for takeout, the other party almost always asked this question.
As a black cat, Ye Yixing could indeed speak human language, but his volume was only half of what it was when he was a human! When he was with He Yanlu, they usually talked at close range, so at first Ye Yixing didn’t realize that his volume was a bit low…

Ye Yixing cleared his throat, leaned over the coffee table, and shouted loudly into the phone, “Do you serve meat dishes? You can cook, stew, or stir-fry meat!”

[Yes, we do.
Do you have the Love Cat Restaurant’s menu on hand now?] The server politely asked.

“I have it on hand,” it’s under my paw…

Ye Yixing said, “I only saw fish dishes.”

The server smiled and said, “[Please flip to the back of the menu.
What you just saw was only the cat menu.] (=皿=) I made a fool of myself! I was so busy drooling over the front page that I didn’t notice…

The other party didn’t mind at all and said warmly, “[Would you like to order alone or with your cat?] Cat… cat…

Ye Yixing rubbed his paws together and said, “With my cat.” (= =)

[Then I recommend our set meal.
Please choose your main dish from any of the options on either side of the menu!]

Ye Yixing scanned the menu in the main menu and said, “Sesame fried meat chunks, small portion.” He Yanlu didn’t have a big appetite and only needed a little to feel full.

[OK, and what about the cat’s meal?]

“Ye Yixing licked his lips and said, ‘Fried cod curry rice, steamed lemon juice fish…’

[Sorry, you can only order one set of cat meal.] the waiter interrupted him.

‘…’ Ye Yixing narrowed his eyes and said, ‘We have two cats at home.’

[Oh, then you’ll need to show your two cats to the delivery person to get a discount!’] the waiter happily replied.

‘Okay, actually, we only have one cat.’


‘I’ll have the fried cod curry rice, in a large portion!’

[…Okay, the set comes with a drink or a mini meal, like a tasting meal with a small amount.
Would you like…’Clean steamed lemon juice fish mini meal!’ Ye Yixing decisively decided.

[Okay, what’s your address…]

After giving his address, Ye Yixing hung up the phone and carefully studied the menu again.
He decided to have the mushroom minced cod and the sea bream fried egg mini meal the next day, and the…

After taking a shower, He Yanlu came out of the bathroom and saw a certain guy rolling around happily on the sofa.
He couldn’t help but laugh and ask, ‘What are you doing?’

Hearing the voice, Ye Yixing jumped up and ran to He Yanlu to smell him.
It smelled so good!

Sticking out his tongue and licking, he rubbed against He Yanlu’s neck and said, ‘I’m hungry.’

He Yanlu’s hair was still wet and water droplets ran down his earlobes, instantly absorbed by the bathrobe on his body.
He casually put a towel on his head and smiled, hooking the black cat’s nose, ‘What did you order? You seem so happy?’

‘Hehe…’ Ye Yixing smiled and said, ‘You’ll know in a minute.’

The person reached out and started to dry his hair.
His face was steamed like a peach, white and pink.
The towel greedily absorbed the water droplets on his hair and neck.
With his eyes glancing around, He Yanlu smiled and said, ‘So mysterious…’

Ye Yixing watched the other person’s movements.
Can’t he just dry his hair without being so charming?

He must be hungry, hungry, hungry, almost starving to death!

After another ten minutes, the doorbell rang.
He Yanlu got up to open the door and Ye Yixing shouted, ‘Take me with you!’

He Yanlu picked up the black cat and said, ‘Can’t you leave for a second?’

Ye Yixing said, ‘The delivery person wants to see the cat.’

(= =) I mean, which restaurant did you order from? It’s so weird.

He Yanlu calmly hugged the black cat, opened the door, and saw a delivery person wearing a cartoon cat hat with a food bag in his hand.
He saw He Yanlu holding the black cat and smiled, ‘Is it Mr.
He and your cat?’

“Yeah,” nodded He Yanlu.

The delivery person looked at the order and said, “The original price is 54 yuan, but you can enjoy an 20% discount, so it’s only 43 yuan.”

There’s a discount? He Yanlu was skeptical but didn’t bring it up.

He took out his wallet to pay, and the delivery person exclaimed, “Your cat is so handsome! Welcome to our store! You and your cat are both so stylish – black fur, green eyes, and a silver collar! If you come to our store, you’ll definitely attract a lot of customers.”

He Yanlu politely replied.

Before closing the door, the delivery person vaguely heard the black cat in the young man’s hands say, “I’m so hungry…”

He shook his head.
How could a cat talk…? Really!

“Shall we go upstairs to eat?” He Yanlu asked.

Ye Yixing shook his head randomly.
“Anywhere is fine.”

As soon as they got upstairs, He Yanlu put the food on the desk.
The black cat jumped off him and circled the bag, wagging his tail.
His two emerald green eyes scanned the bag like X-rays.
He was already dizzy from the smell of the fish flavor.

“…smells good!” He Yanlu smiled and opened the bag.
“Three boxes?”

Ye Yixing sniffed and pushed the medium-sized box toward He Yanlu with his paw.
“This is yours.”

Then he hugged the biggest and smallest boxes together and looked at He Yanlu, saying, “These two are mine.”

“You’re being unfair!” He Yanlu shouted.
“Why do I only have one? I want the big one!”

“You can’t finish it anyway,” Ye Yixing said, turning his butt toward He Yanlu.
“Your meat is in there, and this is my fish.”

He Yanlu had a very bad habit! He always competed with Ye Yixing for food! He always felt that the food in Ye Yixing’s bowl was more delicious!! (=皿=) Does he think he can bully Ye Yixing just because he eats slowly? Hmph!

He Yanlu pretended to be pitiful and said, “Clearly, I paid for it, but I can only eat so little.”

Ye Yixing glanced at him, struggled for a while, and unwillingly pulled out the small box and pushed it toward He Yanlu, saying, “Then, you can have this one too.”

He Yanlu asked, “What’s this?”

Ye Yixing said, “Steamed lemon sauce fish.”

“What about the one you’re holding?” He Yanlu asked.

Ye Yixing gritted his teeth and said, “…Fried codfish curry rice.”

“I feel like yours is tastier…” He Yanlu looked at Ye Yixing, who saw the person pouting with his eyebrows drooping.

The two stared at each other for a while.
He Yanlu couldn’t help but burst out laughing and said, “I can’t hold it anymore…hahaha…” The little guy must have gone through a great struggle of choice in his heart, judging from his expression!

“It’s fun to tease me!” Ye Yixing pulled out some of his hair.

“It is.” He Yanlu nodded seriously.

(=皿=) damn it!

After opening the lunch box, He Yanlu still picked on the dishes in the black cat’s box and even forcefully stuffed the meat he ordered into the black cat’s mouth.

“You can’t bully the demon cat.” Ye Yixing squinted his eyes, ate slowly, and said, “If you bully too much, it will bite you.”

He Yanlu stretched his fingers and brought them close to Ye Yixing’s mouth, smiling and saying, “Then you bite me.”

Ye Yixing glanced at him and helplessly gave up.

Why did he have to fall for such a willful guy?

Licking his finger at the corner of his mouth, Ye Yixing whispered, “I can’t bear to.”

“Hehe,” He Yanlu stroked the black cat’s head and said, “Good boy.”

After finishing their meal and cleaning up the utensils, He Yanlu turned on his computer and said to the black cat in his arms, “Xiao Hei, let me tell you a secret!”

“What?” Ye Yixing looked at He Yanlu opening the homepage of a fantasy novel website and wondered if he was going to tell him that he was “Zhi Yan,” which as a cat, he shouldn’t know.

He Yanlu said, “Dad actually has an idol.”

Ye Yixing was surprised, He Yanlu had an idol?

“Who?” Ye Yixing asked, trying to remain calm.

“But…” He Yanlu clicked on the ranking list from the homepage link, and Ye Yixing’s heart raced as he watched He Yanlu click on the “Falling Leaves Know Autumn” column.
He almost forgot to breathe.

He Yanlu continued, “…he’s disappeared recently.”

The homepage of the Falling Leaves Know Autumn column’s message board had a system news bulletin, which read:

“[Popular Internet Writer Falling Leaves Know Autumn Goes on Hiatus and Disappears].”

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