Although there was a website news headline hanging above Ye Yixing’s column message board, stating “Popular Internet Writer Luomu Zhqiu Abandons Project and Goes Missing,” he had informed the editor about his leave of absence.

However, in the email, Ye Yixing didn’t provide detailed explanations, only mentioning that he needed to take a break for personal reasons and didn’t specify a deadline for his return.

The editor had doubts and tried their best to persuade him to continue the serialization, but they received a firm response that he couldn’t continue at the moment.
As a result, the editor immediately decided to issue a wanted notice!

In reality, when the website and publishing editors learned about Luomu Zhqiu temporarily discontinuing the serialization, they were surprised and concerned.
Luomu was known among fantasy website writers for his high skill, excellent reputation, and sense of responsibility.
The novel he was currently serializing had reached the standards for publication in terms of writing style, quality, and popularity.
And now, he suddenly wanted to take a leave? Wasn’t this a self-destructive move that could jeopardize his future?

Of course, the editors’ decision to issue a wanted notice was well-intentioned.

Since he was taking a leave, they might as well make use of this negative publicity to see if it could generate some buzz and increase Luomu Zhqiu’s popularity.

Negative news or scandals, from another perspective, can sometimes act as publicity.

People have a natural curiosity and love for gossip.
If Luomu Zhqiu were to return, it would undoubtedly attract a large group of onlookers due to the “abandoning project” reason.

Since the establishment of his column, Luomu had always quietly written his own stories.
It seemed that others held more respect for this down-to-earth writer rather than admiration.

Even Zhiyan, who ranked higher than Luomu Zhqiu, had been involved in numerous “plagiarism” scandals.
Although investigations proved that the rumors were baseless or resulted from a confusion of concepts, the saying “a tall tree attracts the wind” held true.
These events only confirmed Zhiyan’s capabilities.

If one’s conscience is clear and they remain true to themselves, they need not fear distorted shadows.
No matter how strong the winds may blow, the tree can still stand firm.

The several intense clashes between reader groups not only had an advertising effect but also instantly boosted Zhiyan’s reputation.
This was the reason for his current status.

The editors thought that it was time to create some commotion and give Luomu Zhqiu a push.

Who says success can only be achieved through talent in this world? In the vast world, there are always people better than you.
In critical moments, luck and opportunities play a crucial role.
However, on the flip side, luck and opportunities don’t come out of thin air.
Perhaps, they rely on the accumulation of skill and effort.

Effort doesn’t guarantee success, but to succeed, one must put in the effort.

Ultimately, it depends on whether you continue to persevere until the right opportunity arises.

Focus on doing your best and stay single-minded.

Since Black Cat could talk, He Yanlu didn’t allow it to go outside temporarily.
When he went to class, he let the black cat play on his computer to pass the time.
This was a good thing for Ye Yixing.
He no longer had to secretly use the computer, fearing that he would scare his father.

He still remembered the time when he revealed many incredible “truths” under the guise of being a cat demon.
He Yanlu was also stunned for a long time by the cat manipulating the mouse.
After that, for a long time, Ye Yixing basked in the pleasant feeling of being “passionately” touched by He Yanlu’s gaze…

Later on, He Yanlu installed a phone for the little black cat, so he could call the cat anytime and the cat could contact him in case of emergencies.

Every time he thought about talking on the phone with a cat on the other end, He Yanlu couldn’t help but laugh.
He Yanlu, who was laughing with his eyes bent in public, became the object of others’ fantasies and gossip… But someone continued to live in their own fairytale world, completely unaware.

Ye Yixing, who was currently being pampered as the Cat Emperor at home by He Yanlu, enjoyed this life contentedly.
However, he didn’t have the opportunity to go to Yang Qu’s place anymore, and any matters had to be dealt with through emails or phone calls.

Speaking of the first time he called Yang Qu, Ye Yixing didn’t know how to explain the situation to his own brother… After all, it wasn’t like he was a tiger that could talk.
It wasn’t a topic that had much dignity among men.

When Yang Qu heard Ye Yixing’s voice on the phone, he was genuinely startled and repeatedly asked if Ye Yixing had regained his human form.
Ye Yixing hesitated and said not yet, prompting a sigh from Yang Qu.
Then, after a brief silence, he exclaimed, “So now the cat is speaking human language?”

It was easy to imagine that Ye Yixing was laughed at once again.

As soon as He Yanlu left in the morning, Ye Yixing rushed downstairs to make a phone call.
He jumped onto the coffee table and pressed a series of numbers with his cat paws.
After a couple of rings, he quickly hung up.

After a moment, the phone in front of him started ringing, and Ye Yixing pressed the speakerphone button and said, “It’s me.”

[He Yanlu went out?]
Yang Qu’s voice came through the phone, sounding a bit cautious.

“Well, how did the leave request go?” Ye Yixing asked.

“It’s all taken care of,” Yang Qu said with a smile.
“…Aren’t you afraid that He Yanlu will check the phone records in the future?” Ye Yixing’s face turned dark.
The way Yang Qu phrased it made him feel like he was cheating on He Yanlu! Damn it!

“With He Yanlu’s absent-minded personality, as long as the phone bill isn’t too outrageous, he won’t bother checking,” Ye Yixing replied.

“Oh oh! When did He Yanlu become part of your family?! Haha, it’s been a few days and you already consider yourself his cat!” Yang Qu teased, realizing his brother’s true feelings.
It seemed that his brother’s transformation into a cat was a blessing in disguise.

“Get lost! I was always his cat!” Ye Yixing boasted on the other end of the phone.
People in love were fools, and outsiders couldn’t understand the happiness of fools.
“How are things going with your sharp-tongued little wife?”

“Well… your advice last time was good.
The little one indeed likes me,” Yang Qu said.

“Tsk, little one? He’s as sharp as a wolfhound.
Don’t call him little one!” “Little one” was the term He Yanlu often used to refer to the black cat.
Ye Yixing felt a little uneasy hearing Yang Qu use it to refer to Chu Wen.

It seemed that Chu Wen, who was known for being possessive, would have a hard time in the future.

Yang Qu sighed and was about to say something else when he caught sight of the person they were discussing walking towards them.
“I have to go to class now.
If you have any questions, send me a message.”

“Hey, hey! You can’t just judge him based on being a ‘person’!” Ye Yixing shouted, but then heard a “beep” as the call ended (= =).

Cats are referred to as “ones,” so it’s only natural that the person in the cat’s family would also be referred to as a “one.” Or should we use “strip” to describe him?

Yang Qu hung up the phone, blew a breath at his phone, and put it in his pocket.
He waved to He Yanlu, who was approaching from afar.

He Yanlu smiled and walked over cheerfully.

Who could have imagined that this ethereally beautiful man, half a month ago, was as cold as ice, only focused on his destination when walking.

“I can’t stand your smile,” Yang Qu said when the other person approached.
“It’s too dazzling.
But you did have a sense of mystery when you were the cold beauty.”

He Yanlu glanced at Yang Qu and retorted, “I’ve always been mysterious.”

Yang Qu squinted his eyes.
You wouldn’t know until you spent time together, but after spending time with him, he realized that this man was really offbeat!

What ice beauty, what deep and aloof person, it was all nonsense!

He Yanlu took out a sandwich from his bag, sniffed it closely, and carefully put it back.

Yang Qu looked at him puzzled.
“Is that breakfast?”

“Yes!” He Yanlu smiled sweetly.

Yang Qu hesitated for a moment and asked again, “Did Xiao Hei… make it for you?”

He Yanlu looked at Yang Qu as if he was looking at an idiot and said, “How can a cat make a sandwich?”

“…Alright then.” (=_=)

In fact, it was Ye Yixing who ordered the sandwich for He Yanlu over the phone at the food shop and put three or four of them in the refrigerator.

Before going out in the morning, the black cat would stand by the front door and nag as if the words were still echoing in his ears: “Did you drink milk? Did you bring the sandwich? Did you bring your phone? Be especially careful when crossing the street! Don’t pay attention to stray cats! Come home on time after class!…”

Ye Yixing wanted to instill the habit of having breakfast in He Yanlu—a healthy and caring father!

When He Yanlu was in elementary school, there would always be some random things happening after school—cleaning, extracurricular activities, activity group meetings, doing good deeds like pulling grass on the school playground…

Whenever these things happened, some students who wanted to escape would shout loudly, “My mom told me to come home on time.”

He Yanlu went home alone to a quiet house.
The nanny aunt had her own child and would come over at noon to cook and put the food in the refrigerator, then leave in the evening.

At first, He Yanlu didn’t know how to cook, so he would eat leftovers for dinner.

Later, he saw a microwave oven advertisement on TV.
At that time, not every household had a microwave oven, and not many people used it.
However, the idea of being able to heat up cold food in just a few minutes and have it taste like freshly cooked meals seemed quite magical to He Yanlu.
Would it be like instantly eating a meal prepared by family members?

He immediately asked his uncle to buy a microwave oven for him, with the condition that he wouldn’t have a nanny to take care of him after graduating from elementary school.

After buying it, He Yanlu realized that life with a microwave oven was quite different from what he had imagined.
The food, after being heated in the microwave, changed color, lost its freshness, and tasted strange…

Moreover, a teenager of fourteen didn’t know how to professionally use a microwave oven…

What exactly did “coming home on time” mean? He Yanlu quietly fantasized about it—

Surely, the family of that little boy would be waiting for him at home, having prepared delicious and fragrant meals… Maybe they would even allow him to watch cartoons with his parents for a while, and then his mother would urge him to do his homework, and if he had trouble with a math problem, he could ask his father for help… Before going to bed, his mother would give him warm milk to soothe his stomach…

Thus, He Yanlu concluded that coming home on time was so tempting!

Afterward, every time he heard other people’s parents reminding their children to “come home on time,” He Yanlu would secretly envy them for a long time.

Childhood dreams that were not realized always accompanied one as they grew up, and the temptation after fulfilling a dream was multiplied several times.

Now, finally, someone was telling him to “come home on time!” even though it was just a cat…

He Yanlu couldn’t contain his excitement and spent the whole day looking up at the sky with a smile on his face, daydreaming about the surprises the black cat would give him when he got home.

Although he knew very well that the black cat would just pounce on him, lick and rub against him like usual, and then insist on marking his territory after taking a bath…

But still, it would make him happy for a while…! (=_=)

Coming home on time was important…!

However, coming home on time after school didn’t always depend on oneself.

Elementary school students had to resist the temptation of street food on their way home, middle school students had to resist the allure of game arcades and internet cafes, and high school students had to resist the temptations of boyfriends and girlfriends…

What obstacles would await He Yanlu on his path to “coming home on time”?

Mo Yanze sat in a private tea house near the south gate of the school—

This was considered the most upscale tea house near F University, considering the spending power of students.

Although he sat by the window, the place was dimly lit.
The glass was semi-transparent and double-layered, creating an elegant and ambiguous atmosphere.
Purple gauze curtains were hanging around the sofa, and a star-shaped chandelier hung from the ceiling, emitting a warm orange light, creating a cozy ambiance.

Mo Yanze poured some tea from the teapot into a small ceramic bowl and took a sip.

The file he had contained He Yanlu’s schedule, and by this time, the other party should have finished class, with students coming out in small groups from the south gate…

Putting down the bowl, he glanced at his watch.

Mo Yanze waved to a waiter, and immediately a smiling beauty came over.
Through the gauze curtain, she asked, “Sir, may I help you with anything?”

Mo Yanze said, without looking at her, “A pot of ‘Audacious Lover.'”

While speaking, his gaze was fixed outside the window, his expression emotionless.

“Okay, may I ask…” The waitress was about to ask what else he needed when Mo Yanze stood up and opened the curtain.

The waitress was stunned by the oppressive gaze he suddenly directed at her and forgot to speak, standing dumbfounded on the side.
She only heard him say, “I’m going out to meet someone.
When the tea arrives, please leave it on the table, one cup.”

He Yanlu walked out of the school gate, and as soon as he crossed the road, he was blocked by Mo Yanze, who came aggressively—

He, hello.
Could I have a moment to talk?” Mo Yanze asked politely, but his words didn’t sound like he was seeking consent.

Mo Yanze didn’t play games of chance encounters or anything of that sort.
Young Master Mo was known for his directness in upper-class social circles.
Although his personality and temper were difficult to fathom, he was generous with money and never played coy or dragged things out if he was interested.

He Yanlu, who was in a hurry to go home and meet the black cat, now found himself being stopped by a person who looked like a scoundrel.
His face instantly turned dark, and his eccentric and stubborn personality came into full play.
He said, “Sorry, my son told me to come home on time!”

The speed at which he spoke was incredibly fast and had a lethal impact, as if Super Mario had eaten a star and was invincible, shouting, “Get out of my way! I won’t be tempted, I’ll come home on time!” And then, mushrooms, turtles, everything that touched him was sent flying far away…

He Yanlu walked away without even turning his head, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared around the corner not far away.

Mo Yanze stood frozen on the road, his face twitching.

Normally, it seemed that no one could resist the commanding tone of his “request.” As long as there was a slight hesitation, it would be impossible to resist his gaze…

Mo Yanze’s face twitched again.

The other party didn’t seem to hesitate at all, completely unaffected by the outside world… Wait, the main issue seems to be something else! What does he mean by “my son told me to come home on time”?!

…He Yanlu has a son?

Did he suddenly become an “uncle” without any reason? (=皿=)

This guy is not his younger brother! This guy has absolutely no blood relation to him!!!

Mo Yanze, who recovered from his petrified state, returned to the tea house with a gloomy expression, as if he had aged twenty years in an instant, transforming from a young and wealthy handsome guy in his thirties into an uncle-level figure…

The tea he ordered for He Yanlu was already set on the table.
The candlelight flickered, casting a warm, intermittent flame that danced at the bottom of the teapot.
The deep red tea slowly flowed in the transparent teapot, resembling the audacious nature of the tea itself…

A delicate glass cup was placed next to the teapot, devoid of tea or the touch of human fingers, appearing unusually lonely.

It was supposed to be a heartwarming and touching reunion, after all.

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