The Xingyue Garden is a private, single-person apartment complex closest to F University, bordering the university library to the south and the school gymnasium to the west.
It is only a ten-minute walk from the city shopping center.
Xingyue Garden consists of only five four-story duplex buildings but enjoys a large playground with two 400-meter running tracks.
The garden-style layout adds to its unique charm, with gardens, rockeries, and man-made streams interlacing throughout.
Once inside the Xingyue Garden area, one would feel as if they were outside the hustle and bustle of the world.


However, due to its excellent location and elegant and luxurious architectural design, the rental price is sky-high, and Xingyue Garden is known to be a gathering place for wealthy students and single white-collar elites.


It was not unimaginable for He Yanlu, who was rich, to live in Xingyue Garden.
According to what Ye Yixing knew, He Yanlu had already published two series of fantasy novels under the pen name “Zhi Yan,” totaling four books.
But Ye Yixing never expected that He Yanlu would choose to live in Xingyue Garden…
because the four-year rental fee in Xingyue Garden would be enough for him to buy an ordinary apartment in this city.
It wasn't worth it!


After graduating from high school, Ye Yixing bought another apartment near F University with the help of his mother's “sponsorship” and officially became “independent.” It was said that the apartment was in the real estate invested by Ye's father at the time.
However, there were not many students like Ye Yixing, whose families were in the real estate business.
Otherwise, every student would have a house as soon as they went to college, and there would be no poor people in the world…


Fortunately, Ye Yixing himself was not high-profile, and everyone just thought he was commuting because his family was in this city.


Returning to the topic, it was previously heard that He Yanlu did not live in the student dormitory, but no one expected him to live in Xingyue Garden.


As soon as the door opened, Ye Yixing was greeted with a sight that completely defied his expectations.
The interior of the apartment was decorated in a style that he had never seen before.
The walls were painted in warm earthy tones, and there was an abundance of natural light flowing in from the large windows.
The furniture was minimalist and modern, with clean lines and sleek designs.
Instead of a leather sofa, there was a cozy-looking sectional made of a soft grey fabric.


The decor was simple and elegant, with a few carefully chosen pieces of art and decorations that added a touch of personality to the space.
There was a framed painting of a mountain landscape on one wall and a collection of vintage cameras on a shelf.
The coffee table was made of a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood, and there were a few potted plants scattered around the room.


In one corner, there was a small home office area with a sleek black desk and a comfortable-looking chair.
The bookshelf that Ye Yixing had anticipated was indeed present, but it was not filled with the expected hardcover books.
Instead, there were rows upon rows of manga and graphic novels, with a few well-worn novels and biographies mixed in.


As Ye Yixing looked around in surprise, he couldn't help but feel a pang of disappointment that his vision of a stereotypical rich kid's apartment had been shattered.
But at the same time, he was intrigued by this unexpected side of his classmate.
He couldn't wait to see what other surprises were in store.


On the tangerine-colored fabric sofa, there were clothes hanging on the clips that hadn't been taken off after being washed and dried, including a white shirt, casual jacket, pants, and pajamas with a small chicken pattern (?), and various books and magazines scattered all over the sofa.
On the wooden coffee table were unopened chocolates and teddy bear-shaped biscuits (?), some of which had fallen on the floor.
There was also a half-empty cup of milk and a cartoon ear-wearing bowl with what appeared to be traces of cereal…
Strangely, there was a huge plush toy sitting on the other side of the sofa.
Was it a rabbit? Oh, and now it was noticed that there was even a carpet on the floor!! It was a beige one with fur on it!! Was this a woman's house?!


Although there was no strange smell or dirt, this was completely the opposite of a clean and tidy, deep and restrained style.
What a disappointment! It was totally misleading!


After placing Ye Yixing on the high platform at the entrance, He Yanlu took off his shoes and jacket and then picked him up again and said, “Dabai, we have a new guest!” before heading straight to the bathroom.
Ye Yixing was puzzled as to whom he was talking to, but his attention was diverted by the sight of the bathroom, where he let out a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, this room seemed to match the host's image…


He Yanlu put down the black cat and said, as if he knew the other party could understand, “Don't wander around.”


Ye Yixing was taken aback.
“He probably doesn't know I'm human.
In his eyes, I'm just a cat.”


Although people usually communicate with small animals in an anthropomorphized way, in reality, we know that animals can't understand language.
They can only judge your intentions based on your tone, expression, or body language and respond accordingly.


However, at this moment, the soul of the black cat is actually Ye Yixing himself, so he feels very uncomfortable hearing He Yanlu's instructions, which treat him like a child…


Although he thinks this way, Ye Yixing still obediently squats on the ground, not daring to move around.
He Yanlu puts on the hot water and takes out a clean towel from the cabinet, then wets it.
Ye Yixing cautiously watches the other person's movements, thinking, “Is he going to wipe me down?”


Although He Yanlu is not good at cleaning up, he values hygiene a lot.
After all, he doesn't want to live in an environment full of garbage, grease, and bacteria.


Although the interior design here is somewhat different from what he imagined, it is still within Ye Yixing's acceptable range.
Compared to his own home, which would probably be even messier if it weren't for the regular cleaning lady, it's not bad…


Looking at the scene here, it seems that He Yanlu is not accustomed to letting strangers into his home, so he casually leaves things lying around.
He values his face when he's outside, as can be seen from his clothes and meticulous hairstyle.
He rarely smiles and won't talk to you unless it's necessary.
Even if he doesn't like a class, he will still go and sit quietly on the side, holding a book to read…(Hey, hey, Little Kitty Ye, how long have you been paying attention to him?)


Therefore, he would never let anyone see his home in this state! Ye Yixing feels a little inexplicably pleased.
So this is what his living environment is like.
He Yanlu, who is different inside and out, is quite “cute”…


After rubbing the towel in the water, He Yanlu squats down, lifts up one of Ye Yixing's paws (= =), and starts to wipe it gently – the back of the paw with fur and the fleshy pad on the palm.
After wiping the front paw, He Yanlu pats Ye Yixing's back and tail and says, “The hind paw now.”


Ye Yixing endures the itching of being wiped, obediently turns over, and presents his hind paw: Endure! Endure! Gotta perform well to leave a good impression!!


After cleaning the hind paw, He Yanlu smiles and says, “You're so well-behaved.”


Ye Yixing's stomach twitched: “Big brother, you're not treating me like a child, are you? ! I feel so awkward when you say 'so obedient'!”


He Yanlu washed his hands and said to the black cat, “Come on…” then walked to the living room.
He went to the sofa, cleared some space by moving some clothes, and reached over to touch the big bunny next to him.
He said to Ye Yixing, who followed him, “This is Da Bai (Big White),” then grabbed Ye Yixing's face and said, “You will be called Xiao Hei (Little Black).”



Ye Yixing rolled his eyes and died from spitting blood.


He Yanlu looked at the big white rabbit and continued, “This is your big sister,” then turned to Ye Yixing and said, “You are the little brother,” and pointed to himself, “I am the dad.”


Ye Yixing kicked his legs and his soul ascended to heaven.


— When I become human again, I must tell everyone that 21-year-old He Yanlu has a daughter who is a stuffed rabbit! Ye Yixing, have you been thunderstruck, inside out, outside in, several times already, until you are mentally confused and can't cry or laugh?! You definitely won't say that He Yanlu also has a son who is a black cat–that's you!!!


On April 1st, when he was 20 years old, Ye Yixing gained a bunny toy sister and a one-year-older dad…


This is life! Cruel, realistic, magnificent, life!


He Yanlu calmly put down Ye Yixing, who had already turned into a noodle, and carefully pushed the remaining snacks on the coffee table into the trash can.
He then pinched the milk cup and cereal bowl and walked towards the kitchen, opened the glass dishwasher next to the sink, put them inside, and pressed the button…


Afterward, he washed his hands again.


Ye Yixing lay on the carpet watching He Yanlu's series of movements, too weak to comment.
This guy really had an incomprehensible one-sided obsession with cleanliness! Just as he was pondering this, he noticed He Yanlu's strange behavior –


Huh? What is he doing?! Unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off to throw it in the washing machine…? There's even a T-shirt inside the shirt…
he effortlessly takes it off in front of “his son” and “daughter” and throws it in the washing machine…
Ah, he's even taking off his pants!! His underwear…
thank goodness he didn't take them off, sob…


Yi Xing's brain crashed and he collapsed on the floor, his gaze dumbfoundedly fixed on He Yanlu, who was now only wearing underwear, as he walked towards the bathroom…
He suddenly felt his head and lower body getting hot…


He Yanlu's neck was so white, his limbs so slender and beautiful, his back lines so perfect, his waist so thin, his buttocks…
Yi Xing stopped himself! He couldn't think anymore! Amitabha! Evil thoughts, begone! He Yanlu, begone!!


It was too late, he was getting hotter and hotter…


At this moment, Yi Xing began to regret if he had made the wrong choice…


The temptation ahead was very charming, like a poppy flower with both sweetness and evilness, but it was certainly a path he couldn't control.
He hesitated, unable to move forward quickly, resisting the devil's slow-moving summons…


He knew that this was an irreversible path and he had a premonition that it would be impossible to turn back.


Yet, he could not stop his accelerating heartbeat and allowed himself to sink into his emotions.


While He Yanlu was still in the shower, Ye Yixing got up and started wandering around.


As it was a duplex apartment, the kitchen and living room occupied two levels of height, and at the corner of the entrance door, there was a light-colored wooden staircase leading to the bedrooms and study on the second floor.
The design of the space was very exquisite, with a mezzanine structure, and the first floor living room could be viewed directly through the one-meter gallery on the second floor.
According to the owner's personal preferences, the study and bedroom were also connected without internal walls or separate doors, with the entire space flowing together.


Ye Yixing easily ascended to the second floor and entered He Yanlu's true “private space”.
The heavy fragrance of books immediately hit him, deeply shaking him.
The half-wall of books, also on wooden shelves, was not neatly arranged like in a library, but the content was enough to leave Ye Yixing speechless.
Ancient and modern literature, classic novels, history and geography, political philosophy, and even comics and cartoons…
on the edge of the bookshelves were sticky notes, indicating which books were currently being used as reference material or which field they were related to.


On the huge writing desk adjacent to the bookshelf, there were scattered materials, notebooks, maps, a silver laptop, half-drunk coffee, and a partially-eaten cookie still in its wrapper.


On the wall facing the writing desk, there was an unattractive calligraphy: “Obtain with calmness, lose with equanimity.”


At this moment, Ye Yixing seemed to realize the gap between himself and He Yanlu.
With his intelligence and talent in writing, he had never put in as much effort as He Yanlu, who was not even a serious professional writer.
That kind of energy investment, that kind of focus and perseverance…
Ye Yixing had never had it before.


And these books, he dared to bet that he had not read half of them and even disdained the academic research involved.
Did he have the rigor for writing? If he did not fill this gap, he would never be able to surpass He Yanlu in his lifetime, despite being only two or three places apart on the rankings.


Because of his attitude towards this matter, Ye Yixing had always approached writing with a half-playful mindset.


Continuing like this, it won't just be a problem for two or three people.
He Yanlu will go further, so far that he'll be out of reach…


His soul led his uncontrollable body towards the writing desk, and the black cat gracefully jumped onto the chair.
Looking at the various notes and pieces of paper surrounding the calligraphy scroll, there were poems, quotes, and inspiration records, as well as messy scribbles and crooked handwriting expressing his emotions (someone's handwriting was really bad)…


“[Little Lu is the most talented prince in the world!]” Haha? Is he a little girl? Writing such melodramatic emotions?


“Don't be afraid, just sleep it off!” What are you afraid of?


“I saw a classmate's mother bring him homemade sweet and sour pork, I really want to eat it, but no one will make it for me.” You're so rich, just go to a restaurant and eat it…


“He has so many friends, he looks so happy.” Who is he?


“He Yanlu, be strong.” Are you not happy?



After taking a shower and drying his hair, He Yanlu seemed to be in a good mood and went directly upstairs in his bathrobe.


Ye Yixing was standing on the writing desk, front paws on the wall, watching with great interest.
Suddenly, his body felt light and he was lifted up.


“Want to sneak a peek at daddy's secrets…” He Yanlu pretended to scold, but there was a smile in his tone.


“Meow~” I'm not as childish as my dad!!


“Should I punish you?” He Yanlu said, carrying the little black cat to the double bed on the other side of the room…


Ye Yixing looked at the pure white sheets and the gray-striped duvet cover, which had a completely different atmosphere from the clean and tidy bookshelves and desks.
This person's personality could be fully reflected just from this one space!!


He Yanlu lay on the bed, half leaning on a comfortable and thick pillow, holding the black cat in his arms.


Ye Yixing sat on someone's chest that still felt damp with pink water vapor from their shower, his heart beating fast, then looked at the person with half-closed eyes, lazily asking,


“Little guy, tell daddy…who are you really?”

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