After drying off and putting on a bathrobe, He Yanlu seemed to be in a good mood as he went upstairs.


Yi Xing stood on the writing desk, paws on the wall, watching with interest.
Suddenly, he felt his body lifted up and he was held in the air.


As a cat, don't you hate it when you're lifted up and rotated in midair, sometimes even upside down in three dimensions? Meow!!


“Dare to peek at Daddy's secrets…” He Yanlu pretended to scold, but his tone was playful.


“Meow~” Yi Xing thought to himself, “My dad is not as childish as you are!!”


“Do you want punishment?” He Yanlu said, carrying the Xiao Hei cat to the double bed at the other end of the room…


Yi Xing looked at the white sheets and the gray striped comforter, which were completely different from the neat atmosphere on the bookshelf and desk.
This person's personality could be fully reflected in this space alone!


He Yanlu lay on the bed, leaning against the thick soft pillow, holding the black cat to his chest.


Yi Xing sat on the man's chest, feeling his heart pounding, and looked at him with wide eyes.
He seemed to be asking, “Little guy, tell Daddy…
who are you?”


Yi Xing felt his heart skip a beat as he looked at the man in front of him, whose gaze seemed sharp, but more importantly, sexy.
He couldn't have found out, right?


“Where did you come from?” He Yanlu continued to ask softly.


Yi Xing could only remain silent because even if he wanted to find an excuse, he could only meow.


“…Are you a gift from heaven for me?”




“…Are you here to keep me company?”




The man in front of him spoke every few minutes, guessing slowly, laughing slowly, and then closing his eyes as if he was about to fall asleep, relaxing his grip on Yi Xing's body.
Just when Yi Xing thought he was about to fall asleep, He Yanlu suddenly opened his eyes and got up, whispering, “You haven't showered, so you can't sleep with me.”


Yi Xing's frozen expression finally broke down: Oh my god!! He Yanlu! You scared me half to death! Your sudden realization that I haven't showered completely overturned my carefully planned next move! Ah, He Yanlu, your intelligence is on the same level as Yang Qu's!!


Yi Xing, who had been quietly admiring He Yanlu's keen intuition, thinking he had discovered the clue that “this cat must be related to Yi Xing,” was once again shocked by the man's unexpected statement.


He Yanlu picked Yi Xing up and carried him downstairs, throwing him next to the big white rabbit.


“Be good, sleep here, don't be afraid, sister will protect you.”




Do you have any common sense, you idiot? Do you know that siblings can't share a bed? There's a risk of incest, damn it!!


Ye Yixing jumped off the sofa in frustration and followed He Yanlu up the stairs.
As soon as He Yanlu fell onto the bed, Ye Yixing effortlessly jumped on and lay down on one side.
“How could I possibly sleep on the sofa! (Why didn't you think about the danger of father-son incest = =)”


As he turned over, he saw a certain unscrupulous animal nestled innocently in his blanket, looking at him.
Ye Yixing muttered in confusion, “Huh, how did you get up here again…?”


Undeterred, the person picked up the black cat and headed downstairs again.
(= =)


Ye Yixing started struggling: “Meow~ Meow~ Meow~” I want to sleep on the bed with you! Screw you, Whitey! I'll sleep with the rabbit instead! (Note: “rabbit” is “He Yanlu” backwards in Chinese)


He Yanlu stopped in his tracks, stroked Ye Yixing's head, and said with a more innocent expression than the black cat's: “You haven't showered…
You can't sleep with Daddy…”


Ye Yixing stiffened his cat arms and trembled his cat fingers: …!! …!! Ah!! …! I'm going crazy!!




“You're so naughty…” He Yanlu sighed helplessly and said, “Daddy is really tired…”


“Meow~ Meow~!”


“Okay, okay, go take a shower.” He Yanlu sighed again, pinched the black cat who had no chance of escape, and walked towards the bathroom, admonishing him, “You have to be good when you shower, otherwise I'll put you in the little black room…”


(Ye Yixing, what's wrong with you? Why did you faint!?)


(=皿=) I'll get revenge, I'll get revenge! If you dare to continue this (little Ye, please don't make it sound so suggestive), I'll definitely get revenge!


Feeling frustrated? Regretful? Going crazy? Too late!!


There's no cat shampoo available, can I use shampoo to bathe my cat? Will it harm their skin? But all I have is Head & Shoulders, can I use that? It seems to have a cooling effect…
but cats probably can't tolerate the minty scent.


“Meow~ Meow~” Since there's no escape, I should try to lean towards what's in my favor! I definitely shouldn't use Head & Shoulders with that minty scent! When I'm a human, my scalp can't even handle that stimulation, so if I use mint on a cat, it's the same as throwing sulfuric acid on them!!


With a furrowed brow, He Yanlu throws the Head & Shoulders aside and comforts the struggling black cat in her arms, “Be good, don't struggle.”


He remembers that Chu Wenxing gave him a bottle of mild shampoo last time, “Ah, here it is.” He Yanlu rummages through the cabinet and finds a white bottle.
When Ye Yixing takes a closer look, isn't that the shampoo brand he normally uses?


He Yanlu opens the lid and sniffs the scent of the shampoo inside the white bottle, which has a light fragrance that isn't overpowering.
this should work…” He puts hot water in the basin and prepares a clean towel with good water absorption.
He Yanlu gently immerses the black cat in the water…




As soon as the cat's paws touch the water, Ye Yixing lets out a miserable scream.
He Yanlu panics and immediately picks him up, checking the water temperature with his hand, “….it's too hot, I think.”


(T皿T) What do you mean “I think”!! Are you trying to cook cat meat?! Why didn't you try the water temperature first after pouring hot water?!


He Yanlu looks at the black cat, who is now shivering in fear (or anger) after getting burned on his paws, feeling a bit heartbroken.
He softly comforts him by stroking his head, “Be good…” while adjusting the water temperature.
“Let's try it with your tail in a bit…”


Ye Yixing: …


He Yanlu grabs someone's tail and dips it into the water, “Is it okay?”


“Meow…” (Someone is already powerless…)



The voice was a bit quieter this time, which meant that the black cat was enjoying the bath.
He Yanlu felt relieved and immersed the cat in the water.
The cat's originally fluffy body deflated when wet, and although it didn't have much fat on its body, its limbs looked very agile.
In short, this black cat had a good figure, but its wet fur clung to its body, giving it a bony appearance.
He Yanlu tilted his head and thought that the cat should be fed more to make it more comfortable to hold.


Because he was afraid that the detergent contained harmful chemicals, He Yanlu only used a small amount of shampoo.
Even so, there were still a lot of bubbles on the black cat's body.
Ye Yixing, who was extremely unhappy at first, slowly relaxed under He Yanlu's gentle gestures.
Although Ye Yixing couldn't take a bath every day as a cat, being cared for and cleaned like a massage was a completely new experience.
Without the shame of being a person, Ye Yixing enjoyed the feeling of being gently scratched and rubbed all over his body with his eyes closed.


“Mmm…a little heavier on the left side of the neck…yeah, and the back…mmm…don't touch my tail! (curls up tail!)…Ah, my tail was caught again…it's okay, endure it (=_=)…” Ye Yixing murmured in his mind.


“The little guy is really enjoying this…” He Yanlu chuckled and whispered, with an indescribable indulgent tone.


Until someone's hand reached the black cat's lower abdomen…


What the f**k! Enjoying my a**! Are you out of your mind, Ye Yixing? This person in front of you is giving you a bath! A BATH! Not only are they touching your belly, tail, and butt, but they're also touching your penis with their hands! Wait, wait, why am I using such gentle words as “touch”? It's more like they're rubbing it! (T皿T)!


Ye Yixing had a premonition that he would never return from this trip…it was too much of a test of his willpower…
Sobbing, he waited for the sweet torture to end…Come on, Ye Yixing, reassure yourself, stay calm (T_,T) He's your dad! He's just overflowing with “fatherly love”! Don't think such dirty thoughts, be pure! It's just a bath, really just a bath!!



“But this torture has been too long! He Yanlu, don't let me find out that you're playing tricks on me, I will definitely get revenge on you!”


Finally, it was over.
After rinsing off the foam, Ye Yixing resisted the urge to shake his body like a normal cat and send water droplets flying, even though it would feel great, but it would splatter onto someone who had already been cleaned…


He Yanlu wrapped the cat in a dry towel and began to dry him off, but the towel was soon soaked.


“I hope there won't be any problems from washing him like this…”


Ye Yixing squinted his eyes, wondering what he was talking about.


“Even normal cats know how to shake off water droplets, but Xiao Hei doesn't seem to…
he's kind of dumb…”


(=皿=)艹! I was doing it for your own good!


He Yanlu continued to dry the trembling (still angry) black cat and turned on the hair dryer to the highest heat setting, muttering under his breath, “I hope he doesn't get too cold…”


Being a cat was tough, and taking a bath had left him physically and mentally exhausted.


I'm still wet,” muttered He Yanlu absentmindedly as he took off the light purple bathrobe he had been wearing after the bath, and Ye Yixing was left speechless as he looked at He Yanlu's naked back.


little chicken…” he yawned repeatedly, feeling around on the sofa until he found his pajamas and crawled into bed.
After a long struggle, he was finally able to get a good night's sleep.
He Yanlu hugged the soft, furry little cat and lay down on the soft bed, looking completely satisfied.


Ye Yixing maintained his composure despite the internal conflict he was feeling as he looked at the man in front of him, who was wearing cartoon pajamas and had a “pure” expression on his face.
It wasn't funny at all how this completely overturned the image of He Meiren as described in legends as a “deep, stable, refined, and cold-faced prince”, making it difficult for him to accept it all at once! To say that he was proud, cold, and distant, and rejected people from a thousand miles away, this guy was obviously just a problem child who lacked childhood joy and yearned for love and care! And to say that so many people confessed their love to He Yanlu but were rejected if this realistic image were to be displayed in front of admirers who respected him so much, it would definitely be a tragedy!


Ye Yixing understood that if he didn't disguise himself well enough, he wouldn't be able to see the true intentions of those who approached him, and he wouldn't be able to distinguish which were his true friends.


As he thought about his own foolish idea of “being frozen by the cold beauty if he got too close,” Ye Yixing felt annoyed – he was freezing his damn eggplant! If He Yanlu appeared like this at school, how many people would want to rush over and give him “warmth”?! His disguise was the right decision! Only he was lucky enough to see the truth! This was truly the guidance of fate and the indication of the divine!


In the quiet night, the clock hand had already passed the “1” mark.
Just six hours ago, Ye Yixing hadn't said a word to He Yanlu, and now they were sleeping together.
Life really changed in an instant, unimaginable.


His body was tired, but his heart was filled with an inexplicable sense of happiness that he couldn't explain.


Let's think about the difficulties to be faced, the problems to be solved, and the tomorrow to be encountered when the sun rises again…


Nuzzling against the arm of a beautiful woman, feeling their skin against his own, smelling the fresh scent of their body mixed with shower gel, Ye Yixing felt conflicted yet blissful.
He slowly closed his eyes, experiencing his first night as a cat.


He had a dream.
In the dream, there was an extremely comfortable white double bed, and beside the bed was a floor lamp emitting a dim orange light.
In the warm and cozy light, two men could be clearly seen embracing each other, limbs intertwined.
They were covered by a thin silk quilt, and it was unclear whether they were naked under the covers, but at least they were not wearing any clothes.
The scene was so stunningly beautiful that it seemed to be completely natural.


Looking closely, the slender young man with jade-colored skin turned out to be He Yanlu, with his light brown hair soft and smooth against the pillow, thick long eyelashes, perfect nose, cherry-colored lips pursed and his neck bent slightly as he leaned against the chest of another man.
The other man had wheat-colored skin, with more muscular arms and a slightly larger frame than He Yanlu's, as if he could just about wrap his body around He Yanlu's.
His hand was resting on He Yanlu's waist, and he was rubbing his head against the nape of He Yanlu's neck.
Even though he was asleep, a handsome smile was still hanging on his face.


The features of the other man were clearly Ye Yixing's.


But for some reason, his hair was not golden, but black.



After a while, He Yanlu seemed to want to adjust his posture and turn over.
Ye Yixing, in his dream, looked quite domineering as he grabbed He Yanlu's waist with one hand and held the back of his head with the other.
He leaned in, licked and kissed him deeply…


Then, He Yanlu let out a seductive breath in Ye Yixing's embrace, frowning but unable to resist.
This action undoubtedly stimulated someone's next move.
Ye Yixing cheered silently for himself in his dream, staring at the scene without turning his eyes away, afraid that he might break the picture with even the slightest movement…


He did not disappoint himself.
His black-haired self turned over and pressed the fragile He Yanlu under him.
The thin quilt slipped slightly, revealing the young bodies of the two.
He Yanlu was under him, blushing, looking aggrieved, and acting coquettishly, “Xiao Hei, don't bully Daddy…”


Then, he held his wrists and said, “I'll bully you, who told you to wash me!”


He Yanlu dodged his nibbling with his head turned to the side and said, “Stop…
If you don't stop, I'll turn you into a cat!”


Suddenly, Ye Yixing looked terrified, increased the pressure on He Yanlu, and said loudly, “No, absolutely not!”


The originally cute and charming He Yanlu suddenly smiled slyly, as if possessed by Snow White's stepmother, and said with a raised corner of his mouth, “Hehe, I'm the one who decides that…”


In an instant, Ye Yixing's head spun, his body lightened, and the enlarged He Yanlu turned him into a black cat, which was grabbed by him and held against his chest! ( =╬= )


Afterwards, the man asked sinisterly, “Little one, come on, tell Daddy, who are you really…”


Yi Xing lamented in his mind, “You bastard, I'm Yi Xing!!”


What came out was a cute meowing, “Meow~ Meow~ Meow~”


Then, He Yanlu stopped laughing, looked at him dazedly and said, “Daddy will give you a bath…” and pushed him into the scalding water…


Yi Xing yelled, “No, no…”


The pitiful sound of a cat continued to float in the air…
Meow~ Meow~…


On the bed in reality, the chest of a certain black cat was half pressed between the arm and the bed, twisting its face and panting weakly…



On another bed in the same city, Yang Qu held Yi Xing's phone in his left hand and a pen sent by Chu Wenxing in his right hand, going crazy in despair.
Sleep, sleep!! Let's talk about it tomorrow…

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