Four claws replaced all modes of transportation, sprinting here and there.


Ever since he transformed, Ye Yixing, who hadn't eaten anything other than milk in the morning, was now starving.
Cats aren't immortal, they have to eat, so he typed “hungry” on the keyboard and Yang Qu immediately ordered takeout.


Steamed perch, squirrel fish, sweet and sour carp…


Twenty minutes later, when Ye Yixing smelled the aroma wafting from the food box in front of him, he couldn't wait to swallow his tongue.


I really can't resist fish…


There's no need to be self-conscious in front of one's own brother, so Ye Yixing buried his head and ate like a wolf.


Yang Qu laughed out loud as he watched: “Although you definitely don't want to hear it…”


If you know I don't want to hear it, don't say it! Ye Yixing stared at him and continued to eat fish while instinctively extending his claws to wash his face.


“…I can't help it, haha! Can you please not make that gesture? It's just like a cat…
I feel like I'm going crazy haha…”


Ye Yixing let out a sigh, causing his cat whiskers to quiver.
Then he grinned and jumped onto Yang Qu's body, raising his paw…


“Alright, alright, I'm sorry, buddy…hehe…I won't laugh anymore.” Yang Qu struggled to control his expression and said, “Two fish enough for you?”


Ye Yixing wanted to eat another one, but he was full now.
He decided to leave the remaining one for Yang Qu's dinner.
But would Yang Qu eat leftovers from a cat? He licked his lips and pointed his paw towards the door.


Yang Qu was taken aback.
“Leaving so soon?”


The black cat nodded.
He had seen He Yanlu's class schedule earlier and knew that he would be finished soon.
He had to hurry back before He Yanlu returned home.
Not because he was afraid of being caught sneaking out, but because he didn't want to see He Yanlu's lonely expression if he couldn't find him at home.


Since he had been brought home by He Yanlu yesterday, Ye Yixing had realized that he was actually a lonely person.
Although he didn't yet know the reasons for the other's loneliness and unhappiness.

Yang Qu expressed his concern, but Ye Yixing didn't want to ask too many questions.
He couldn't express his thoughts smoothly as the cunning and free-spirited Ye Yixing he used to be, which was a painful state for him.


Since Yang Qu's home was not too far from the university campus, it wasn't too troublesome for Ye Yixing to return home.
He just needed to be a little careful when crossing the road.
After making sure that the black cat could return home alone, Yang Qu opened the door and watched him leave.
“If you have any difficulties, contact me immediately.
I'll be there when you call.”


Ye Yixing looked at him with deep green eyes, conveying his gratitude and trust.
Yang Qu smiled knowingly and said, “Go ahead, experience a life that's completely different from others.
It'll definitely be a wonderful experience.”


Brother, I know.


I'll enjoy my time as a cat.


I'll look at the world from the perspective of a different creature.




On his way back to He Yanlu's home, Ye Yixing began to think about his column.


Since he considered He Yanlu as his rival, Ye Yixing himself was also a web novelist.


On the largest fantasy novel website in China, his skill level was considered no less than that of “Zhi Yan,” another author known for his work.
Ye Yixing started publishing his novels online in his sophomore year, using a homophone of his name, “Yi Ye Zhi Qiu,” which means “to know autumn with one leaf,” and adopted the pen name “Luo Mu Zhi Qiu” or “Falling Wood, Knowing Autumn,” with the shortened name “Luo Mu.”


Zhi Yan and Luo Mu, two writers with completely different styles.
If Zhi Yan's story was a pop opera with ups and downs, then Luo Mu's novel tended to be fast-paced rap and rock music.


Perhaps it was due to different growth experiences or varying levels of cultural sedimentation, but both of them had completely different readerships as well.
Young readers tended to prefer pop music, while those who listened to rock mostly went to play basketball, so the readership was somewhat unevenly distributed.
Although in Ye Yixing's view, rankings determined everything, and if you couldn't surpass someone, it meant you were inferior, even if it was just by one position.


Interestingly, even though they were completely different authors, there were readers who simultaneously read their stories.


Ye Yixing once saw readers chatting about “Zhi Yan and Luo Mu” on a forum.
One reader who preferred Luo Mu's novels commented, “I really like Luo Mu's stories, they're more realistic and make me feel relaxed and happy.
Although Zhi Yan's novels are well-written, some things are too abstract and hard to accept.
Sometimes I wonder if Luo Mu and Zhi Yan are brothers, with their writing complementing each other, and what Zhi Yan lacks is what Luo Mu has.” Then someone replied, “Luo Mu doesn't write fantastical things, he's a pure man.” And then someone said, “Are you saying that Zhi Yan isn't a man?! F*ck you!” And then the readers on both sides started fighting: “Why is Luo Mu's ranking lower than Zhi Yan's?” “Because readers love to dream…
sigh, real life is tough.”


“[Dreaming? Sounds nice! Isn't it just fantasizing? Didn't Luomu do it too? People who write novels are all fantasizing maniacs!]” “[You say the other person is a fantasizing maniac, but you still read it with relish, idiot!]” “[Why argue? If you don't like Zhiyan, just leave.
You're uncultured!]”


“[Love Zhiyan the most, love Zhiyan the most, love Zhiyan the most, love Zhiyan the most, love Zhiyan the most, love Zhiyan the most, love Zhiyan the most, love Zhiyan the most……]” “[Luomu is a real man, Luomu is a real man, Luomu is a real man, Luomu is a real man, Luomu is a real man, Luomu is a real man……]” “[If you like to read it, read it.
If you don't like it, just leave.
The authors themselves aren't even fighting, yet you guys are bickering!]” The bickering turns into gossip——


“[Maybe Zhiyan and Luomu are a couple!]”


“[A couple? Are you kidding me? The information in their columns says they're both men!]”


“[I heard they're still in school? Are they at the same school? The geniuses all flock together!]” “[Is it true? They're classmates?]”


“[I heard Zhiyan is in the Chinese department at F university.
My sister goes to F university and says that almost 9 out of 10 students in the Chinese department are writing novels.
I don't know which one is Zhiyan.
If it's a girl, it's hard to say.]” “[No way! A girl? A girl can write such a domineering novel? I don't believe it!]” “[Wait, is Luomu also from F university?! Ah, I want to take the F university exam too!]” The gossip turns into exposure——


“[I heard there's a person in the Chinese department of F university who looks better than a woman!]”


[“Transgender? I'm still Chun Ge!” Recently, there was a girl from the F University German department who participated in Super Girl! Oh my, she's a complete tomboy! ” “Nowadays androgynous beauty is in style, don't you know that! Don't insult our Chun Ge, I passed my exams last year thanks to his blessings!”…


Although the topic could go on and on, clever as Ye Yixing was, he was able to selectively browse through the information and find some real clues.
Then, using his computer skills, he did some research and followed the clues, and through the other person's login account, he found their IP address, which was mostly located near F University, and private addresses were not usually displayed.
Then, he noticed where the IP address changed, and it was clear that Zhiyan was indeed a student of F University's literature department, similar to the public address of the F University library's humanities section.


Then, six months ago, Ye Yixing was bored surfing the internet with his laptop in the self-study room when he casually checked Zhiyan's account's login location.
The IP address actually appeared in F University's literature building self-study room B- right next to him.


He couldn't help shaking with excitement, closed his computer, put on his hat and jacket, pretending to pass by next door.
Through the slightly closed door, he saw the brightly lit classroom with only five or six students buried in their books.


The only desk with a computer – at the back of the classroom.
The person was wearing a gray V-neck sweater, revealing a beautiful collarbone, with one hand supporting their chin, and the other slender fingers resting on the silver notebook's keyboard, frowning slightly, their delicate features under the screen's faint light, particularly alluring…


In retrospect, Ye Yixing only felt his heart pounding like a drum.


Then, he ran away in a panic…


At that time, he definitely wouldn't have thought that he would be able to appear openly in that person's house and observe him up close.


He didn't give up on his idea of defeating Zhì Yán through his novel, but the current situation made Ye Yixing feel powerless.
Being turned into a cat, even typing became a problem.
How could he continue writing his novel? His weekly column required over 5,000 words, and the responsibility he had built up with his readers and his publishing contract made it impossible for him to give up.


The plot of his ongoing series, “Prophecies of the Dark God,” was also reaching a critical point, and readers were eagerly waiting for the next installment.
How could he reply to them?


“Sorry, I can't write anymore because I've turned into a cat.
Please be patient?”


That excuse was not even credible! He would be ridiculed to death!


Should he send an email to his editor, saying that he's been sick lately? But when will he recover from this illness? What if he never turns back into a human again?…


(=皿=) Then what's the point of trying to surpass Zhì Yán? He might as well just be his son!!


This was a problem that required further careful consideration.


Back at apartment 16 in Xingyue Estate, the black cat followed the usual routine and leapt onto He Yanlu's balcony.
As it slipped through the kitchen window, it caught a glimpse of He Yanlu's gloomy face.


He had already come home and seemed to have noticed that the black cat was missing.
His expression was full of sadness and disappointment.
Perhaps due to his search, his hair was slightly messy, with some strands of bangs curling towards one side.
The buttons of his shirt were undone down to the third one, and his eyes were wandering restlessly.


For some reason, Ye Yixing began to feel sorry for him.
Crouching on the kitchen windowsill, he softly meowed, “Meow~”


Suddenly turning his head, He Yanlu's emerald green eyes met the black cat's.
Ye Yixing felt that his eyes brightened up, and his dull expression was instantly transformed.
However, the excitement and joy in He Yanlu's eyes disappeared in a flash.
He took two steps forward and angrily picked up the little creature that had caused him worry, scolding, “Xiao Hei!”


“Meow~” Ye Yixing pretended to be obedient and lowered its head, as if saying, “I'm sorry, don't be so nervous.”


“Escaping without permission! Betraying dad! What crime should be punished for this?!” He Yanlu furrowed his brows, his eyes still shining.
With one hand on his hip and the other gripping the black cat's front paw, he accused Ye Yixing with a fierce demeanor.


Ye Yixing rolled its eyes.
This fool was trying to ruin its perfect image again.


“Dad was worried sick! The consequences are severe!” Seeing that the little cat showed no signs of remorse, He Yanlu increased his grip on its shoulder, causing Ye Yixing to feel a little pain.


“Meow~” Please go easy on me, Dad! (=_=)


“I won't feed you! Starve!”


Luckily, Ge already ate at Yang Qu's house…


“Reflect in the little black room for an hour!!”


(=皿=) Damn it! Ye Yixing started struggling frantically, you stepdad!!


He Yanlu searched for a little black room everywhere, but even the bathroom in his apartment had a large window and good lighting.
After circling around, he couldn't find a suitable “prison”.
Although the black cat struggled, it didn't scratch him.
He Yanlu became a bit soft-hearted.


When he couldn't find the little black room, he felt sad, heartbroken, and lost…
He felt like he was abandoned.
However, when he saw this tiger-headed and tiger-brained cat appear in front of him again, he suddenly felt at ease.
He couldn't explain why the fear of loneliness was so strong.


He softened his heart, but not his mouth.
Just when Ye Yixing thought he could get away with it, He Yanlu suddenly grabbed the black cat and threatened him again, “No little black room, close the black box! Hmph!”


(=皿=) You hold a grudge too much! Is there anyone as petty as you?!


“Meow!!~” Ye Yixing protested.


“In the future, you can only go out with me! The outside world is dangerous!”


Your possessiveness is really strong! Ye Yixing complained, but his heart was beating with excitement, an indescribable sense of satisfaction from being noticed by someone.


“Do you understand?!” He Yanlu was still scowling and teaching him by pulling his ears.


“Meow~ Meow~” I understand, I understand!


Ye Yixing felt conflicted.
If he were an ordinary cat, he would have bitten or scratched him without discrimination.
Are there any cats as gentle as me?! He Yanlu, you are such a willful and arrogant stepdad!


Watching the black cat show signs of submission, He Yanlu finally felt relieved.
He patted its head and said, “I bought you some delicious food…”


Ye Yixing narrowed his eyes, not knowing who had just said he couldn't eat…


Looking at someone “pleased” to take out a big bag of orange-packaged cat food from the door – Little Chicken brand cat food, with a shining eye, “Look! The salmon flavor is the most favorite of cats!”




Ignoring the black cat in his head, which had crashed, He Yanlu eagerly ran to open the package and poured out a few biscuit-shaped things – “Oh? They’re shaped like fish! …
Can you tell that they’re fish, Xiao Hei? Cat food is so intelligent!”


Damn intelligent! Can ordinary cats even tell that it’s the shape of a fish? Does anyone have as much intelligence as me?! Damn!


“Come here and try them!” He Yanlu beckoned to him, seeing the black cat squatting motionless on the sofa.
He walked over and held out his hand, with three small rice-colored fish-shaped cat food pellets in his palm.


Ye Yixing quickly turned his head.
How could I eat cat food?! It might even be a byproduct of compressed waste! What is a byproduct? It could be processed chemicals from dead chickens and fish! He Yanlu! Your son isn't an ordinary cat, ah ah ah!!!


He Yanlu looked at the disgusted black cat with some confusion and asked plaintively, “You don’t like it?”


Of course not! I’m not a real cat! Moreover, I just ate two fresh fish, how could I still want to eat fake fish with unknown ingredients!


“The pet store owner said this cat food is their bestseller! …
They lied to me…” He Yanlu slumped on the sofa, weakly taking out his phone and dialing a number.


As Ye Yixing stared at him, he also took the opportunity to lie on someone's waist and enjoy his caresses.
Was He Yanlu going to complain to the pet store?


“Hello, Wen Xing…”



“What do cats like to eat?”



“The ones brought back from Yang Qu's birthday party yesterday.”



“Ah, I can't explain it clearly…”



“Okay, come over later.”


(= 皿 =) Wow, so quickly, Yang Qu's little lover makes an appearance?!

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