This is the first time I have seen this effect.

None of the items that had appeared so far showed such an effect.

Furthermore, the same was true of the magic book, which did not produce any effects.

A special effect, which did not appear even when the magic book was acquired, is being emitted from the newly acquired ‘Magic Sword: Ednos’.

Perhaps this is proof that this item is more important than an ordinary magic book.

“Magic sword? There’s also an item called that.”

I examined the item in detail, marveling at the effects clad in the magic sword.

Despite having the name ‘Magic sword: Ednos’, it was closer in shape to a dagger than a common sword.

Underneath the beautifully carved blade was a handle decorated with jewels.

Clicking on the item in the inventory and examining it, detailed information on [Magic Sword: Ednos] was displayed.

Maybe because it has the name ‘magic sword’.

The [Magic Sword: Ednos] had attributes that could not be found on common items.

“The characteristic name is… ?”


That was the name of the attribute given to [Magic Sword: Endos].

The  characteristic has the effect of absorbing magic up to 10 times.

Absorbed magic is stored inside [Magic Sword: Ednos], and it seemed possible to open up space again by releasing the stored magic.

It’s an ability that preserves the opponent’s magic.

It would be difficult for me to use it directly, but it would be a great advantage in inter-character combat.

It can release powerful magic that was already stored.

It is also possible to suddenly dispel an opponent’s magic and throw that attack back at them.

It was a trait that could be used to create various advantages for the character depending on the situation.

“Maybe it’s because it’s an 80,000 won gacha, but I feel like it’s getting better.”

The standard of items coming out of the gacha also seemed to have risen in general.

Compared to before, the weight of ‘sponge cakes’ coming out was significantly higher than ‘baguettes’.

Also, the ‘sharp iron sword’ replacing the ‘iron sword’ was certainly worth 80,000 won.

It is worth 80,000 won.

I stroked my chin for a while, and thought for a while, but when I saw the magic sword I pulled out this time, I was convinced again.

“This is well worth the money.
But then again… who should I give this magic sword to?”

After the gacha was over, it was my turn to worry about the distribution of the items.

Unlike the magic book, the magic sword is not an item I can use.

Normally, I would have given this to Euthenia as well, but this was an item that did not suit Euthenia.

Euthenia is a magic user who can use divine artifacts.

Giving a magic sword that absorbs magic to Euthenia like that was not an ideal choice.

If not Euthenia, who should I give this sword to?

As I was worrying about it, I noticed one man loitering around Euthenia in my field of vision.

– [Roan-Hebrith] has gained the  trait.

– Karma increased by 1.

The character hanging around next to Euthenia is named Roan-Heblis.

After meeting Euthenia, the character was influenced by her and acquired the  trait.

I didn’t notice it at first because I was concentrating on the magic book, but I found out about it later when I checked it out.

Thereafter, through my interaction with Euthenia, I came to know the fact that Roan wanted to be my character.

Of course, it is not possible to make anyone an apostle, as there are limits to karma.

Still, there was no reason to leave a character with the characteristics of a ‘fanatic’ alone.

I fixed my screen focus on the hurriedly moving Roan.

“Hmm, There you are…”

Yesterday, in my conversation with Euthenia, I had promised to give Roan a moderately high position…

In the content corrected by the speech bubble translator, the position was named ‘Archbishop’.

is only activated for characters, not apostles.

This was because the offerings made by Roan to me could also be converted into karma.

The plan was to increase the number of characters with the  characteristic, with Roan at the center, one by one, and consequently to use the forces to facilitate the supply and demand of karma.

“More importantly, It’s an archbishop, but I can’t just give him nothing.”

An archbishop is an archbishop, even if his name is only an appearance.

It was Roan who had to work busily on behalf of the place when Euthenia went on her journey to collect magic books.

If you’re working alone and get attacked by another character with a knife, it would be a troubling situation.

I couldn’t just meekly leave the person who would be the archbishop alone.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to present the newly acquired [Magic Sword: Ednos] to Roan.

I thought that by making use of the [Magic Sword: Ednos]’s magic-preserving properties, it would be plenty useful for Roan.

“Because it’s a skill that preserves magic.
Then, after all…”

An ability of the Magic Sword that stores magic.

Naturally, his gaze was directed at the skill button located in one corner of the screen.


It was a powerful magic that even inflicted damage on wide-area attacks.

So what would happen if I stored my  in [Magic Sword: Ednos] to the limit?

It’s an item that allows a character to use  up to 10 times.

In a way, I would be in a position to say that I am stronger than I was when I was low-level.

“Yes, that’s right.
Magic is still wide-area, isn’t it?”

It’s like Roan firing ‘Lightning Arrow’ indiscriminately using a magic sword.

Just thinking about it made my heart feel beat.

Having decided to dispose of [Magic Sword: Ednos] in that way, I put my smartphone on the desk and stood up.

It’s time to get hungry.

I was going to make a bowl of ramen and eat it.

I moved towards the kitchen to boil the water.

“I’ll have to give you the item later.”

* * * * * *

A huge empty space located in one corner of the hideout.

There, Roan’s hands were moving busily .

Luminescent stones glowed around the darkened open space, and geometric patterns painted in pure white paint on the ground.

Numerous words of praise were written in ancient script around the complex patterns.

This was the altar that Roan, who had been appointed Archbishop of the Order, had learned from Euthenia.

The altar on which the offerings were placed was positioned even higher than usual.

Using all the remaining paint, Roan, who had carefully written every last letter, placed the bowl on the floor.

“So this is the end….”

Cold sweat was dripping from Roan’s forehead as he completed the altar.

It is an altar dedicated to God.

He had to put more effort into it than when he was doing his magic experiments.

With his hands free, Roan took a few steps back and looked at the altar.

A satisfied smile appeared in Roan’s mouth as he saw the altar he had created.

Despite being the first altar he had ever drawn, it was a sight that showed no sign of major shortcomings.

It was, in Roan’s own opinion, a splendidly crafted altar.

“Thank you for your hard work, Roan.”

“No, it was all thanks to the Apostle.”

Sitting by Roan’s side was Euthenia, who was eating sponge cake and watching over him.

A hand reached out from the shadows to support the cake plate, while Euthenia reached over and ate the cake.

Roan stared absently at her for a moment as Euthenia did this.

He had been thinking about it since she had used the shadows to take out the book, but it was a truly unusual sight for Roan to see.

“By the way, have you prepared all the offerings?”


“Archbishop Roan?”

“…It’s nothing.
I have prepared enough offerings.”

Shaking his head and clearing his thoughts, Roan looked again at the altar in front of him.

What was important to him now was his ritual of offering.

It didn’t matter how tasty that cake looked or the way she ate it.

“If there are no problems, let the ritual proceed.”

“Yes, Master Apostle.
You there! Move the slaves I have prepared to the altar!”

Following Roan’s instructions, the waiting lay men began to move.

Through the process of collecting the sacrifices, the number of believers had increased considerably from before.

People who feared senseless deaths naturally chose to convert.

Such converts, supported by Roan’s spiritual education and the testimonies of the bandits, were reborn as diligent workers.

Even any remaining doubts would disappear completely after today’s ceremony.

“You have prepared more numbers than I expected.”

“I do not intend to disappoint the Great one from the first ritual.”

“That’s a good attitude.”

Slaves tied to ropes were piled one after the other on the altar.

This was thanks to a hurried movement of believers who had received the order.

Having loaded all the slaves they had prepared, the believers retreated backwards, bowed to Roan.

The presence of Roan, a Warlock, was an object of fear in itself.

Those who had resisted the order had already made their way towards the altar, so there was no one to express their discontent towards Roan.

“Then we will begin the ritual.”

When all the preparations for the ritual were finished, Roan moved to the correct position where he was supposed to be.


A sigh escaped Roan’s mouth as he faced the altar .

It’s a ritual to make offerings to the gods and receive answers.

He’d be lying, if he said, he was not trembling.

After calming his tense body, Roan opened his hands and began to recite the incantation.

“O life.
Build the staircase.”

Roan’s calm voice echoed in the devoutly altered atmosphere.

As the ceremony began, all the believers in the vicinity knelt before the altar.

Euthenia, who was watching the ceremony, was no exception.

As everyone gazed at the altar and watched the ritual, Roan continued to calmly pray.

“One way to glory.”

The content of the majestic prayer cried out to God.

One word became a marvel that shook people, and the next word became an echo that shook heaven and earth.

A raging throb.
And awe.

The gates of heaven revealed itself to the lowly figures who looked up to God.

A huge gaze expressed its presence and looked at those praying towards it.

“Awe, revere.
Make offerings.”

Their bodies, offered as sacrifices, were enveloped in a bright glow.

Faced with the immense presence, Roan’s body began to shudder.

However, not giving in to the crushing pressure that had overwhelmed his whole body, Roan continued to recite the prepared prayer.

“- Sing the hymn of life.”

The moment the prayer that continued in this way was nearing its end.

With a sudden flash of light, the sacrifices on the altar disappeared.

No signs of sacrifice remained anywhere on the altar.

The offering ceremony had succeeded.

Realizing this fact, a smile of emotion appeared in Roan’s mouth.

Thrilled, Roan shouted out his master in a loud voice.

“O Great One!”

And at the same time, an anomaly occurred on the vacant altar.

A single dagger fell from the heavens and stuck in the middle of the altar.

The dagger, which stood on the altar, seemed to be enveloped in a thick darkness.

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