tially give me access to a powerful new character.

However, I wonder if the developers of this game would have made such a loophole.

It Would be possible.
Or would it be impossible.

After some deliberation, I clicked on the skill icon to activate the target.

“What could I possibly lose?”

I thought to myself.

With that thought in mind, I used the skill.

I pressed the skill selection message was displayed.

The character I was currently fighting was named Evan Alemia.

The amount of Karma required to make Evan a new Apostle was 400.

‘I had been hunting relentlessly since acquiring the Lightning Arrow and had barely scraped by.’

I was given a choice, and it looked like I could make Evan an Apostle.

For 400 Karma, I could turn an elite monster into an Apostle of my own.

If the amount of karma I had to pay didn’t bother me, there was no reason left for me to hesitate.

“…… This is real.”

Without hesitation, I pressed the accept button.


The screen disappeared, and Evan’s body was engulfed in a pure white flash.

His body was enveloped in light.

Evan straightened up and looked at the sky.

Evan’s face looked very tired as he looked at the sky.

At the same time as Evan was looking up, a message appeared at the bottom of the screen.

– Select [Evan Alemia] as an Apostle.

– Spent 400 Karma to create a new Divine Artifact for the Apostle.

– The [Divine Artifact: Astrape] has been attributed to [Evan Alemia].

– [Evan Alemia] has rejected the path of the Apostle.

, a new item was created in the inventory.

Up until this point, the process was similar to when I made Euthenia an Apostle.

But then something happened that even I didn’t expect.

Evan refused to become an Apostle, and a message informed me that the Select Apostle skill was temporarily on hold.

The character himself refused to be my apostle.

I felt like I’d been slapped in the face with circumstances I hadn’t even imagined.

“What’s with the hold? Where’s my karma?”

My opponent is an elite monster with outstanding stats among other characters.

As such, I was somewhat prepared for a situation where I couldn’t use skill had increased to 800.

On top of that, there was already a [Divine Artifact: Astrafe] in my inventory that belonged to Evan.

– ‘…… What was that?’

I looked at Evan on the screen in confusion.

Evan, who had put skill that I had forgotten about it.

– (Fleeing)

“If he dies, will my karma disappear?”

My fingers froze in place as they moved to point at Evan.

Karma is only consumed in the process of creating a Divine Artifact.

And the [Divine Artifact: Astrape] was bound to Evan, who was in the midst of the is only on hold because of Evan’s refusal to become an apostle.

If Evan were to accept to be an apostle again, there was a possibility that the process could resume as normal.

It was only a possibility.

However, this is also the first time that the selection process has been put on hold.

There was still plenty of room to hope for the possibility of finishing it.

I had to convince Evan somehow.

I flicked my finger to activate the conversation with Euthenia.

“Euthenia, I need you to go and get the newcomer.”

I couldn’t persuade my in-game character in the usual way.

There’s only one way to do it.

I had to send a being that could speak to the character directly to Evan.

And the only being I had left who could do that was Euthenia.

Activating the chat window, I sent a message to Euthenia asking her to somehow fetch Evan.

Of course, my message was translated by the speech bubble translator into something plausible.

[Welcome the new apostle.
He who has lost his light shall find a new path.]

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