It wasn’t until some time after the battle had started that I realised that a new elite monster had appeared.

After emptying out my bowl of ramen noodles, I leisurely looked at my phone and saw the image of someone fighting Euthenia.

A male character was fighting with a shining sword.

He used his sword skills to block out the shadows and deliver a blow to Euthenia’s barrier.

Of course, Euthenia’s barrier prevented him from doing any damage, and he retreated.

“An elite monster?”

I think back to the elite monster that attacked Euthenia last time.

The previous one had also swung its sword at Euthenia to take her down.

Compared to the situation now, it didn’t feel much different.

Seeing this, I wondered if it was a common trait of elite monsters to target my characters.

“It certainly looks stronger than last time.”

The sword movements were different.

With a swift swing of his sword, he blocked Euthenia’s shadows several times.

A bright light emanated from his sword.

It seemed to be a talent that gave him additional buffs to his attack or defense.

It was definitely stronger than the elite monsters I had defeated before.

Of course, if they fought to the end, Euthenia would win easily.

– “Release!”

Roan shouted, taking advantage of the opening in Euthenia’s opponent’s defense.

Roan used the [Magic Sword: Ednos] that he had given him earlier to blast the opponent away.


With a heavy impact sound, the elite monster flew backwards into the distance.

He had used , which deals up to 30 damage and causes electric shocks.

Roan’s demonstration of the [Magic Sword: Ednos] gave me a feeling of satisfaction in my heart.

It was well worth the $80,000 price tag.

Just keep attacking.”

The opponent hit by took 8 damage and was slammed into a tree.

He staggers for a moment as he hits the tree, but then regains his grip on his sword and rises to his feet.

Even after being hit by Lightning Arrow, which dealt a lot of damage and stunned him, he was still able to move.

It was a far cry from the previous opponent who was simply stunned by the magic.

In terms of defence and durability, he seemed to be tougher than previous enemies.

It was definitely an opponent that made me feel like the difficulty of the game had increased from before.

“But it still seems easy.”

If one wasn’t enough, I could use until he died.

I pressed the skill button to activate Lightning Arrow’s targeting.

I found out after playing the game for a long time that if you hold the touch while the target is set, it will fire.

Once I activated the fire button, the skill would continue to fire without me having to press it again.

Of course, the downside was that it took a bit longer than using a skill normally.

– “Goddess!”

As I aimed my activated target at the character in front of me, he raised his sword, looking for the goddess.

A sudden search for the goddess.

From his glowing sword to his combat style, this character seemed to have a Holy Knight setting.

With the sound of electricity flowing, the skill was ready.

I began to fire my ready at my opponent.

– “Lead the way!”

After uttering those moving words, the character swung his sword at the incoming magic.


The that was deflected by the glowing sword fell in a different direction.

He had used the sword to deflect the magic in a different direction.

I couldn’t help but admire the character’s ability to twist the direction of the magic.

My opponent’s ability was greater than I had expected.

“Wow, this guy can deflect magic.”

Of course, as strong as the elite monsters were, they weren’t strong enough to block all magic.

Boom! Boom! Kwaaaaaaang!

One after another, the characters who couldn’t block the took a hit.

The opponent directly hit by staggered back with 9 damage.

His defence was lower than before due to the continuous attacks.

The electrocuted character groaned and raised his sword again.

– “Ugh…….”

The more I looked at it, the more I admired it.

It has a strong defence that greatly reduces magic damage.

On top of that, he had the sword skills to block magic.

The strength of the character in front of me naturally drew my gaze to the skill icons in the corner.

The corner of the screen where the skill icons are located.

There, the button for the skill and placed the activated target on top of the opponent’s character.

The boundary of the character within range of the target is turned blue.

I tapped the target again to make that character the target of the skill.

– Do you wish to select [Evan Alemia] as an Apostle?

– It costs 400 Karma to select an Apostle.

– Yes/No

After using the skill, the has been placed on hold.

Upon activating .

However, the problem was with my Karma.

A message popped up telling me that my Karma had been used to create an item.

My available Karma had already been reduced to zero, and the next cost of the on hold, muttered to himself and began to run away.

Evan’s horse stood still in the direction he was running.

As he ran, the icon of a fleeing person appeared several times above his head.

As Evan ran away, I quickly pressed the skill button at the bottom of the screen.

“I just spent 400 karma and he’s running away?”

Activating Lightning Arrow, I shifted the target to Evan and continued to fire away.

Boom! Boom!

Evan ran towards the horse, dodging the lightning bolts that were falling towards him.

It was clear what Evan was trying to do as he ran towards his horse.

As I watched him, I used my skill on Evan’s still horse.


The horse that was hit by Lightning Arrow fell to the ground as a skeleton.

Upon noticing the fallen horse, Evan changed direction and began to run off into the mountains.

As I watched him flee, a possibility suddenly flashed through my mind.

I had been so focused on using the process.

So what would happen to [Divine Artifact: Astrape] if Evan died?

Most likely, it would remain locked in my inventory and become unusable.

With this possibility in mind, I had no choice but to try to come up with an amicable solution.

“I think it’ll run away as is, but the fact that it’s on hold suggests that there’s a chance that it can be proceed again.”