e brought up was one he had been eagerly anticipating.

A topic that he had asked the priests to tell him privately.

It was about his brother, who had been serving in the Holy Land.

It had been several days since he had arrived in the Holy Land.

In all that time, he had not met his brother Evan once.

“Evan Alemere, are you referring to the paladin who works at the Temple of Honour?”

“Yes, that is my brother.”

It’s become a situation where he’s been chosen by the goddess.

He had a long list of things he wanted to tell Evan when he met him.

Most of all, he wanted to know how Evan would react to seeing him as a hero.

As he waited for Evan to tell him, Aurora picked up a piece of paper nearby.

Aurora held up the paper, which was a profile of Evan that the priests had gathered from their investigations around the Holy Land.

“According to our research, Evan Alemire, Inquisitor of the Goddess of Honour, is…”

“My brother is……?”

“He has not returned to the Holy Land since his last request for leave.”


A thud.

Reaching for a nearby candlestick, Huss fell to his seat with it.

Perhaps it was his long-lost eye.

Or maybe it was the shock of what he’d heard about his brother.

Either way, this was a hard pill to swallow for him.

* * * *

In the province of Centurius, on the outskirts of the Empire.

There, a carriage traveling down a remote road came to a halt.

The driver of the carriage was Shuron, a merchant who ran a modestly sized merchant business.

Shuron stared at the front of the carriage in annoyance.

For some unexplained reason, the wagon was not moving forward.

“Hey! Why are you stopping the wagon?”

Schron said in a furious tone, urging the coachman on.

The horses, which had been heading into the city, had stopped dead in their tracks at some point.

The situation was incomprehensible to Schron, who sat in the back seat.

In response to his question, the coachman turned to him and answered.

“Nothing, it seems to be blocked by something.”

“What, is there a stone on the floor?”

“No, it’s not that…”

“If it’s not that, then what is it?”

As far as Schron could see, there was nothing in front of them that could be an obstacle.

And yet, the horse stood still, unmoving.

What could possibly be blocking the way?

Unsure of the situation, Schron got out of the carriage and approached the coachman’s seat.

He wanted to see for himself what the problem was.

“I don’t know why either,”

“It doesn’t matter, because I’m going to cut your next paycheque!”

The coachman had already gotten out of the carriage and checked on the horses.

Still not trusting the coachman, Schron approached the horses to check on them personally.

Schron’s gaze swept over the horses’ legs as they stood still.

There was no sign of anything snagging or troubling them.

The only thing unusual was that they were both snorting with their heads in the air.

A little further forward this time, Schron reached out to the spot where the horses had stopped.


His outstretched hand came to a halt, blocked by an invisible wall.


Schron’s fingers probed the invisible wall.

In front of him, an invisible barrier had been stretched out by some sort of force.

Come to think of it, he remembered the carriage rocking quite violently even when the horses had stopped.

If there was a barrier in front of them, it made sense that the horses would stop with their foreheads pressed against it.

Surprised by the transparent barrier blocking the road, Schron called out to the coachman.

“The road is blocked! Turn the carriage the other way!”

“But to turn the carriage around…”

“The way is blocked! We’ll have to go around it somehow!”

An unidentified force is blocking the way.

Schron guessed it must be something magical.

Until a wizard of decent skill can dispel the spell, the path will be unusable.

It was unfortunate that their advance would be delayed, but it was best to make a judgment call as quickly as possible to save a little time.

When Schron had reached a conclusion and was giving orders to the coachman, a man emerged from the woods near where they were.

“The barrier is indeed strong, as expected by 1st Apostle.”

Emerging from the woods was a middle-aged man wearing a tunic.

The man in front of them looked at Schron with a friendly smile on his face.

The man said that it was obviously ‘an barrier made by the apostle’.

Clearly, he had something to do with this.

Hearing the words, Schron couldn’t help but demand to know his identity.

“A Barrier……? Who the hell are you!”

“I am Archbishop Roan Hebris.
A faithful servant of the Great One.”

“Archbishop? What the…”

An archbishop is a religious position in charge of a diocese.

Schron was already familiar with the nearby temples.

But the man in front of him, Roan, was a stranger to him.

He was definitely a suspicious figure.

As Schron watched him warily, Roan slowly walked towards him.

Then, in a dignified manner, he extended one hand to him and said.

“I would like to welcome you to our church, if you don’t mind my asking, will you accept the invitation?”

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