I want an exciting life.

My life is boring.

I thought when I was 14 years old.

Im an orphan pretty much since I was born, I don even know who my parents are as they abandoned me near an orphanage after some weeks I was born.

Theres nothing special with me, even my name Cole just means black, how special is that?

When I turned 16 years old, I developed a hobby of reading novels, when I started reading, it was just to pass time but novels are more entertaining than I thought that I got hooked in it, since then I would read novels whenever I have the time to.

When reading novels, it feels like something inside me is getting filled, I feel emotions I normally wouldn feel. It makes me think that maybe, this life is still worth living.

Don get me wrong, Im not planning to kill myself, its just that Im so bored in the past that I thought dying might not be that bad. If you ask me why Im still alive in that time, Ill probably answer Because Im not dead yet.

So reading novels really do means a lot to me.

I got an scholarship when I was 18 years old in a small university in my neighborhood of the orphanage I was in, but I still need money to provide my daily needs and some school stuffs that time.

So I tried to find a job even though Im lazy.

Also reading novels is slowly getting boring for me at that time, it seems that I can find a novel that I can enjoy, which is bad for me because its the only thing that I really enjoy doing.

And then one day I thought.

If I can find a novel that I like, why not just make one myself then?

Which might be the best solution because it may also solve my money problem.

So I did made one. Creating a novel is harder than I thought, sometimes I would suddenly stop midway then continue it again later, or when I was about to finish a chaper, a new idea will pop out in my mind, but in the end, I did created one.

My first novel is inspired from a novel that I really like, I got the idea there then create a different story out of it.

Surprisingly, people started reading my novel, and reading their comments about it made me feel happy, so I come to enjoy writing novels.

I continued writing novels, again and again, until now the present time.

And I was currently 29 years old.


”Haa… ”

A sigh came out from my mouth as I finished posting the latest chapter of my current ongoing novel.

”Now what? ”

I have nothing else to do, writing a novel is fun, but after that, I got nothing else to do.

Im bored so I started reading comments and reviews about my ongoing novel.

Many comments are positive but some are negative, they doesn affect me anymore, its pretty much normal anyway, I can satisfy everyone so I just continued writing based on my taste, not caring about them.


”Hm? ”

While reading the comments, I recieved a mail.

Out of boredom, I opened it.

”Whats this? ”

Its a weird and confusing mail.



[Congratulations! A Higher Being will use your work for their new creation! And in exchange, they will grant your wish, and add some bonus rewards too!]


”What the hell is this? ”

I frowned after reading the content of the mail, it just doesn make sense at all.

I was about to close the mail without replying, because replying will be just a waste of time.

When a bright light suddenly erupted from my whole body and dyed the whole room white.

”Argh! What the **? ”

The light coming from my body is so bright that it looks like that Im some godly shit that descended from heaven. Strangely though, the light doesn hurt my eyes, but I can see anything except the color white even if my eyes are closed because of it.

”What the ** happening?! ”

I exclaimed.

Okay, lets calm down.

I tried to calm myself down and started racking my brain.

But while Im thinking, I suddenly felt like Im being sucked into something.


I yelled unconsciously, I can see anything so Im panicking. Calling for help didn come in mind, why?

Because whats happening to me doesn feel dangerous, its just creepy and weird, and I bet nobody can help me in this kind of situation. Worst case scenario, the one trying to help me might get caught up in this phenomenon.

Im also an introvert with a small number of friends, so I bet nobody will help me anyway.

Yep, even in this weird happenings, Im still assessing the situation, I developed something when I was a kid, that in any occasion or happening, my thoughts or thinking capacity will still work properly.

Which is good because just panicking without thinking will not do anything good to me in any way.

So what conclusion I got in the midst of this situation by racking my brain?


So I just stopped struggling and shut my mouth.

”Thanks for nothing brain… ”

I mumbled as I stayed still.

Anything I do will be just a waste of time and energy, so I just went with the flow. Lets just wait and see what will happen, then decide what to do next after that.

Im bored anyway.

I stood still doing nothing, letting the weird sucking phenomenon have its way.

”This better be good. ”

Thats the last thing I remembered as my consciousness got cut off after that.


I don know how long I was out but when I regained my consciousness, I immediately opened my eyes and sat up.

And looking around me.

Um… Where?

Is what I thought after seeing my surroundings, Im sitting on a bed, Im in a small unfamiliar room with very few furnitures, all the items in the room are just for a daily needs of a single individual.

”Theres no even TV. ”

I continued to look around.

First I thought that maybe Im in a hospital room, but theres no medical equipments in the room, so Its likely that Im not.

”Lets explore the room first. ”

I got up from the bed and started roaming around the room. Moving my body feels a bit weird but I thought its just the effect of the light before or me fainting so I didn mind it.

”Messy. ”

I mumbled seeing the room messy as hell, its like someones moving out.

”Lets clean up too while we
e on it. ”

I know this isn my room but the mess is bothering me, so while organizing my thoughts, Im also cleaning the room.

While cleaning, I went to the bathroom with the thought of checking the toilet, but as soon as I entered the bathroom, I got greeted by a huge mirror.

I was shocked.

”Dirty. ”

I muttered.

The mirror got dirt marks all over it, so I started cleaning it.

Just after 5 minutes of cleaning the mirror, that I noticed that the mirror is reflecting, not me, but someone else I don know.

”Who the hell? ”

I started moving and the reflection moved the same way I did, I tried finding another mirror because maybe this one is just special, but all the mirrors I tried are the same.

”No way. ”

I mumbled. Disbelief washed all over my body as I sat on the bed while holding a small circular mirror.

Im not stupid so I know that either I got transmigrated into another body or the owner of this room is a jerk that b

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