Its been 2 days since I transmigrated, and I learned a lot of things thanks to the system.

According to the system, Im inside my novel, the one Im currently working on, I forgot the title of it as the Higher Being made me. I don know why.

I still remember its contents as they let me keep it, they said its the only way for me to survive.

And about the Higher Beings.

Higher Beings are said to be the ones who create universes. In Earth it is said that only about 5% of the universe has been investigated, so imagine having a lot.

Anyway, a Higher Being created a universe based on my novel.

And the place Im currently on, is the center of that universe, where the story will happen.

Also, my novel didn get selected because its the best, they said that although its interesting, many other novels are better than mine, and I can deny that.

The Higher Being selected my novel because it has potential, also the restrictions for recreating it as a universe are low.

They also mentioned that things that weren in my novel are bound to happen as its an ongoing novel that wasn finish, and have a lot of loopholes in it.

Which is what I expected after learning the fact that the higher being created a universe based on my ongoing novel.

The system also said that even though Higher Beings are powerful, they still have restrictions in using their powers or authority, thats why they gave me rewards as they used my novel for their work.

In my case, I want to live an exciting life so they just threw me inside my novel.

I don know what to feel about that one, but in the end, I just let it go as thinking about it for too much sounds troublesome.

I asked the system why the Higher Beings create universes, its answer is:

[Because thats the only thing they do, and after creating a lot of universe, they will rise to a higher position and gain more authority.]

Currently, thats a very useless information for me, so I didn pry about it, and using my trait for too long gave me a migraine. Looks like its too much for me to handle such information.

Also this body Im possessing is solely made just for me, which is good because my guilt might haunt me to death if its not.

It even have its own background.

I have parents and a 4 years old little sister. Im an orphan in the past so I don know how to react to those things, but theyve been messaging me through my watch-like device for the past 2 days, and they seems to be a good and loving family.

Im 17 years old, this body to be exact, Im 29 years old mentally. Oh, its also pretty huge down. Heh.

The system also said my looks can be upgraded because they said it will be an abuse of power so they just made my eyes cool, lame.

They create universes but can make my looks good? Bulllshit, well the eyes are really cool though not gonna lie.

Anyway, even through I don have a single book in possession, I can use wifi anywhere and anytime I want using the watch-like device on my wrist, I almost thought of it as a god, but the system said this device is common in this planet and its called V.D or Versatile Device. So I started learning about this place or to be exact planet with the help of V.D and .

Turns out that Im in a fantasy theme world in a modern time that have dungeons, ability users, heroes, monsters, beasts, demons, and other races like elves, dwarves, and even dragons.

Which is the same setting I remember from my novel.

The year now is 2080, its pretty much predictable now that there was a cataclysm that happened. 120 years ago, huge portals appeared all over the world and disasters engulfed the planet, along the cataclysm are the appearance of demons, monters, beasts, dungeons, other races, and ability users.

And 80 years after that, the humans adjusted to the changes.

That is when clans, guilds, and heroes appeared.

Guilds and clans are group or organization full of heroes that helps and supports each other.

While heroes are ability users that kills monsters or beasts, raid dungeons, and protects humanity from the demons, etc.

Hero is the currently most wanted job by everyonw as its profitable, though it carries a lot of risk being a hero so not just anyone can just be a hero.

The other races have 1/4 of the world occupied, the humans have 1/2, and the demons have 1/4 too.

You may think that humans are winning but, no.

Humans are weak compared to the other races and demons.

The other races, or otherworlders can get more lands if they decided to attack us, but they didn , saying that they will be no different from demons who did the same thing to them, so they respected us humans as the real residents of this planet. In exchange, the humans gave the otherworlders lands for them to stay.

On the other hand, the demons are just starting to build up their power and preparing for the descends of the stronger demons and the demon lord.

This planet developed advanced technologies because of the race called dwarves, which creates countless out of this world artifacts making exploring fun.

This planet is also called Earth and have the pretty much same history, but have different name of places. I remember struggling on studying about different countries and places so I just wrote a random bullshit like:

”All countries and places got destroyed and split apart by the cataclysm, the Earths surface got reformed and when humans started to rebuild places, different names was attached to them as a sign of the new start of the humanity. ”

With that, I can just make up names of places and no one can refute them.

Anyway, while learning things about this place, I also discovered that Im gonna be attending the academy where strong heroes came from, the [Lunar Academy].

I know you all know by now, but Im in the same class with the main characters. I don think that this body of mine with shitty stats can even enter Lunar academy, so why the hell am I placed in the best section?!

Today is the 3rd day of May.

Ill attend the academy on the 1st day of June.

I have less that a month…

So I need to prepare, I need money.

Yeah, money, I learned that my family have no money and just barely got me in the academy by borrowing money, I can hunt monster for money because Im weak, I can get equipments that can help me because Im still weak and I don have money, so I need to earn money first based on how much I mentioned it just by explaining.


Obviously by doing the only thing that I did for a decade of my life, writing novels. Fortunately the novels that I wrote doesn exist here in this world so it will not be counted as plagiarism. Im the author of them anyway.

But before that, I need to know what genres and plots are currently trending to know what novel I should post, and with my trait it will be a piece of cake.



Its been 2 weeks since Ive been thrown in this world, I started doing training, just the basics like running, push ups, etc., then I read novels if I have time.

I also read martial art books, with learning is easy, but my body is still weak so I can use the moves efficiently.

Being an author in this world is a success, I didn to publishing companies. Instead I created my own pay to read site, its easy considering the advance technologies now with the V.D and even the help of the system.

I also advertised it myself by spreading chapters that end with a cliffhanger and spreading rumors how good is it, heh.

At first no one cared about it, but one time a bored person tried and liked it, recommended to others, and so on, the cycle is just like that, Im earning money, its not that big, but its still counted as a success.

My pen name is [Night], I like things in simple, nobody know me anyway.

Also since Im having readers, the attentions that [Night] is getting are being used by my trait , boosting my growth.

My daily routine is to eat, train, read, eat, write novel, eat, sleep, then redo again tomorrow, and the days after.


3 weeks had passed since I came here. In a week I will attend the academy, before that, I need things that will help me.




Name:Raven Obadiah


Mana Control:F










By the way the skill is already registered in this body before I possessed it, the same goes to the trait its attached in this body. It seems like this body always think calmly, the same goes to me so I should also have that trait. But having 2 same skills/traits is stupid so they just made the effects better.

is a skill that predict and deduct things using the informations I possess or around me.

makes my flow of thoughts smooth and clear in any situation, fortunately or unfortunately it doesn control my emotions.

And another unfortunate thing, I don have any attack or defense skill.

Be it trait or skill, I have none.

Thats why I taught myself martial arts.

”I ranked up, my stats also increased, well except for mana control and charm, **… ”

Why does my charm doesn increase?

”Hey system. ”


”Do you have like, you know a GPS function? ”

[Yeah, why?]

”Great, help me find something. ”

[You don know where is it?]

”Err… I know, its just that its vague. ”

[Vague? Why?]

”I didn really put an exact location while writing it in the novel… ”

[You didn ? Why?]

”Because novel characters always acquire things with the strong help of luck, you know, lucky encounters like that. ”

[Is that really your reason?]

”Well, readers don like too much useless information, and describing places is too bothersome. ”

I replied honestly to make the system stop being nosy.


And it works. I can see the system but I can feel that its disappointed in me.

”Aw come on, your very existence is made just to help me. ”

[Tsk, fine, so whats the destination?]

”Lets go first to Red Wolves Mountain in the Aveeno City ”

The name of the city is based from its founder, well he died long ago so, who cares?


I thought transportation rides are free as a privilege of being a student of the Lunar Academy. Turns out I can use that benefit yet because Im still not attending Lunar, and I don have the Lunars student ID. Well, hurray for earning money.

I arrived at the Aveeno City, and now climbing the Red Wolves Mountain, looks like in exchange for humans advance technologies is their naming sense. Definitely not the authors fault.

As the name says, Red Wolves Mountain is a mountain with a lot of red wolf. Red wolves are beasts with the appearance of wolf, just red and slightly bigger.

Beasts are normal animals that evolved because of being exposed to dense mana, they can be tamed but its hard and cost a lot of money because they eat monster cores.

Monster cores are what you find inside monsters, all monsters have a core. Monster cores have different value depends on its mana concentration and grade.

Anyway, I continued walking, I got a handgun in my right hand, and a dagger in my left hand, its for fighting. Carrying weapons is normal in this world because dungeon overflow can happen anytime. Though I still need a license to bring them with me, and because Im enrolled to the Lunar, I already have a licence!

I studied some dagger arts and evading techniques these past weeks as a preparation for this journey.

Guns are considered as a weak weapon in this era where artifacts, armors and mana can be utilized. But it can still kill low ranked beings.

Well what can I do? Gun is the only weapon I can wield. Spears are heavy and I don know how to wield swords or other weapons.

While walking, I ran across 5 red wolves and my feet halted, they noticed me, so I got into my fighting stance while the wolves are glaring at me, well my weapons to be precise.

e about 15 meters away from me.




e wary at me and keep growling like an idiot.

I closed my eyes.

”Fuu… ”

And took a deep breathe.

”Okay, can run here, everyone needs a first time experience. ”

I mumbled, calming myself.

My heart is beating so fast, am I afraid?

No, Im excited.

Reopening my eyes.

I chanted in my mind.

My thoughts then flowed calmly.

Upon activating the skill, heavy pressure pressed down on the wolves, their body stiffened and fear started to circulate in their minds.

Realizing the skill affected the red wolves, I aimed my gun toward the strogest looking red wolf. And pulled the trigger.



After the sound of a gunshot, a sound of something falling followed. The one I shot have a hole in its head, and it was dead.

”One ”

I mumbled as the corner of my lips started to rise.

The other four red wolves then rushed at me realizing one of them is dead.

Looks like they decided to fight.

I may emit a heavy pressure but Im still low ranked with lowe defence, I will die if Im careless.

I activated Insight to predict the red wolves trajectories.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then I consecutively shot 4 times.


Another sound of something falling was heard.

One red wolf was dead, one got wounded, and the other two dodged the bullets.

”Thats two ”

e already near me, and two of them jumped toward me. I swiftly dashed backwards and pulled the trigger again.



”Three ”

While the other one is still in midair, I crouched and dodged its tackle.

When I was under the red wolf.


I slashed its stomach open with the dagger in my left hand, and blood splashed all over my body.


Then a falling sound was heard again.

”Four ”

I muttered with a smile.


But then I felt something bit my left leg.

”Argh! ”

I looked down and saw the wounded red wolf biting my leg.

It hurts but because of , I didn panic.

Instead, I raised my left hand in the air and stabbed the red wolfs body 3 times with my dagger.


”Now thats five. ”

I killed five red wolves in about 1 minute.

”Haaa… ”

Letting out a heavy sigh as, I deactivate my skills.

I looked at my body covered in blood.

”Dirty. ”

I can help but frown.

I thought my first battle will end with me unharmed, normally that what happens in novels.

e amazing for someone fighting for the first time! clap clap clap.]

The system appeared with a compliment(?).

”Shut up, you
e annoying. ”


I tried putting pressure to my wound to stop the bleeding, fortunately its not deep and red wolves doesn have poison on their fangs, I guess my luck stat is not just for display.

”I used quarter of my mana, even though its only for a minute, using skills simultaneously cost a lot of mana, not to mention my mana capacity is just average. ”

I really wonder how this body got accepted to Lunar.

Anyways, I decided to camp near the place because travelling with a wounded leg is stupid, and Im not stupid. I already brought all the things that I will need tent, foods, medical kit, clothes, extra dagger, bullets, sleeping bag, and water cleaner. Hurray again for earning money before hand.

”Oh right, the corpses. ”

Beasts have no cores because they
e originally animals that evolved, but some of their body parts can be sold.

Standing in front of a red wolfs corpse, I frowned.

”Well, shit. ”

A curse came out of my mouth.

”I don have a spatial storage, where should I put these? ”

I forgot something very important.

”Argh! whatever. ”

In the end I just dissected the corpses and decided to just bring the parts that sells well, and leave the rest, it will just rot on the way and its too heavy, I still have packed foods anyway.

”Hey system do you have spacial storage? ”

I asked the system with a bit of expectation.

[Nope, but it seems like I can acquire it.]

”Right now? ”

I was excited at the thought of my problem being solved that easy. Though that excitement shattered at the systems answer.


”Tsk, useless ”


I kept grumbling while dissecting the red wolves corpses.

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