As I was about to enter the classroom, 4 students approached me. They
e my classmates.

They all look like a villain in every corner of their body.

They are a group of 3 boys and 1 girl. Like how common bullies form their groups.

But they were extras in the novel. As I don recognize any of them.

”Oh! Isn this our gunner? ”

The young man in the front of the group said to me with scoff on his face.

The other 3 were sneering in the back like idiots.

”Hey, whats wrong? Cat got your tongue? ”

The young man in the front asked me seeing that I didn reply.

Am I getting bullied?

”Hey are you deaf or mute? ”

”Maybe hes both. ”


They all started talking among themselves and laugh. Im their topic though.

Looking at their stats, all of them are rank, the same as me.

But why are they bullying me?

I thought of a reason but theres no reason for them to target me.

e rank right? ”

The one in front spoke again, looks like hes the leader.

e also rank 2619, the lowest in our classroom, you
e an embarrassment in our class so just drop out. ”

He added… Thats so unreasonable, And why does he remember my rank? I even forgot my rank just some seconds after Sir Kendy said it.

Ah, so they
e that kind of peoples.

As soon as they said that, the question in my head got answered.

e the type that bully someone weaker to feel superior.

They decided that Im an easy target because of my rank and weapon of choice. Including that I don have a strong backing.

”Or maybe you should just die. ”

As the leader said that, the others laughed.

Should I fight back?

e annoying and I hate annoying things.

If I don fight back, Ill be considered as a pushover and my academy life will be hell.

But if I fight back, they might use their authorities and money to push me in the edge.

In this academy you
e either talented or wealthy.

These guys doesn look talented at all, so they
e here because of their family.

Worst case, my family will be targeted as well.

I don want others to suffer because of me even if I still doesn meet them. They
e innocent.

As I was contemplating. The leader in front of me spitted at my shoe.

”Trash, you can even talk in front of me? ”

He said.

I looked at the spit in my shoe.

and activated.

I processed all the informations I have and predicted the cause of any possible actions I would take.

I finished calculating in 3 seconds.

Seeing no one near us, just the 5 of us in the area.

I looked at the 4 students in front of me with an annoyed expression.

Then in my mind, I mumbled.


I activated the skill and also emitted my rank mana.

With combined with my mana it created a heavy pressure.

The heavy pressure darted towards the group and pressed on them.

”Ugh.. ”

”W-what? ”

”Kergh… ”

”You… ”

All of them stiffened and sweats started to form on their foreheads.

I don know any of their names. And I don need to know.

I approached the leader.

He flinched like and idiot he is. They
e weak to thw strong, and strong to the weak.

Sensing that Im stronger than they had expected made them nervous. Because of that, the pressure of that is currently in effect affected them stronger as its like a skill that attacks ones mind.

Staring at the leader with cold eyes for quite amount of time, he then soon avoided my gaze.

Thats when I made my move, I took his handkerchief that is in his chest pocket and used it to wipe the spit on my shoe.

After that, I started wiping the leaders forehead and face with the same handkerchief.

e sweating. ”

I said. All of them remained silent.

”You must be feeling angry being humiliated like this. ”

I talked again still wiping his sweat with the handkerchief.

”You must be planning to get your revenge after this right? ”

Thats when the leader flinched.


I slouched near his ear and whispered.

”Im recording right now, once you or your group mess with me one more time Im gonna upload this to every social media platforms I can. ”

After hearing that, The leader glared at me following by the other 3

I then straightened my posture again, ignoring their hate to me.

”Ill destroy your images and social life. Your family will be very disappointed on you, right? ”

I looked at the other three who also just remained silent.

”The same goes to you guys. ”

I tapped my V.D and a hologram appeared. The hologram played a video played.

Just in case, I started recording ever since they stopped me from entering the classroom. Im still recording even now.

”You all looked pathetic. ”

I scoffed as they watch the video with me, though they look im the verge of tears.

In the video, the 4 of them can be seen picking a fight with me, but after a while, them being intimidated by me like cowards they are was seen. They will be a laughing stock if this video get leaked. Considering my rank was supposed to be rank and they
e rank, theres even 3 of them while Im alone.

e all hanging their heads down and biting their lips.

Click, Click, Click.

Clicking sounds were heard in the area. It was me tapping on my V.D.


”Done! ”

The 4 looked at me as they were curious at what I did. They seems pretty anxious.

Seeing that, I smiled and said:

”I uploaded the video. ”

Their faces crumbled, It was beautiful, then I continued talking.

”Well not really. Its an scheduled upload, it will be uploaded in a month from now, in every social media platforms, even in the Academys page. ”

I said in a cheerful voice.

”Im the only one who can change the schedule. Everytime its about to be uploaded Ill add another month in the schedule. ”

I added. Im not stupid, they might hire an assasin to kill or kidnap me.

You might think thats too unreasonable but in this world its pretty common.

”But if something happen to me, the video will be uploaded on its own after a month. ”

e still young so they care a lot about their image and reputation. Knowing that, I took advantage of it.

”So don even try messing with me, oh! It will be uploaded even if its not you guys who did something to me so you should protect me with your best instead. ”

In case this video got uploaded after something happened to me, theyll be the main suspects.

They also know that so I think I gained some guards.

Looking at the group closely again. They were in verge of crying. It seems like as time passes the pressure affects them more, also because of what I just did, they
e mentally weak at the moment.

I calmed down and looked at them with indifferent eyes again.

They all flinched seeing that.

”Move. ”

I commanded. And then they made way for me.

I deactivated and pulled back my mana aura. Then I passed by them.

They all gasped and chased their breaths as soon as I did.

”Don hate me, I just fought back. ”

I said. They flinched again.

Do I look scary?

e acting too much.

”Just don mess with me and the people around me and everything will be fine, so cheer up. ”

I said and went to my seat.

Then the group all went back silently to their seats with a solemn expression.

They were not mentioned in the story so their families are not that strong, well my family is just weak. But once I earned a lot of money, it will change.

So before those bullies decided to take revenge, I need to solidified a safe position to avoid things like this.

Not long after that, the main characters came in the classroom together. Them being with each other this early is weird, they shouldn be close with each other till next week.

Then they all looked at my direction, their gazes were filled with curiosity, surprise, questions, amusement and respect.

Except Eve, she just glanced at me for a second then went to her seat.

Whats with these guys?

I thought. Im not dumb not to notice they
e looking at me.

”Weirdos ”

I said and ignored them


Alec was about to go back to the classroom when he saw Eve, Aoi, Adelle and Curtis. All of them are in the rank 10 of all freshmen so they know each other even a little.

As Alec got near them, he noticed that they
e looking at something.

To be exact, someone in the classrooms door, being blocked by 4 students.

(Its Raven, but no one know his name in the group.)

At Alecs and others eyes, Raven is getting bullied.

”What are you guys doing? ”

Alec asked the others after approaching them. The group all just glanced at him then looked back at Raven again.

”That guy, hes weird. ”

Only Adelle answered Alec. She said that and pointed at Raven.

”Weird? Him? Why? ”

Alec asked again, he was confused.

”Look ”

Adelle pointed at Raven again.

”He looks like thinking at the moment, hes not even nervous. ”

She added. Alec looked at Raven and noticed that it was true.

Rather, Raven looks bored and annoyed.

”Ever since he showed up in the class this morning, all of his actions were weird. ”

Aoi said.

”He withstood Sir Kendys pressure, even Sir was holding back, its still impressive. ”

Curtis stated.

”He even called Sir petty, I heard him. ”

He added. Everyone in there heard Raven say it because of their extraordinary senses.

”Even his choice of weapon is weird. ”

Aoi added again.

True, only ordinary citizens uses gun nowadays.

Alec thought.

”He also trained for an hour nonstop. ”

Aoi added.

”Youve been watching him huh~? ”

Adelle said in a teasing tone.

”Not just me but everyone watched him unconsciously because of his actions, everyone did right? ”

Aoi retorted.

”I did watch him for a while, but can I just go in the classroom now? ”

Eve joined the conversation for the first time. She looks annoyed and impatient.

”No, lets watch him a little longer, aren you curious whats he gonna do? ”

Adelle said.

”Not really. ”

Eve replied immediately, She wasn really interested.

”If you want, lets just go to the cafeteria and have a date. ”

It was then that Curtis spoke to Eve. Following his words was a wink of his.

The other cringed seeing Curtis like that, even Eve who always wear a serious expression most of the time.

”Ill just stay and watch. ”

Eve declined Curtiss offer.

”Too bad, maybe next time then. ”

It was now pretty known that Curtis has a crush on Eve ever since the opening ceremony. He said its love at first sight and confessed to Eve on the spot.

It was when they were being awarded for being in the top 10 of the Lunars qualification test.

At first the group found it funny, but now its just cringe to them.

”By the way, whats his name? ”

It was them Alec asked, pointing at Raven. But no one answered, because no one know.

Anyway, the group all decided to watch the situation a little longer.

They witnessed the 4 students spat out harsh insults toward Raven, they even mocked his rank and ranking in the academy, even the weapon he chose.

They were pretty far but Alec and the others enhanced their eyesights and hearings.

”Or you should just die. ”

The leader of bullies said to Raven. It was then Alec got really angry.

”Don interfere, you
e just gonna make things worse for him. ”

Alec was about to rush at the bullies, when Curtis grabbed his shoulder and stopped him.

Alec calmed down and decided to observe the situation more first.

But as the time pass, Raven did nothing and he was still getting bullied.

”Maybe hes just really a weirdo. ”

Adelle said.

”Hes an rank based on his report card, his ranking in all freshmen is low too. Maybe we just got excited for nothing. ”

Aoi added in a disapointed tone.

”Boring. ”

Curtis added.

”Haa… ”

Eve just sighed and started to walk to the classroom. Then the others started to follow, including Alec.

It was then they saw the leader of the group spit on Ravens shoe.

Alec was really about to charge at them and beat the hell out of them.

But they saw Raven looked at the spit on his shoe with disgust.

After some seconds, he looked at the 4 students and his demeanor changed.

Resulting for Alec and the others to halt their steps, they can feel the aura and pressure coming from Raven even though they
e a little far away from him.

They saw Raven approached the leader, Raven took his handkerchief and wiped his shoe with it.

After that, Raven used the same handkerchief to wipe the sweats on the leaders face.

e sweating. ”

Ravens cold voice sent chills to Alecs spine as Raven looks like a king looking at some bugs.

Adelle and Curtis have a complicated expression at that moment.

”You must be planning to get your revenge after this right? ”

But when Raven said that, the two of them frowned.

”So he knows after all. ”

Curtis said.

”What is he planning? ”

Aoi asked but no one answered, no one knows whats the answer anyway.

”Im recording right now, once you or your group mess with me one more time Im gonna upload this to every social media platforms I can. ”

Curtis and the other was surprised in what Raven said.

”Ill destroy your images and social life. Your family will be very disapointed on you guys, right? ”

They saw Raven tapped his V.D and a hologram appeared. A video played, you can see the students harassing him and them being intimidated afterwards.

When did he start recording?

Alec and the others got the same question in their heads.

”Does this mean he predicted all of this? ”

Adelle asked. Which caused the others to frown, because if thats the case, then that means Raven have a great insight.


”Done! ”

Snapping them out of their thoughts is Ravens cheerful voice.

The group of bullies looked at Raven, Alec and the others too.

”You see, I uploaded the video. ”

After hearing that, everyones faces crumbled, except Raven and Eve.

”They will get their revenge after this because the video is already uploaded anyway. ”

Adelle said and the others agreed with her, they
e confused of why Raven did that.

But they got their answer from Raven too.

”Well not really. Its an scheduled upload, it will be uploaded in a month from now, in every social media platforms, even in the academys page. ”

Ravens cheerful explanation was so clear but its also cold.

”Im the only one who can change the schedule. Everytime the video is about to be posted Ill add another month to the schedule. ”

Raven started to explain more.

”But if something happen to me, the video will be uploaded on its own after a month. ”

Alec, and the others eyes widened as they realized what Raven were saying.

”So don even try messing with me, oh! As it will be uploaded even its not you guys who did something to me, you should protect me with your best instead. ”

Then after destroying the bullies mentality.

Raven regained his calm and collected look.

Then he opened his mouth.

”Move. ”

It wasn a request, it was a command.

Alec and the others thought.

And seeing the bullies obeyed and made way for him like it was natural.

They felt awe for Raven.

The overwhelming pressure and aura of Raven disappear after that and he made his way in the classroom.

While Alec, Eve, Adelle, Curtis, Aoi are still frozen in their place as they recall what just happened.

”Wow. ”

Adelle admired. But no one in the group think its weird as for them, Raven was really awesome at that time.

Raven controlled the situation swiftly without using violence, he doesn even have a backing but still managed to win. He even hit harder. Well they were jerks anyway so they deserve it.

”Hes hot. ”

Adelle then added. This time it got the group surprised, they
e looking at her like she was weird.

”Why? His clean appearance, the way he speaks and also hes cunning. That makes him hot, the way he uses his brain makes my heart beat faster, and just look at his sharp eyes~ ”

Adelle explained but they
e still looking at her the same way. Even Eve is frowning.

”Im not in love okay, I just think hes hot! ”

Adelle yelled.

The others just ignored Adelles reasonings and went in the classroom.

And when they entered the classroom, all of them looked at the same direction. To be exact, a certain young man, even Eve glanced at him.

Raven saw them looking at him, then his brows knitted together.

”Weirdos ”

Raven said in a low voice but all of them heard it.

Causing Alec and the others to frown.

e the weirdest one here!

They exclaimed internally while glaring at Raven.

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