Chapter 1: The eyes of the world stand still for you

At the bottom of the deep and vast sea, a white as jade two-meter-long shell lay quietly.

A soft wave came up, and it gently opened its shell.

A snow-skinned, silver-haired, gender-indistinguishable deity hugging a square crystal that was as bright as a diamond and filled with colorful fire curled up in it.

He slowly opened his eyes, his light purple eyes were as mysterious and elegant as violets.

The square crystal in the palm of his hand slowly floated up between his eyebrows.

At that moment, there was a moment of blankness in his eyes, which was then replaced by wisdom and peace.

He knew his name and his origin.

——The god in charge of love and desire, his name is Aphrodite.

That colorful, square crystal is His Godhead.

Countless knowledge poured into his mind.
Although he has not yet fully understood it, he can now be regarded as a learned and omniscient being.

He stood up, his body is asexual.

Taking a step forward, the white light enveloped him, forming a full and rounded curve.

–The instinct of the priesthood is to make a female body for Him.

However, in the next second, a brilliant light flew out of his godhead, directly breaking the white light.
Then it turned into a five-colored light and wrap him.

When the dazzling rays of light disappeared, a handsome man with a slender figure, long legs, and thin waist appeared on the spot.
Every part of his body was perfect.

He has long silver hair, pale pink lips, a tall straight nose, and a lavender-colored, beautiful and affectionate eyes.

For him, being a female goddess to a male god is just a gender change, his beauty remains undiminished, and his androgynous nature adds a bit of bewitching power to him.

Aphrodite lowered his head, opened his arms, and looked at his body.
There was a trace of puzzlement in his eyes, and he muttered to himself, asking about the godhead who forcibly changed his gender: “Why do you want to turn me into a male god??”

An ice-cold voice full of majesty came from his godhead, and it said:

[This world respects men.
In order to become the most powerful primordial god, becoming a male will help you even more.】

“The Primordial God?” Aphrodite said softly, he searched for the knowledge of the Primordial God in his mind.

But this is a superfluous move because, in the next second, the godhead has already told it himself.

[The origin of this world consists of five parts: darkness, night, abyss, earth, and love.

When the world was formed, these five original sources also came to the world in the form of godheads.

They gathered their bodies for themselves and turned into five gods, who were in charge of the most original and most powerful forces in this world.

They are called primordial gods, and they are the supreme beings in this world.

The primordial god who controls love has fallen, and you are the second god who can control love after him.

If you choose to become a goddess, then you will become a breeding ground for primordial gods, and you will forever lose the qualification to be promoted to primordial gods, understand?】

“Breeding ground…” Aphrodite frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable at the word.

The voice in the godhead did not stop because of this, and he continued:

[You are a god inspired by me, living in this world but outside the law, you have the power to not follow the law and destiny.]

[After stepping out of this sea, Aphrodite, your existence will be known to the gods.

Go on, Aphrodite, you will become the most powerful primordial god, let your name be proclaimed by the gods, and become the god of the gods.

The god of the gods? It sounds so beautiful.

But… Aphrodite said: “But I don’t think my strength is so strong, will you help me?”

The voice said coldly: [No, I will leave you.
Later, only when you have the power to be promoted as a primordial god, will I appear again to help you to be promoted successfully.]

[But before I leave, I can give you a present.]

Aphrodite was a little disappointed to learn that this great and unknown being would not shelter him on his side, but he was not sad.

When he heard that he was going to leave him a gift, a trace of curiosity appeared in his eyes.

The voice was no longer kept in mind as Aphrodite’s mind is suddenly filled with many familiar and unfamiliar memories.

In his memory, he turned into an elegant and beautiful goddess and was welcomed into Mount Olympus by the gods headed by Zeus.

She has the title of the Lord God but does not have the rights of the Lord God.
She always walks among the beds of the gods, thinking that she has the honor of the Lord God, but she has offended Hera, the Queen of Heaven, and is married without any resistance to the ugliest deity.

Then, as a breeding ground, she gave birth to the incarnation of the original god of love, Eros, the little god of love.

She seemed to have everything, but nothing.
Finally, the twilight of the gods came, and she followed the gods into the eternal darkness.

And have never woken up ever since.

After reading the memory, Aphrodite’s expression was light, and there was a trace of dissatisfaction in the bottom of his eyes.
He, who was in charge of desire, did not have much opinion on Aphrodite’s sensual life, but…

Aphrodite whispered softly: “This is really a stupid, pitiful, and sad god.”

“She is obviously a god in charge of love and desire, but she doesn’t know how to use this power to spy on the desires of the gods, so as to control the gods, but instead she was lost in desire and became a slave of desire.”

Aphrodite shook his head and threw all the experiences of the goddess out of his mind, leaving only some useful memories.

Afterwards, he swam out of the dark and deep sea on the joyful and inspiring waves, and the cold seawater rushed over him, turning into a simple and plain robe to wrap his body.

The first creature to see him was a dolphin that broke away from its group.
The litt

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