Chapter 2 The God of Confusion and Conspiracy

But it was too late to regret it now, Aphrodite could only gently but firmly tear the reluctant young man off his body.

Although the young man is obedient, his body is very uncooperative, and he always leans towards Aphrodite involuntarily, wanting to snuggle up on him.

Aphrodite closed his eyes and thought for a while, then he said calmly: “You are the god who controls sexual desire.
While indulging, you must also learn to restrain yourself.
Only in this way can you master this power, rather than being synonymous with lasciviousness.”

Aphrodite’s words were like chains, which bound the young man invisibly.
The young man’s beautiful face showed a look of pain.
Aphrodite gently stretched out his fingers and smoothed his frown.

This seemingly useless appeasement has an excellent effect on the youth.
The painful expression soon disappeared, and the youth’s appearance became peaceful.

When the young man opened his eyes again, one could no longer see the indulgent charm that he had before.
However, the corners of his eyes were still bright and bewitching.
Looking at him, it’s easy to recall those lewd and pleasurable acts in bed.

That is the power of the priesthood of lust, but it cannot be used against Aphrodite, who is in charge of lust.
Aphrodite glanced at the young man, then looked away, put his fist on his lips, and coughed lightly: “Put your clothes on.”
The young man looked at him admiringly, nodded obediently and put on his clothes.
Aphrodite calmly sorted out the clothes that had been torn by the young man, and when the young man raised his head, he turned back to the stunning but serious god.
Aphrodite asked the young man, “Tell me your name.”
The young man knelt down on one knee and said reverently, “My exalted Lord, my name is Areinte.”
Aphrodite couldn’t help but think about the one who had the most entanglement with the goddess Aphrodite in his memory, the god of war Ares.
Aphrodite couldn’t help but look at Areinte a few more times, and then laughed at his own association.
The God of War is a rather domineering and masculine male god.
If he was standing in front of him at this time, according to Ares’ character, he would probably choose to force and occupy himself.¹
Aphrodite nodded at Areinte and motioned him to get up: “Areinte, you are my first slave god, you should follow me from now on.
But just like what happened just now, don’t do it again, understand?”
When Areinte heard this, he was surprised at first, but then pain came to his heart.

He was fortunate enough to accompany this most beautiful god, but he could not be close to him.
Just like the moon in the water, it is hopeful but out of reach, full of suffering.
Aphrodite bent down and raised his chin.
Seeing the rather painful look on his face, he couldn’t help but froze and asked, “Are you not willing?”
Hearing the words, Areinte quickly opened his eyes and hurriedly said, “No! My lofty lord, Areinte is proud to be by your side for a long time.”
Aphrodite responded, withdrew his hand, and stood up straight.
He looked up at the land that was still far away, and basked in the sun: “Okay, we should go ashore.
The sea breeze may have sent the news of my birth to Mount Olympus, and there may have been gods waiting for our arrival.
Areinte got up, pulled Aphrodite’s sleeve, and followed behind him.
Aphrodite looked at him, and Areinte smiled shyly.
Aphrodite smiled and ignored him.
The two walked out of the sea on the waves, the sky was cloudless, the sun was clear, and the breeze was blowing gently, quietly fluttering Aphrodite’s beautiful long hair.
Aphrodite looked around, frowned and said softly, “No one…”
Areinte asked, “Lord…”

Aphrodite remembered something and said to Areinte, “Just call Your Highness.”
Areinte said immediately, “I understand, Your Highness!”
Aphrodite then asked, “What are you going to tell me?”
Areinte: “Is Your Highness going to Mount Olympus? Let me turn into a mount to carry you!”
“Um…you?” Aphrodite asked softly, suspiciously.
Areinte dived into the sea, and when he came out, he had turned into a giant dolphin.
After obtaining the priesthood, Areinte’s strength skyrocketed, and the original form became enormous.
Aphrodite sat on top of him, and Areinte let out a long, cheerful cry, then swung his tail, and swam from the sea into the mountains and rivers, all the way to the holy mountain of the gods, the sacred mountain of Olympus.
When Aphrodite came to the foot of Mount Olympus, he knew why there were no gods to welcome his birth.
Because a war of gods is taking place on the Mount of Olympus, and the two sides of the war are the second-generation God King Kronos, and his sons and daughters who are devoured by him.
Perhaps because of the special power of the godhead, Aphrodite was born much earlier than the goddess of love in his memory.
At this time, Zeus had not yet ascended the throne, and Kronos had not been defeated.
The two old and new god-kings are still fighting fiercely, and their strengths do not differ from each other.
Aphrodite stood at the foot of the mountain and looked up at the mountain.
Countless giant rocks rolled down from the sky.
They hit the ground, and the ground began to vibrate and rumble wildly.
Among the clouds, the roaring figure of the hundred-handed giant² is looming.
As pioneers, they paved the way for Zeus and his brothers.
Zeus, the god of thunder, waved his thunder scepter, and the purple thunder roared out in the dark clouds.
The part that rushed into the temple was silently swallowed by the space of Kronos, and the part that fell outside the temple was blazing.
The green grass was lit, and the raging fire was ignited.
Areinte turned into a god and guarded Aphrodite’s side.
He looked at the chaotic sacred mountain of Olympus, and his eyes were full of conflict and worry.
Areinte persuaded his main god: “Your Highness, it seems that a terrible war is taking place on Mount Olympus.
God’s of desires like us are not suitable for fighting.
Why don’t we come back after a while.”
Aphrodite didn’t speak, and looked thoughtfully in the direction of the Olympus God King Kronos.
Just now, the voice that claimed to have left appeared again after a period of intermittent, murmur-filled babble.
He told Aphrodite:
[The God of the Sky, King Uranus, fell with resentment.
Before he fell, he cursed the son who took his throne- Kronos, To suffer the same fate as him–
To be plundered of the throne of the God-King by his son, and suffer the same pain of having his genitals cut off.
You, who were born in the corpse of Uranus, have a chance.
Go and cut off the genitals of the God-King Kronos, the curse of Uranus’ resentment will be resolved by you, and you will have a certain chance to obtain Uranus’ free godhead– the sky, before the new God-King takes the throne! 】
Aphrodite was shocked when he heard these words.
The sky and the earth are opposite to each other.
The importance of this priesthood is second only to the five primordial gods.
It is because of the heavens that the world is formed.
The godhead of the sky has always been controlled by the God-King, but the existence in his godhead told himself that he could obtain the godhead of the sky by resolving the resentment of Uranus.
Aphrodite pondered for a while and thought he could try it out.
If he can really get the godhead of the sky, then he will gain a powerful combat power with this.

Even if he can’t get it, he can still gain a foothold in the lineage of Zeus by virtue of his exploits in seriously wounding the God-King Kronos.
Aphrodite made up his mind, ignored Areinte’s retreating words, and said calmly: “It’s too late to regret at this time, our arrival has already attracted the attention of the gods.
Silly boy, didn’t you see that the battle of the gods stopped?”
Areinte glanced at the sky in confusion, and found that the sparks of lightning no longer continued to fall in the sky, and the boulders that were still rolling were also just remnants that had not been cleared before.
Areinte thought with some annoyance that he was so careless that he didn’t realize such an obvious change.
Will the gods hear what he said to His Highness before? Will they think that His Highness is cowardly, and therefore look down on his Highness?
Aphrodite ignored Areinte’s self-blame.
He held his chest high, and with a graceful posture, walked up the path to the sacred mountain of Olympus.
Against the gloomy and dark eyes of God King Kronos behind him, he entered the Zeus pantheon camp.

At the head was a goddess, the mother of Zeus and the wife of Kronos, the goddess of time Rhea.
Zeus and his four older brothers and sisters all stood beside Rhea.
As for the one who was not there, the goddess of marriage, Hera, was sent to Zeus’s wife’s family for protection.
As for why this goddess of marriage can get such protection especially from the other two sisters, who knows what the reason is?
Aphrodite saluted to Rhea, he showed a proper smile, estranged and polite, with a little friendliness in the calm indifference: “Hello everyone, first meeting, I am the god in charge of love, desire, and beauty, Aphrodite.”
The goddess of time, Rhea, got up, and her gaze shifted from Aphrodite’s crown to Aphrodite’s chest – where the godhead of love and desire was placed, and quickly judged Aphrodite’s potential, Although this handsome god is not good at fighting, his potential is huge!
He has two godheads of the same order of origin!
If Zeus can successfully defeat Kronos, this god will be one of the new twelve gods.
After confirming this, Rhea no longer maintained a detached and arrogant attitude, with a light and gentle smile on her beautiful face——

She was only out of interest, it’s not because this god’s handsome face shattered her defenses!
Rhea looked at Aphrodite tenderly and smiled slightly: “His Royal Highness Aphrodite, it’s the first time we met, please give me more advice, and let me introduce these children around me to you.”
Aphrodite smiled and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”
Rhea’s heart was beating, thinking: His smile is so beautiful…
[His smile is so beautiful…]
The same words sounded in Aphrodite’s mind in Rhea’s voice.
Aphrodite was slightly startled, and immediately judged that Rhea said the sentence just now.
But… Aphrodite frowned slightly, he didn’t feel that he had an illusion, and he definitely didn’t hear Rhea speak just now.
So… Did he just hear Rhea’s thoughts?
Aphrodite pondered carefully and found a possible reason.
He is the god of desire, and naturally has the ability to listen to desire.
Just like the hymn that Areinte read for him before, and Rhea’s praise at this time, they are all forms of desire.
Aphrodite thought carefully, but his smile didn’t deepen or disappear because of Rhea’s thoughts.
Because he is a powerful and proud god, he is also recognized by the world as the most beautiful god.
From birth, Aphrodite was destined to shine brightly and attract the attention of the gods.
He was in a place where the other gods could not reach, and would not treat any god differently.
Aphrodite narrowed his eyebrows and ignored Rhea’s heartbeat³.
After Rhea introduced the gods beside her, Aphrodite asked, “I don’t know how many His Royal Highnesses are fighting with His Majesty the God King.
At what point, is there anything I can help with?”
The gods were silent for a moment, Zeus sighed softly, and the blond god said sadly: “The situation of the war is not ideal.
With the help of the Titans, my father faintly outperformed us.
We’re trying to find a way to seek the help of some ancient gods.
As for Aphrodite, you…”

Zeus smiled and stayed on Aphrodite’s stunning face.
Aphrodite thought of the virtue of this future God King, and couldn’t help but concentrate on hIs mind and wanted to hear the thoughts in his heart.
[Defeat Kronos! I’m going to be the new king of gods! ! ! ]
Zeus’s ambitious cries sounded in Aphrodite’s ears, and that voice declared his greed and impetus for the throne of God.
Aphrodite was a little embarrassed, and secretly condemned his mistakes, but he was influenced by the godhead of the god of beauty, and he made the same mistake as the goddess of love——
Thinking that his beauty can arouse all desires, he despised Zeus too much.
This future king of gods is indeed unscrupulous and has a strong sexual desire, but that was only after he became the king of the gods.
and when no one could threaten him anymore, would he only do whatever he wants.
At this time, he was just a poor god struggling to survive under the command of his prudent father.
At the critical moment when the war entered the incandescence, his desire for victory and the throne of the god king trumped everything else, how could he dare to relax his mind? What about other things to think about?
Aphrodite secretly exhorted himself in his heart to be cautious in his words and deeds, and avoid being arrogant and impulsive.
Zeus continued his previous words: “As for you, Aphrodite, your godhead is not good at fighting, you just need to protect yourself.”
Aphrodite didn’t care about Zeus’ contempt, Zeus was telling the truth, he was really not good at fighting.
But these gods do not understand, it is not only force that can bring victory, but more importantly, wisdom.
Aphrodite smiled and said: “I am very grateful to His Highness Zeus for his thoughtful consideration and arrangement, but I would like to correct everyone, beauty is not only an ornament for appreciation, it can also be a weapon…”
Aphrodite’s eyes glowed, and this time she deliberately invoked the power of the Godhead of Beauty and Desire.
Under the influence of these two forces, the eyes of the unsuspecting gods were instantly red, and their eyes full of obsession and love stared at Aphrodite for a moment.
Aphrodite smiled slightly, Rhea ran directly to touch his hand, and Areinte’s breathing became ambiguous beside him, from pulling his sleeves slowly to leaning on to Aphrodite.
Aphrodite’s smile was slightly stiff for a moment, and he threw the two guys away without a trace, and then withdrew the power of the two godheads: “The ultimate beauty can trigger the deepest desires, make people lose souls, and become unguarded.
If I use this power on the God King Kronos, maybe I can successfully attack him.”
Of course, after really going to Kronos, Aphrodite would never use this power like this.
After all, his most fundamental purpose is nothing but Kronos’ genitals.
Aphrodite is now showing this power to the gods, but only so that the gods will let him go to Kronos alone.
After the gods regained their sanity, their expressions also changed, and they looked at Aphrodite with a bit of dread.
Aphrodite didn’t care if the gods might be wary of him, because this instant control power itself was not valued by him, those who were controlled for long periods of time could get rid of it with a little bit of precaution.
And those who can’t get rid of it may also have exclusive desires for him under the influence of this power and then force him…
In short, there are too many flaws.
Therefore, Aphrodite specially threw out this power that he won’t usually use to confuse the sight of the gods.

After feeling this power, Zeus felt his desire that had not yet subsided, and glanced at Aphrodite’s thin waist, his Adam’s apple moved, and he suddenly noticed something other than his rights…for example, beauty.
Zeus knew that this kind of thought should not appear at this time, he forcibly suppressed his desire to move, coughed lightly, and pretended to be serious: “I underestimated the power of His Highness Aphrodite, if His Highness uses this power to confuse my Father God, maybe he will really lower his guard, and then be successfully attacked by you.”
Aphrodite showed a shallow but cold gaze at the right time, and nodded calmly to Zeus.
Under this calm appearance, his mood is not beautiful.
Because he heard Zeus’s heartbeat, not only from Zeus, but also from other gods.
The gods seemed to have suddenly discovered his beauty in an instant, and all kinds of lewd thoughts came out.
The reason why they didn’t act immediately was that the war was not over yet, but Aphrodite could imagine what kind of wild bees and butterflies and harassment he would face after the war was over.
Aphrodite thought with annoyance.

After Zeus affirmed the threat of Aphrodite’s power, two rays of light suddenly flew from Aphrodite’s crown and heart.
What flew out of the Godhead of Beauty was a pink light, and what flew out of the Godhead of Desire was a light mixed with all kinds of chaotic colors.
The intersection of these two rays of light directly condenses a new priesthood, ‘the priesthood of confusion’.
Beautiful sinner, God of Confusion, Aphrodite.
Aphrodite’s heart moved, and he felt that his connection with the godhead had deepened a little.
The power of the godhead could also be used by him before, but the feeling at that time was different from now.
It’s as if… the previous godhead was just a container for him to borrow power.
Now, a corner of the container has become his own.
Aphrodite understood in a trance, and by explaining the power of the godhead, he could deepen his understanding of his own power, so as to truly control the real power.

In Eastern parlance, he has become enlightened.
When he bestowed the priesthood of the god of sexual desires on Areinte before, it was also a process of enlightenment.
But maybe it was because Aphrodite had seen the memory of the goddess of love, the goddess of love could not do anything else but delved into the extremity of sexual desire…
This caused Aphrodite to subconsciously control the power of sexual desire, and did not notice any changes.
When Aphrodite’s thoughts had entered a deeper level, the gods were still surprised by the appearance of the god of confusion.
After Aphrodite understood the rules of his own power control, he pondered for a few seconds, then slowly spoke again, saying:
“And I will use the priesthood of confusion to deal with the God King Kronos.
This is a strategy that combines wisdom and beauty… This is a trick, a beauty trick.”
The gods looked at him blankly, not knowing what Aphrodite was talking about.
But the next change explained to them the meaning of Aphrodite’s words.
They saw Aphrodite’s godhead, the god of confusion, glowing again, and a thick pink light flew out of it.
A little behind Zeus, stood his first wife, Metis, the goddess of wisdom.
They saw Metis staring at the bright blue light in her godhead, which was the light of Metis’ wisdom.
The Light of Wisdom and the Light of Confusion are intertwined, and a new priesthood ‘God of Conspiracy’ is born.
This godhead is obviously on the wisdom side.
And theoretically, the ‘God of Conspiracy should be ruled by Metis.
Because Metis was the goddess of wisdom, she was called The Wise by the gods.
It is a pity that this beautiful goddess is wise, but she is too simple to think of insidious and cunning tricks.

What triggered the ‘God of Conspiracy’ priesthood was Aphrodite’s ‘Beauty Trick’.
This ‘God of Conspiracy’ godhead was mixed with a lot of Aphrodite’s power.
So it tangled between Aphrodite and Metis for a while, then flew to Aphrodite decisively.
Aphrodite played with the two newly acquired godheads and turned them into exquisite pink gemstone earrings and aquamarine earrings, all of which were carried in his right ear.
Aphrodite caressed his earlobe lightly, looked at the gods, and smiled lightly: “Gods, let me meet our great King Kronos, what do you think?”


force and occupy himself.- to r*pe hundred-handed giant- They were gigantic and had fifty heads and one hundred arms each of great strength.
They represented the natural forces of earthquakes, tornados and huge tidal waves. heartbeat- the desire in her heart/her deep thoughts.

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