The reality of my situation wasn’t particularly good.
Still, I had begun to mentally sort all that had happened to me.

     I had sorted things into three categories–the so-so, the good, and the bad.
Which of these was the best to consider first? If it were me, I would probably not care and beg the speaker to just be quick about it.
Let’s go in order.

     First: the so-so.
The color of my eyes had changed.

      I was surprised to see my reflection in the mirror atop the bedside table.
Where did the frighteningly eerie black color go? Now my irises–the color of clear water–sparkled back at me in the mirror.

     They resembled the color of the status window floating in front of me–the color of the flower that flew towards me in my dream.

      I wasn’t particularly happy with the increasing amount of mysterious changes, but I liked the clear and refreshing eyes, so I decided to focus on something else.

     Second: the good.
I checked the tutorial reward.

     I felt quite ashamed to mutter ‘Status Window’ out loud, but, fortunately, the window only needed my thoughts to pop up.
Simultaneously, the reward appeared with a short trumpet blare.

「 Tutorial Reward: ‘The Brave Healer-nim!’ Passive skills have been applied.

Immunity to pain! You won’t feel any physical pain.

Immortal Body! You won’t die until you usher in a peaceful world.」

     It seems I won’t feel pain or die until after the warriors save the world.
This was seriously some fortunate news.

     Third: the bad.
144 hours really meant 144 hours.

     Life really was difficult.
Apart from briefly trying to understand the contents of this book (the quest’s goal), much time had already passed from blankly browsing through the words in the status window.

     I wondered if I really needed to go through all of this struggle now in order to attain some future knowledge, but I couldn’t bear to miss this opportunity.
My personal motto was, ‘Let’s do all that I can right now.’ Besides, it was obvious that the reward would become useful someday.

     I had so little time–I would be leaving less than a week later.
Taking into consideration the time needed to bathe and eat…

     A merciless, sleepless, full-course training course; time leapt by quickly.


‘Foreseen Future’ Training, Success!

As a reward, you’ve reached the beginner’s level needed for the ‘Foreseen Future Events.’

     I’d done it…

     Now that I had finished, it was worth the effort.
It wasn’t easy, but at least my efforts weren’t in vain.

     It was hard not to take my eyes off the book even as they drooped with sleepiness, but it was made easier through my passive effects.
Despite a little dizziness, I was fine.

     It had already been a week.
The morning sun came through a crack under the door.

Knock Knock–

     I heard a knock on the door, and I scrambled to open it.
A refreshing wind blew across my body.

     I raised my head–there was a man, taller than me, standing in the doorway.
The light blue sky and the gentle sunlight poured down on him.
He smiled brightly, “Hello! You’re Sun Yihan, correct?”

     What a bright and lively voice–one that could be heard clearly through my dizzy mind.
A breeze imbued with a clean, rejuvenating scent flowed from his direction.

     I paused for a moment; it was too bright.
His straightforward gaze and voice were unfamiliar.

     I stood, dazed, for a while before I heard a troubled-sounding voice.
“I heard he was here.
Am I wrong?”

     I had stayed up all night and couldn’t think straight.
I managed to pull myself together and answer, “…You’re right.
I’m Sun Yihan.”

     He smiled brightly, like sunshine, vindicated by my answer–a very clear, refreshing smile.
Somehow, I also felt comforted at that sight.

     Since he came here to pick me up, he must be one of the warriors.
Do all warriors shine like that?

     “We should speak comfortably–I believe we’re the same age.
I’m Min Joo-hyuk.” 1


     Min Joo-kyuk was so relaxed in his manner of speech that it was hard to believe we had just met.
He continued to speak in a bright tone, “You must have received advance notice about my arrival here?”

You’ve come for me, right?”

     Min Joo-hyuk continued to speak as he took sidelong glances inside the room, “That’s right.
You’ll be coming with me.
I’ll stay outside, so please take your time to organize and come out, Sun Yihan!”

     “I don’t really have much to pack…I’ll be out soon.” I was telling the truth; there was little I could call my own or desired to bring.
I looked around the room with a bag in hand, but the room was fairly empty.

     It really did feel like I lived on the outskirts of the temple without being recognized as a proper member.
Personal artifacts were considered luxuries.

    Therefore, it was natural that I wasn’t particularly attached to anything in this room.
No lingering feelings at all.


     When I opened the door and exited, my body trembled in the cold air.
Min Joo-hyuk leaned against the wall next to the door; he looked lost in thought.

     “Min Joo-hyuk.”

     “Ah, you really were quick.” He said in a startled voice; his eyes widened briefly.
His mischievous and amused expression hardened.

     Or not? As soon as I blinked, his face had returned to its usual happy, beaming countenance.

     “Shall we go?” When I heard the warrior’s nonchalant voice, I decided I must have been mistaken.
I hadn’t slept in a while, so my mind may be seeing things.
I nodded to the man and began trudging along.

     The destination, our carriage, was parked just outside the temple.
It seems our journey ahead, on this carriage road, would be quite long.
Min Joo-hyuk informed my ignorant self of many various things.
To be exact, he started to tell me these things, but…

     After telling me a few stories, he asked me, “Sun Yihan, are you perhaps having a difficult time right now?”

TL: …6 all-nighters? Yihan, plz.
I know you can’t feel pain, but that’s not good.


Korean, compared to English, has levels of formality inherent in our language.
Usually, you don’t drop formalities with strangers.
However, being the same age in Korea as someone else is special–they’re able to be friends without hierarchical issues.

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