Life wasn going at high school for Arthur, contrary to what he had previously thought. Arthur was there, fast asleep in his bed at home. It was 8 am and the alarm goes off. ”Get up! Get up! Get up! ”, Arthur groans and tries to shut off the alarm but fails, ”alright, Im up! Im up! ”. He turns off the alarm and goes to brush his teeth and get fresh.

Downstairs, his parents are in the kitchen. His father, sitting at the table, reading the newspaper. His mother scurried around the kitchen getting the breakfast ready. ”Arthur, breakfast is ready! Come downstairs. ”, his mother shouts from the kitchen. The boy comes downstairs, dragging his feet, still sleepy. His parents look at him, a boy of pale skin and ash grey hairs, dragging himself downstairs. Arthur has a thin but muscular build. He sits at the table and sips his juice.

”Morning dad. What you looking at there? ”, asked Arthur.

”Nothing particular, just checking the headlines. ”, said Dad.

”Here now, put the newspaper aside dear and eat your breakfast. Here you go Arthur, bacon and eggs, just the way you like them! ”, Arthurs mom puts breakfast on the table. She sits down herself on one side and looks at Arthur.

”Thanks mom, you
e the best ”, said Arthur while digging into his breakfast. There is a small noise heard in the kitchen, his blue eyes dart towards the source of the noise to find a ginger brown cat coming out of the kitchen.

”Hey there Sam. What were you doing in the kitchen? ” said Arthur. Sam, the ginger brown cat leaps up and settles down in Arthurs lap, purring.

”He had his breakfast in the kitchen today. He was pretty restless today, kept pawing me in the kitchen while I was cooking, so I just gave him his food in the ktichen itslef. ” said Arthurs mom, who was buttering her toast.

”Thats unlike him. ”, said Arthur who was petting the cat with his free hand.

The trio have their breakfast and chat for a while. Then Arthurs dad gets up to leave for the office. His mom takes the plates to the kitchen and Arthur helps her clean up the table.

”Dear, can you get some oranges on your way home today, I am thinking of making some marmalade. And you forget your car keys again! ”, said Arthurs mom, while hurrying to get the keys to the car.

”Sure! ” His father turns around and takes the car keys, smiling sheepishly at his forgetful nature.

”See you at night, Dad, ” Arthur shouts from the kitchen.

”See you at night, son and don go making trouble at school. ” his dad replies before he leaves through the door.

The sound of an engine starting is heard and Arthurs dad backs out of the driveway and heads off for his office. Sam the cat is lazying on the couch, while Arthur is helping his mom clean up the table. After cleaning up he heads to his room to get ready for school. He dresses up in a black shirt and grey jeans, takes his bag stuffs his homework and other things in it and heads downstairs. His mom shouts from downstairs, ”Arthur, have you taken the book you borrowed from Lucy? and don forget your phone. ”

Arthur doubles back and grabs the book and his phone and heads downstairs. He takes his car keys from the drawer in the living room and kisses his mom goodbye and heads to his car. As he was backing the car out of the driveway, he saw a black hooded figure in his rearview mirror, he turns back to see but there is no one there. He checks the surroundings but there is no one there. Puzzled he lets it go and drives to his school.

He pulls into the parking lot of his school and gets out of his car. He is greeted by Lucy Greyard, a short blonde girl. She jumps up and smacks Arthurs back.

”Wotcher vampire ”, she said.

”Lucy, I have told you millions of times not to call me that. I am not anything like a vampire. ”, Arthur responded.

”But you surely are, with those devilish looks and that pale skin ”, Lucy points out.

”Argh ”, Arthur groans.

Both of them make their way to class. Just as they were about to get into the hallway, Arthur sees the grey-cloaked figure out of the corner of his eye. He looks towards it,he could tell that man or woman was definitely looking straight at him, even if he couldn see their face. It was creepy, he was getting a cold feeling as if someone had plunged him deep in ice water. He points out to Lucy, ”Hey, who is that person over there, in the grey cloak? ”.

Lucy looks towards where he is pointing and looks at him, ”is this some sort of prank you are pulling on me for calling you a vampire? ”.

Arthur looks at her, ”what do you mean? ”.

”There is no one there ”, Lucy responds.

”You mean you can see that person wearing a grey cloak staring at us? ”

”Funny aren you. ” Lucy makes a face and heads inside. Arthur stares at the figure, who is staring at him. He decides to head inside, making his way to his class. Shortly after, he is seated in his class near the window, where he loved to gaze outside at the fields where sometimes sports practice or PE was held. There were girls doing acrobatics in a corner and some guys were having a friendly spar. Arthur attends the classes and time wheezes past, and the bell for lunch is heard. Everyone starts heading out to the cafeteria to get lunch, Arthur stays back a bit to arrange his belongings which he absent-mindedly has spread all over his desk. After arranging he looks out of the window to see the grey-cloaked figure at the edge of the playing field, looking towards him. This time there was no way he could mistake it, that person was looking towards the window from which Arthur was watching him. He gets this phone and heads downstairs with a mind of getting answers from that cloaked person. He races through the stairs and hallway, but when he reaches the field, that person is gone. He looks around to see any hints of where that person might have gone, but to his surprise, he can find any. Its like that person disappeared in thin air.

Arthur makes his way to the cafeteria, puzzled by the incident. He is greeted by Lucy who straight up punches him in his stomach. Arthur doubles up holding his stomach and groans, ”cut me some slack you little demon ”. Lucy stands there laughing her mind off, she hands him a can of lemon fizz, ”here, this was the last can, thanks to me for saving it for you ”. Arthur takes it, nods thanks and drowns the entire thing in one go. Lucy stands there watching him, ”You know you never cease to amaze me with that habit of yours. How do you down that thing in one go? ”.

”I don know, I just like it, I guess, ” Arthur replied.

They both grab a tray each and head to get their lunch, Arthur grabs a lot of meat and rice, while Lucy just grabs some sandwiches. Both of them make their way to an empty table and sit down to have their lunch. Just then a loud voice shouts, ”Arthur! ”. Arthur knew what was coming next and braced himself. A brown-haired boy makes his way to Arthur and stands next to him.

”What is it Leo? ”, Arthur replied. Leo White, a brown-haired boy, who was just a tad bit taller than Arthur, with a more muscular build grabbed Arthur, ”Hey, why weren you responding to my texts? ”.

”You texted me? ”, Arthur asked dumbfounded. Leos face planted, he had forgotten that Arthur has a peculiar habit of being a bit absent-minded. He had to control himself and looked at Arthur, ”Yes, I texted you yesterday about the basketball game that we have tomorrow. I asked if you would like to play. ”

”Okay, Ill play. ”, Arthur replied quickly. Leos face lits up at that answer and he heads off delighted, ”Okay, then be there in the gym at sharp 6 pm tomorrow. ”

Arthur sits down relieved, ”Phew I thought he was here to pester me about the comics again ”. Lucy just sighs and continues eating her lunch. Arthur finishes his lunch and heads to his car to go home as his next half was free. Lucy sprints to him and asks, ”Hey you coming tomorrow right? Then bring the book you took from me tomorrow ”. Arthur remembers then that he had actually got the book today, and just as he was about to give it to her, he sees it again. The person in cloak looking at him from near his car. He hands Lucy the book and starts to make his way towards his car determined to get some answers, just as he was about to reach the car, the person vanished, literally vanished in thin air. Arthur got really terrified at this, he quickly got into his car and made his way home.

He pulled into the driveway of his home, parked his car and rushed inside. When he reached inside, he was greeted by the most bizarre scene he could ever imagine. The grey-cloaked person who he was seeing all day, was sitting in the living room and talking to his mom, who seemed worried. The cloaked person was a woman, in her early 30s most probably with grey hair and she had blue eyes just like him. She was not pale as Arthur but she still had pale skin. Arthur goes up to them slowly, his mom sees him and calls out, ”Arthur you are back early today…Did something happen? ”.

”I had my second half free mom…but first tell me who is she and what is she doing here… ” Arthur asked.

The woman stands up and bows to Arthur, ” I am to be your teacher and your guardian, my lord. My name is Keya. I was appointed by your father to teach you everything about us and also guard you against potential dangers. ”

”My father?… But he is in office, why would he want to appoint you to be my teacher, he knows I am good in studies and other things… ” trailed off Arthur.

”Your real father, my lord, not your adoptive father. Haven you noticed that both your parents are different from you? They don have pale skin like you. Their hair is not grey and their eyes are not blue like yours. Did you never question why is it that you are like this? ”, the woman replied.

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