The Hidden King’s Heir

Demons and Dragons

King and Queen

”No… ”, trailed off Arthur. Now that he did think about it, it was weird both his parent had black hair and brown eyes. They did not have pale skin like him. But that surely doesn mean that he is not their child, right?

He looks at his mother who was looking at him with a pained expression as if she dreaded that this day would come. Tears were visible in her eyes, she was fighting them, trying to hold them back.

”Mom, what is she talking about? ”, Arthur asked. His mom is unable to meet his eyes and looks down, tears dropping from her eyes. He could hear her sobbing faintly. This is not the way he thought he would be spending his day off.

”You were sent to them, my lord. So that they can raise you safely, out of harms way. ” Keya continued.

Arthur feels like his head is about to burst open. The parents he grew up with were not his real parents? Then who were his real parents? Why was this woman referring to him as lord? Why did he need protection? As far as he knew, he was just a regular teenager. He sure did well in class, getting straight As and he was fairly good at sports and other activities, but that didn mean that he was any different from others. And why is this woman who is referring to herself as my protector showing up today suddenly? What is going on?

Arthur sits drops down on the couch, not being able to process everything that is happening. He looks at Keya and his mother, just what has happened to his peaceful life. His mother is still sobbing silently while Keya puts her arm around her trying to calm her down. He looks at his mother, the woman who has raised him for 15 years, he has never known a better mother. A woman who put his need above hers and put up with his every selfish need. He couldn bear to think that he was not her son, even the thought of it made his blood boil with anger.

”I refuse to believe what you are saying Keya. My fathers name is Mr Abel Crowford, he is the owner of a company and has never rejected a single of my wishes. My mom Mrs Bella Crowford is the only mother I know, she has always put my needs before hers and has always loved me without a single thought. ”, Arthur said.

Mrs Bella sobs even harder on this, Keya who was beside her looks towards Arthur with a quizzical look. Keya says, ”I understand your feelings, my lord. I am not saying that there are less than your real parents, after all, they have raised you to be a fine young man. But you have a duty towards them, they have kept you safe for 15 years now. Its time for you to repay them. ”

”And the only way you can do that is by knowing who you truly are, who your parents are… ”, Keya continued.

Arthur greatly puzzled at this asks, ” what do you mean by repaying them? ”.

Keya becomes uncomfortable at this, ”My lord you are not ready for the answer to that question yet. All I can tell you is that you are the son of King Azeroth and Queen Nyx. You were sent away after your birth so that you could be kept safe and raised without any complications. ”

Arthur thinks deeply about this. He tries to make sense of what Keya just said, but he can . He just stares blankly at Keya.

”Mrs Bella it is still not time to tell him everything, but you know what you must do. I can stay here much longer or else they will notice it. You must promise me that you will only tell him everything after he is sixteen. ”, Keya said hurriedly.

Mrs Bella nods. ”Thank you, Mrs Bella. My master and mistress send their deepest gratitude for raising their child to be such a fine young man. I will protect him from the shadows, but you must never let him know before he is ready. ”

”His birthday will be in three more days, you must wait till then. I will personally come to take him. Please take care my lord. ” with that Keya just dissolved in the air. As if she was never there. Arthur bewildered at this, is shocked.

”What… ”, he couldn believe his eyes. That woman just literally vanished in thin air, like magic.

He looks at his mother, ” Mom what just happened…how did she… ”.

”Son you are not ready yet. You will know everything after you turn 16. We cannot risk it before that, please just trust me. ”

”Mom, I don know what she says, you are the only mother I know. I do not care about anyone else. You and Dad raised me and I will only think of you as my mother. ”

Mrs Bella kisses her son at this and says, ”Arthur, we are blessed to have you as our son. Both your father and me, you have given us such a wonderful time. But you have a duty you must fulfil, you will come to know it when you are sixteen. For now, tell me what would you like to eat ”.

That day the Crowford house was very silent, they had both lunch and dinner in silence. After completing dinner, Arthur helped his mom with cleaning up and went straight to his room after. He could not face his father. He couldn ask him any questions, he didn dare to do that. He felt empty inside as if someone had sucked away all the happiness.

He woke up the next day and went about his usual routine, having breakfast with family and then going to school. After school, he went from the basketball game. It was late at night when he returned home, exhausted from the match he fell asleep immediately. The clock strikes 12 am, Arthur is 16 now.

He woke up the next day to bright sunlight piercing through the curtains. He goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a shower. He comes out of the bath feeling refreshed and decides to check the time, only then did he notice that it was his birthday, the 6th of July. He suddenly feels like someone let hundreds of fish loose in his stomach. He never could handle his birthdays, he didn know why.

Arthur makes his way downstairs where his dad and mom are busy decorating for his birthday. His mom had cooked up a small feast for them, his dad had decorated the room in his favourite colour, silver. Both of them noticed his presence and turned around smiling wide. ”Happy 16th birthday Arthur ”, both at once.

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