Arthur couldn believe his eyes when Keya said kingdom he had imagined those medieval kingdoms that appeared in games and comics. Oh, how wrong he was, there was nothing medieval about what was in front of him. There were endless lines of skyscrapers, mansions and towers. He could see flying ships, houses and even a waterfall that was hanging in midair. This was nothing like the kingdom Arthur had in mind. There even seemed to be some kind of barriers around some houses. In the middle of all this stood a grand castle, even that had modern architecture. The castle was no doubt the royal palace where his birth parents were waiting for him. Keya looked at Arthurs amazement and was delighted.

Arthur just couldn get enough of the view, he had never seen anything like this. He kept pestering Keya with questions about everything. Both of them made their way to the large gate that stood in front of the kingdom, several guards were standing near the gate but none f them seemed armed. Arthur thought that why would they need arms if they could do magic, but he was wrong when he saw a series of arms on the side of the wall ready to be utilised at a moments notice. The guards stopped them when they reached the gate and asked for identification.

Keya introduced herself, and then she introduced Arthur as the prince, at all the guards there kneeled, ”We welcome you back to the Hidden Kingdom, prince. The king and queen await you in the palace. ” Arthur was still not used to being treated as a prince and found these formalities bothersome. He thanked the guards for their service and entered through the gates with Keya. Both of them passed through an invisible barrier which seemed to cover the entire kingdom. Keya explained that the barrier was able to identify a person on its own and decide whether that person can enter the city or not.

Then the most surprising thing happened, hundreds of guards rushed towards them and bowed, ”We welcome back the prince. We have prepared your mode of transport to the palace. ”, just as the guards finished saying this, a huge flying ship descended from the sky and landed in front. The guards ushered both Arthur and Keya onboard. After Arthur and Keya boarded, they bowed, ”We hope you enjoy your journey, prince. ” and left.

It was a pretty big ship, and it was made of gold. Isn it too extravagant? Two maids came out of the ships room and escorted Arthur and Keya to their rooms. Arthurs room was the biggest room he had ever seen. He felt like the house he was raised in could fit in the room. There was a king-size bed on one side with a large bedside table. There were candles on the bedside table, that were somehow hovering over the table. There was a large shelf with books on the other side of the room, there was also a table in the middle. The room was lit by some kind of magical light, which was floating along the walls. Arthur kept aside the things he was carrying and laid down on the bed, thinking about all the crazy things that have happened till now. He found out that he was an adopted child and that his birth parents were the king and queen of a kingdom. He had learnt that magic did exist and that he had the blood of both dragon and demon, He somehow had managed to slay a chimaera and managed to survive a 100-foot sky drop. He had awakened his dragon heart and learnt that he was the youngest to do so. Exhausted from everything, Arthur drifted off to sleep while thinking about all these things.

After about an hour they reached the royal palace, but Arthur was still fast asleep. Keya went to his room to help him but found that he was sleeping, she didn disturb him and asked the maids to help him find his way to the courtroom when he woke up. Keya then left to report her mission, to the king.

After about three hours Arthur woke up slowly to find himself in a large bed, and then he recalled all the things that had happened. He was going to meet his birth parents who happened to be king and queen. He had no idea how to behave, nervous he called out to Keya. Keya didn appear for some time and then she suddenly materialised beside him, ”Yes, my lord? ”. Arthur looked at Keya, she had taken off her cloaked outfit and was wearing a suit. Arthur just stared at her, he just noticed that Keya was quite attractive, he had a nice body and her eyes demanded attention. Keya notices Arthur staring at her and nervously asks, ”My lord, how may I help you? ”. Arthur coughs and replies, ”Um..please lead me to my parents, Keya. ” Keya looks up at Arthur, his face was red and he was avoiding eye contact with her, chuckling to herself, Keya bowed, ”Yes, my lord ”.

Both of them went out of the room and made their way to the palace. They reached the entrance, which was a big door made probably out of gold and silver and was engraved with pictures of dragons and demons. Arthur had seen dragons but he had never seen a demon, he thought they would be tall with black eyes and hideous faces. The door opened and a loud announcement was made, ”Prince Alsiel has returned ”. Arthur thought, ”Alsiel? But my name is Arthur, even in the letter they said Alsiel… ”. As Arthur stepped through the door, he was greeted with the most amazing scene he had ever witnessed. There were gardens and flower beds on both sides of a wide path. The gardens had trees and shrubs with different fruits and berries, the flower bed had different flowers, red, violet, golden, silver and even black. Arthur was captivated by a purple flower that seemed to be the one in the middle of the flower bed.

Both Arthur and Keya made their way along the path and reached another door. This door was smaller than the entrance door and it was made with black metal and the engravings were done in gold. Keya bowed in front of the door and said, ”Your majesty, Prince Alsiel is here to see you ”. The door opened into a hall, at the end of the hall there were two thrones, one gold and the other black and purple. Upon the gold throne, was a man who looked as if he was a 30-year-old person, but he radiated power and his aura commanded respect. He had black hair, with golden eyes that seemed to see through everything, and he had a smile on his face, but unlike Arthur, he did not have pale skin. He was wearing a black three-piece suit which made his golden eyes stand out more.

On the black and purple throne, was a lady who by far was the prettiest woman Arthur had ever seen, she had pale skin just like Arthurs, her eyes were purple and were mesmerising, she too radiated immense power and her aura commanded respect. She had a long silver dress and she moved with elegance. She too had a smile on her face and longing in her eyes, she seemed eager to see Arthur.

Both Keya and Arthur went forward, Keya bowed and Arthur not knowing what he is supposed to do followed her example and bowed down. His father, the king started laughing, ”You do not need to bow, son. Keya has told us about your adventure along the way. You managed to kill a chimaera and even awakened the dragon heart, and you are just one and half years old, as expected of my son. ” There was pride in his voice, Arthur looked up, and the golden eyes fixed on his face showed a bit of sadness. Arthur stood up and moved forward, he turned to look at his mother, the woman who had given birth to him. She was looking at his face with longing in her eyes, she had a gentle and sad expression on her face.

”Mom? ”, Arthur said, for some reason tears he had tears in his eyes. The woman smiled and nodded, she too had tears in her eyes. She stood up and descended from the throne and stood in front of Arthur. She touched his face, ”You were just a baby when I saw you last time. Now look at you, all grown up. ”, tears were rolling down her cheeks, and she hugged Arthur. Arthur hugged her back, this was his mother, the woman who had given birth to him.

Keya was standing further back and had a smile on her face. Queen Nyx finally got her baby back, she won be throwing any more tantrums, Keya hoped. King Azeroth came down and looked at Arthur, he too hugged him and he too had tears in his eyes, but he quickly wiped them away. Azeroth said, ”Come, son, we have a lot to catch up on. ”

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