2years ago.

My family was killed by unknown people when I was 8 years old.

I always want to take revenge on them when I grow older, and master swordsmanship and magic because I possess a lot of mana within my body.

My mission in order to survive is, to kill many traitors of the Lavastian Empire.

When I was 9 years old. I found out that my small body was possessed by mysterious magic, so I decided to hide It and mastered it until I get better at using it.

”Mom, Dad, Sister. I will avenge your deaths, no matter what. ”

My mana always runs out and I always fall every time, whenever I use this magical magic of mine, and sometimes I can control it, however, It helps me a lot to kill some traitors of the Lavastian Empire.

I was currently adopted by the duke of flowell and duchess flowell, they changed my faith instead of stealing and killing people to earn money, after I was adopted, I still insist to practiced swordsman and magic.




1week after the adoption.

When some noble women went to the dress salon and opened the door and approached the Lady Countess.

”Shia.!~ I got good news.! ”

”Yes, what is it? ” <- sitting in the chair with boredom gesture, waiting for her 30 seconds ago.

”Did you hear? about the Duke flowell and Duchess.. ”

She whispered into the ear of a noble ear next to the one she was talking to in the dress salon.

”They adopted a 10-year-old commoner child. ”

”What.!? ”

She shouted like her jaw dropped a moment and the woman flinched and the other customers flinched as well.

”Shh, keep quiet… ”

”…. ”

When they silenced a bit, they talked and whispered again.

”The duke is so handsome but that lowly girl from lowborn baroness commoner mother as his wife! she even steals my marriage about the duke.! and even today, adopting a commoner.! I knew she would take a lowly commoner since she can have a child.! ”

The Countess is angered about It and gritting her teeth.

”Yes, thats right. Shes not even fit to be a duchess, and can even conceive a child. ”


As they insulted and laughed at the duchess, we actually heard them from the fitting dress room.

The Duchess was sad to hear about the insults and me, but I really don feel any sadness.

But, should I kill them? Hmm no. I will stay put for now, because I want my reputation to be good.

We actually arrived at the salon earlier than them. The duchess actually decided to go out and dress me in a socially dignified dress rather than, thin dirty plain clothes.

After I got dressed, I suddenly opened the curtain of the fitting room.

When the two nobles were stunned because I suddenly pulled the curtain.

”Omg, who is she? shes so pretty like a cute fairy! her blonde hair and very bright sky blue eyes.! ”

I, Name: Selentia Tris Flowell Nickname: Tris/Elen. Shimmering plantinum blond hair and sky blue eyes.

Goodness. The evil parasite speaks well.~ Huh?

I gave them a sharp look though.

”Omg! even her sharp gaze is cute.! ”

Are they making fun of me!?

”Duche- Huh? ”

I thought the duchess followed me but, I was wrong.

Shes scared… I don know why shes scared even though shes the dukes wife, what should I do?

Im shy to do this but, I had no choice!

I ran and turned around happily and said,

”Mom! ”

She was stunned by what I said because she really wanted me to call her mom last week.

”Mom, I want to go home.~ ”

I said It with a cute face, because this body is a child I will try to act like It.

When the duchess came out of the fitting room countless other nobles were stunned and surprised.

Duchess Cassia Ria Flowell, Pink hair, and green eyes. The rank of nobility increased when she married Duke Flowell.

”Ellen… did you just call me mom? ”

Then suddenly the duchess was so happy in tears that she hugged me tightly and didn care about the nobles next to us talking like that.

”Is she a weirdo? She wasn called mom when she was adopted? how pity. ”

They make fun of the duchess but she doesn care.

When we got home from the Flowell residence, the servants were surprised at how well I was dressed.

”Young Lady, you
e so beautiful.! ”

”It suits you, Young Lady. ”

They smiled happily while praising me too much but hearing a lot good compliments I had no choice but to smiled back at them.

”Omg.! the young miss smiled!~ maybe she have a cold gaze when she entered the residence and now, shes smiling! ”

Eh? was i.. ah, because I was hungry at that time.

When the duke was waiting for me, and walked toward me and coughed, and said.

”Dear, Ellen my daughter, welcome home. ”

Duke, Aizen Ysvil Flowell, White silver hair, dark blue eyes.

When he knelt and opened both of his arms as if he wanted to hug me, because I was small he knelt just for me.

I guess I can live freely with them.

Ugh. why does my head hurts so much like its about to split.!

When I suddenly got a headache and remembered one of my memories of my original father.


”Elen, why are you crying again? Come here, papa will not leave you. ”

”Daddy! Hic hic. ”



Liar, you said you wouldn leave.

When my tears suddenly flowed. Duke Aizen suddenly ran to me and hugged me. After he hugged me, my head hurt again and one of my memories with my father appeared again.

When I suddenly cried and called the duke Dad without hesitation.

”Dad… hic.. hic ”

”Yes, Ellen. ”

”Im home… ”

After 6 years of living with my new family. They died in a carriage accident, leaving me behind.

I couldn believe it when I heard the news about their deaths in vain. After that, I was alone again since the other two childhood friends of mine were leaving me one month ago for Joining soldiers for 3 years, And I decided to take care of the duchy.

Moreover, I heard a rumor that the duchess and duke may not have had an accident in the carriage or they may have been killed by bandits because their bodies could not be identified.

When the rumor was true I was so angry. And I wanted find them and kill them mercilessly when I found them when I grow older.

After a months after my new family died.

I went back to killing people and learned the truth again, about the killer of my original family. And I also want to found out about the murderous bandits of my new family.

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