“You're indeed too small, only 1.78meters”

“I've never made a dress of this size before, and you're the first.
Ah, I'm so happy to think of it.
Thank your majesty for not calling in another designer.”

Jane clicked on the terminal and made a gesture of pulling away.

A light blue line instantly lit up in front of He Xile.

Obviously, this designer was talkative, while measuring He Xile's size he said with emotion: “Your human arms are also soft to the touch, with such small bones and not even second features! My God, what kind of amazing species are humans?”

After speaking, Jane felt a gaze, and found that the guard was looking at him, only then did he realize that there was something wrong with what he had just said.

He cautiously turned his head to He Xile, but saw that the latter didn't seem to have any reaction, just standing still and waiting for him to measure.
Seeing this his eyes dyed with a soft smile.

The human temper is also quite good.

Ignoring the guard Jane continued to tease.
“But for us designers, that's not a good thing.
Although the design of such clothes is simple, it also puts out of work those who have a unique design inspiration for the second feature.”

He Xile stood obediently, letting Jane manipulate her.

He listened to Jane without a trace of annoyance, and nodded in earnest when he heard some places.

However, when the other party was measuring the size, he would inevitably touch He Xile's body, and Jane should be a big-hearted person, or because the human beings in front of him were too weak, he didn't think it was inappropriate to squeeze He Xile.

He Xile always had a feeling of being like a doll, being played back and forth.

As time passed his ears gradually turned red as if about to bleed.

The guard stood aside, suddenly said: “Mr.
Jian, when you measured His Majesty back then, you didn't pinch around like this.”

Jane's hand lurched, and said unhappily: “You're the one who talks too much.”

But then, his behavior really restrained a lot.

Soon, he put the terminal away, seemingly having finished measuring, and looked at He Xile with a rather fond gaze, “Your Excellency, I will make two sets of regular clothes as soon as possible and send them to you first for your daily wear.”

He Xile's eyes lit up.

Although the clothes he was wearing now were cut out with scissors for convenience, it was still too wide for him, leaking wind when he walked a little, making him feel very insecure.
He pursed his lips and said with a smile, “Thank you, Mr.

Jane immediately covered his heart.

Although the people in their interstellar world would look similar to human beings in adulthood, in fact, there were still big differences between the two sides.
Not to mention their tall stature, their faces were not as iconic as He Xile's, and their bodies were even more uneven.
For example, some people's upper body was two meters long, and their legs were only half a meter.
They were not at all good-looking like He Xile's.

Not to mention, they generally have a second feature on their bodies.
It would be fine if the second characteristic weren't so obvious, but if it is very unfortunate that it takes up a large portion of the body, and would be a sad remainder for a lifetime.

Jane's ancestors were aristocrats, so he knows a little more than the rest.

Hundreds of years ago, the law was not as well established as it is today.

At some point, a trend began to emerge from the aristocracy——in order to cater to the public's aesthetic appeal, noble men had raised exquisite and beautiful slaves beside them, and removed their secondary characteristics through surgery.

As an atmosphere of comparison spreads among aristocrats around exquisite appearance, slaves without secondary characteristics become more and more prevalent, and gradually spread to the common people.

Later, it was discovered that people who lost their second characteristics usually also lost their genetic strengths and died after about five years.
In that year, a mass death of citizens, throwing the empire of the time into panic.

Finally, two months later, His Majesty put full stop to it, by writing into the law that surgery to remove second features was considered a crime.

In short, human beings with no secondary characteristics, exquisite appearance, and petite and perfect figure simply grew up on the aesthetic point of their race!

Jane picked up He Xile's hand, slightly bent over, gently branded a kiss on the back of his hand, and said with a smile: “You're welcome, it's my pleasure to serve you, Your Excellency.”

He Xile: “!!!”

Kiss, hand kiss???

There was indeed such etiquette in earth in foreign countries…
Didn't expect it to be the same here?

So, he can't hide?

Just as he was a little dazed, and was thinking about it, the guard rushed over, grabbed his wrist, and pulled his hand out, and looked warily at Jane.

Jane, you can go now.”

Jane: “Okay.
In fact, I'll leave without you telling me.”

Then turned to He Xile again: “See you later, little cutie.”

Jane hurtled away from the palace without hesitation in order to see the man named He Xile put on the clothes he had designed.

He Xile and the guards looked at each other.

He Xile tentatively asked: “Just now…”

The guard said softly: “Your Excellency He Xile, you have just awakened and may not be familiar with our empire.
Only some remote small towns may still retain the etiquette of a kiss on the hand, or a kiss on the cheek, but the empire has eliminated those etiquettes in order to prevent some people's private desires, and we are now using a relatively limited social method of shaking hands.”

He reminded, “If next time someone takes advantage of you like this…
cough, I mean, if someone treats you like this again, you can simply refuse sternly, and if that person still insists on doing so, you can also choose to call the police.”

He Xile: “……
Thank you for telling me this.”

…Never thought of that!

The truth is that!

The guard couldn't help reaching out and rubbing the top of He Xile's head, then went to get a wet wipes to wipe the place where Jane kissed just now, after that, he exited the room, stood at the door, and said, “Your Excellency, I will always be outside your door, if necessary, you can go out and call me, or at the point of contact at the terminal, find a guard number 131686, which is my permanent number.”

He Xile had asked the guard's name before, but the guard said that they grew up inside the palace and never had a name, only a number.

He Xile nodded in response: “Okay.”

With that the guard left and closed the door, he was the only one left alone in that room.

Without wasting time, he sat on the bench and clicked on the temporary terminal.

The science video he watched before had not finished watching yet, so he began to catch up.

An hour later, following the tutorial instructions he tried to enter the StarNet for the first time.

StarNet was equivalent to a real game world on the Internet.
It was a leisure and entertainment software that almost everyone in the interstellar society would log in every day.
Everything on it was very real, only that it all consists of data.
Players could freely use mechs to fight, play various games, shop online, taste delicious food and so on.

Only you can't think of it, nothing you can't do.

“Ding——It has been detected that you have not logged into Starnet before.”

“Please go to set your avatar image.”

What was displayed in front of He Xile was a mirror in an empty room, and his appearance reelected on the mirror at this time.
A column to the left of the line of sight showed the range of character data that could be adjusted.

After a little thought he clicked on the mask effect, instead of adjusting to the avatar.

In a flash, the character put on a large mask, wrapping his entire face all over.

But his vision wasn't restricted.

He nodded his head in satisfaction.

——He was a display piece in the museum for ten years.
As a precious and unique collection in the universe, basically all the interstellar people who have been to the imperial capital have visited He Xile in the museum, so there will definitely be photos on the Internet.
If he showed his true self without reservation, he would definitely be recognized.

He only wanted to experience interstellar life, and did not want to be surrounded by spectators.

After setting up the basic attire, he clicked to enter the StarNet.

As the eye shuffled, he looked back, having switched from his former space to a street.

The street was lined with stores similar to those on Earth, one standing side by side, selling everything.

“Delicious grilled fish – natural and pollution-free, do you want to try it?”

“Huh? Kid? Try this glutinous rice cake.
It's homemade, it's guaranteed to be delicious.
Don't pay if it's not good.”

“The new virtual Mecha, quality assurance! The first choice for the list!”

People were coming and going, and there were shouts of hawking everywhere.

He Xile opened his eyes slightly, looking around curiously.

Starnet's data was mostly collected from the users themselves.
If the user didn't have special requirements, Starnet would not change it without authorization, so everything here was still very big for He Xile.

His height attracted some people's attention, but with the mask on his face and the fact that he was a temporary terminal that would be marked in logo.
So, when everyone saw him, they thought he was an underage child, who had deliberately fabricated a human body to experience life on Starnet.

“Where did the underage child come from? Ha, it looks so cute.”

“Come on, let my sister touch it.”

He Xile blushed slightly, avoiding the rubbing hands.

Even though the people around couldn't see his face, from his actions they understood and couldn't help laughing.
Someone joked: “Okay, don't bully other children all the time.
What if he has a psychological shadow, and when he grows up, he doesn't want to come to StarNet again, and if he is out of touch with society? When his parents see this, don't they directly come to trouble you!”

“How could it be? If they come looking for someone, I'll be an off-line on the spot, and no one will be able to find me.”

“What a dog you are.”

He Xile also couldn't help but pursed his lips and laughed.

The person who wanted to touch He Xile's head looked at him all the time, and she sighed softly: “It's strange, I don't know why, but I feel very kind when I see him…
Come on, little friend, my sister will buy you some glutinous rice ball.”

He Xile quickly shook his head: “Thank you sister, no need.”

People in Interstellar only come of age at the age of thirty, and the tall lady in front of him must be older than He Xile, so calling her a sister is not against the peace.

Although in the eyes of these interstellar people, He Xile, only a mere nineteen-year-old He Xile was not yet an adult, but on Earth, adults over the age of eighteen were already fully capable people.

Let He Xile pretend to be a child to cheat on food and drink, he really can't get over that face.

“Well, he's so good! Don't want to eat what I bought! Are you afraid that my sister is a bad person? Hahaha.”

“Although I can't see hi face, you feel so cute.
I don't know which family he was born in.
I just hope he doesn't Ruined by the second feature.”

“Second feature, alas…”

“Don't say that kind of demoralizing words.”

“Little friend, come and play with sister next time.”

He Xile blinked, bid farewell to everyone politely, and began to wander around.

The aroma from the snack bar on the side made his stomach growl, and he looked over eagerly.
However, the currency on StarNet is linked to reality, and the exchange ratio is 1:1, but in reality, He Xile was a softie of His Majesty.

—he had no money to buy them at all.

I have to earn money quickly to achieve the freedom to buy snacks!

He Xile clenched his fist.

After a long walk, it was getting late.

He decided to put a part-time job on the agenda as soon as possible.

He wasn't familiar with Interstellar people, and the ones he had the best feelings about so far were the previous Captain Xing and the guard standing outside the door.
However, He Xile guessed that if he told the guard about this, the guard would probably report this matter to His Majesty, and he did not want to bother His Majesty any more.

He clicked on the address book and found Captain Xing's dialogue box.

“Captain Xing, hello, I'm He Xile, the museum's collector.
Are you free now? I have some questions about work and would like to consult with you.”

After typing this line, He Xile looked at his introduction and was a little embarrassed.

This kind of self-introduction seems a bit too hard-core…

But it can make the other party recall himself very quickly.

As long as it achieves its purpose.

After sending this he relaxed.

Captain Xing seemed to be busy and didn't reply in a short time.
He Xile didn't want to waste the time of both parties, so he typed again: “Is there any suitable job for a human like me on StarNet?”

As he was typing the line, he felt a little apprehensive.

He had checked part of the information before.

In the entire universe named Hexinna, the technological civilization was much higher than that of the earth.
The robots that were once mass-produced have replaced most of the labor force, causing countless people to lose their jobs.

However, the people here have strong physique, wisdom, and various special functions derived from the second characteristic – such as the sense of smell, hearing, vision far surpassing that of human beings…sometimes even the sixth sense, and the ability to drive mechs and so on, those robots cannot be replaced.

But He Xile's physique was only E, and his combat power was F.
As a human being, He Xile, who doesn't have any buffs, is not so lucky.


He Xile sighed softly.

“Little friend.” At this moment, a smiling man appeared in front of He Xile.

He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes and looked like an elite, but for some reason, his smile made people feel very greasy.
He Xile couldn't help but take a step back when he saw him.

Just as he was about to leave when he suddenly heard a man behind him.

“Hey—don't be afraid.”

The man caught up, as if he was afraid that others would hear, and lowered his voice, “I'm not a bad person, I'm just a part-time seller of goods on Starnet.
Now that you're on Starnet, you should know the latest news that the unique man, exhibited in the Imperial Center Museum, from the collection of human beings from the blue planet, had a miraculous recovery of his heartbeat yesterday, and opened his eyes…”

He Xile paused on his track.

When the man saw it, he had something in his heart, and with an expression of “you understand, I understand, everyone understands”, he said, “Little friend, come to uncle, uncle has his high-definition small video~”

He Xile: “???”


HD video?

He Xile's face turned red up to the ears.

Does he still have this kind of thing circulating?

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